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Does Your Pet Companion Think He's Right For You?

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There are many pet companions that will let you know if they approve of the man you are dating or not...

As a new relationship starts to grow, the next step is having your significant other meet your furry companion. This step can be nerve racking, especially if your companion has a great sense of character—having no problem letting you know if they like someone or not.

Don't get me wrong, yes, there are animals that due to their past circumstances might already have tempers or skittish behaviors, rarely liking anyone but you. However, the companion I'm referring to is basically like your child or family member. He or she is extremely close to you and for the most part—unless they don't like someone—they tend to gets along well with others.

The difference between owning a pet and having a pet companion is that your dog, cat or possibly bird has bonded with you and you with them...

When you are going through a difficult time your companion consoles you. Your companion is extremely affectionate with you as you are with them. Most likely, your companion came in your life because you picked each other. Again, he or she is part of your family and usually tends to be the best judge of character—giving you clues that your chosen significant other is or is not right for you. Are you paying attention?

Sometimes the clues that your loving companion might give you will be obvious. When they like someone: purring or wagging of the tail, rubbing their bodies against your significant other, happily running up to them, wanting to be held, to be near them, or sitting in their lap, are obviously good signs.

Unfortunately, companions will have an opposite reaction when they don't like someone. They might hiss, growl, attack, scratch or bite. They may also display fear by hiding or backing away when your significant other tries to touch them. Yikes!

Although most animals are a great judge of character there are some animals that aren't due to their past history.

If you have an animal that you have obtained from a previous owner (that you don't know), found your pet companion at a shelter or on the streets—depending on the age and how he or she was treated previously—will determine how they react to others. Not all bad reactions are necessarily due to not liking a specific person. Sometimes it has do to with how the pet was possibly mistreated by a past owner or person.

My current cat is extremely sweet, affectionate and kind. She has only met a few men and hasn't yet fully warmed up to any. One guy that I dated, my companion made it very loud and clear that she was not a fan...

When he would sleep over she was not having it. She would meow in an extremely high pitch tone until her noise would force him to leave. She would also freak out if he tried to pet her. Hmmm...

At first this surprised me because the guy I was dating was a genuinely nice guy, however he also carried a great deal of worry and undue stress. He would internalized his emotions since he was a poor communicator—which ended up radiated tons of anxiety. Fun. Although I could deal with it, my furry friend could not.

After studying my companions’ behavior, I realized that she is not a big fan of men in general and she doesn't resonate with anyone who has high stress, anger or tension. Men or women. She is not a shy cat at all, in fact she loves dogs. My pet companion is straight forward like me, she loves certain people and will stay away from others.

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As I continued to date this guy, the stress in his life lessened and in turn, my loving cat started warming up to him more. Yay! She would get near him and jump on his lap, and started to let him sleep over—on occasions.

Most animals have a higher intuitive sense on what they feel is good energy versus bad...

I've also had two other cats throughout my life—both with different personalities but very bonded to me. It was interesting to see how my cats would react to the various men that I was in relationships with.

My first cat I had found as a kitten when I had graduated college. She was a very sweet cat who basically liked everyone, so when she didn't like a guy, that was a tell-tale sign that there was something negative about him that I was too googily eyed to see. And in all honestly, she was right. There was only one guy in my life that she could not stand, however when she liked a guy, she really liked him.

I had her for over twenty-one years and I felt as though she knew me emotionally better than some of my closest human friends, therefore knowing if a guy was right for me or not and when she really liked a guy she was not shy about letting him know.

During the time I had my cat I was in a relationship for over three years with a guy who she absolutely loved. She would follow him around, loved to be held by him and even slept between us every night. When we broke-up, I felt bad separating my ex and my furry friend. Luckily, we were able to remain friends which gave him the opportunity to still be a part of my companions’ life.

Another cat I had was a male cat who was very dominant in nature, but sweet and affectionate towards me. When he didn't like someone he made that apparent by his actions.

There were men in my past that he clearly disliked. He would hiss and aggressively chase after them when they would visit me. He had no problem letting me know when he was not a fan. One guy, was an ex-boyfriend I was trying to be friends with (he cheated on me). Even though it was almost a year after the “incident,” my cat was not fond of him. My companion use to like my ex, a great deal, however, after the heartbreak I went through with this guy, my cat decided differently. When my ex came over, my furry friend peed in his gym bag—something he had never done before. That was a big indicator that friendship was not in our future.

I'm not saying that your pet companion should dictate your love life...

Ladies, if you have had your furry friend(s) for a while, often they will be more in tune than you when it comes to reading other people's energy. If your dog is growling or trying to attack your new man, listen, there might be something “off” about him that you are not seeing but your companion is. Yikes!

Every time one of my cats has not liked someone, looking back, they were absolutely right because the guy ended up not being a good match for me.

Bottom line, just because your furry friend likes or doesn't like your significant other, deciding what's best for you, is ultimately your decision. Often there are clues (and red flags) surrounding us if we make ourselves aware. Your pet companion has a way to sense this and will genuinely have your best interest at heart. Pay attention.

"Animals know more than we think and think a great deal more than we know."

-Irene Pepperberg


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