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Don’t Be His Stepping Stone

He’s A Fixer Up

Ladies when you’re looking for a man let’s try not to be so desperate that we pull anything. What I mean by this is I’ve seen so many women. And a lot of church Women, sorry y’all! That are trying to live a nice clean life but they still have emotions and feelings that of a human. I mean it may sound crazy the way I’m saying it a human.People have feelings and emotions they want to feel love they want a partner sometimes people just want to be with somebody. And it doesn’t matter who just to say I have a boyfriend, I have a fiancé, or I have a husband. And they go out and they get whatever they can get or the first thing they can come across. A fixer-upper!
His hair lines too far back, he don’t have any teeth, he doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t have anywhere to live, he doesn’t have a job Might I say this again, He doesn’t have a car. But you’re somewhat established you’re live in a common comfortable decent life but you’re lonely. Sometimes it’s best to be alone learn to love you before you get allow someone to enter into your life.

His Stepping Stone

Now that you have decided to get a fixer-upper. You may look at him and be like oh he’s got a lot of potential I can do something with him. I can understand people being out of a job especially this day and age with Covid, possible recession, and inflation. But what I cannot except someone not having motivation or drive or push. At this point a woman’s desperation gets so bad that she decides to become this fixer-upper‘s Stepping Stone.What I’m saying but this lady‘s is that. Sometimes women want someone in their life so bad , that it doesn’t matter what they have to do to have them.

Let me get into some examples of what I mean. He doesn’t have a high school diploma nor does he have a GED, he doesn’t have a college degree. Do not go online and get this man a GED or high school diploma and go father and get him a college degree online. This is something I’ve seen so many women do. They will give this guy an education high school and college online. Getting him on the map because they can see or they know something that he does well in but he doesn’t have the motivation to drive to get his own certificate or certification or whatever he needs to do to get it. But you take time out of your busy schedule to make sure this fellow gets everything he needs to establish a job. You begin to work overtime extra hard to make sure he has all the updated colognes, haircut, nice shoes and clothing. You give this man your all and your everything but you lost out on you. You’re no longer focusing on your goals are the things that you have to do.
At this point you have become Mr. Fixer- Upper Stepping Stone. He smells good he’s clean he looks good he’s driving your car. He’s dropping you off at work! You’re waiting for him to pick you up from work he’s late half the time. Yeah we all seen that movie baby boy and if you haven‘t check it out it’s funny but true. Now you’ve got him in a position of power. Which is power over you, I am for women being submissive to their man. But I am not for a woman being a slave, You loose yourself and give him everything. Once you do this you cannot blame him you can only blame yourself because 7 times out of 10. Mr. Fixer-upper is all fixed up he’s looking amazing he’s getting the eye of other people as well as other women. You’ve taken time to go online and put in a job application his résumé that you created for this man. Your bills are behind but you’ve picked up an extra job just to make sure you can have him in the position that he needs to be in. Sometimes these women have gone so far as to buying Mr. Fixer-upper a car and taking an additional car note as well as extra insurance.
Neglect their children just to have a man laying in their bed. Now you’ve got Mr. Fixer-upper looking so amazing driving his nice new Nissan Altima if he didn’t get you to get the Lexus. And you are struggling to make ends meet working two jobs, doing odd side jobs.

When it’s all said and done Mr Fixer Upper attitude has changed. Don’t get me wrong all fixer uppers aren’t like this that’s why I said 7 out of 10.

You got him fixed up he’s coming in late, he has attitude. You don’t know what’s wrong or what you’ve done to trigger this. He’s got a password on the cellphone you purchased him. He’s using the phone in the bathroom, car, or let me step outside this is important. When he didn’t know how to operate a cell. His phones on silent but the lights coming on all night. Because of calls and text notifications. You get mad and ask who’s calling? You get into arguments now. Your no longer his Queen nor his world. He doesn’t want to play with the children, he can’t focus it’s too noisy at your home. He needs to take a ride or walk. You’ve just put this man on. You’ve turned him into a head turner. Ladies let’s not become a man’s stepping stone.
Let a man work for you let him show you want he can do yo get you.

Let A Man Pull You Up

Now I believe in fairness in a relationship so don’t get me wrong when I go on and talk about the subject of becoming a man steppingstone. It’s OK to help your guy out give him a little Puss in boots that’s what a great queen is for. But you have to know that you have a king. Some princess get some prince can become kings but you got a pay attention to make sure you ain’t got no trash you just picked up off the side of the road. You know a frog that can’t turn into a prince and a prince that can’t become a king. All great kings have a powerful queen beside them. But a man is supposed to lead! Instead of you becoming his steppingstone, his footstool, his way maker. Let’s find a man that can help pull you up lift you up, love you, love your children. So with all that being stay at Lady’s last stop being these men stepping stone.

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