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Does She Love Me? 15 Signs that She Loves You

Muhammad Rafiq is a freelance writer, blogger, and translator with a master's degree in English literature from the University of Malakand.

Does She Love Me?

Does She Love Me?

Does she love me? That’s what most men are wondering when they find themselves in the friend zone with the woman of their dreams. Most women want to think before they leap into another relationship, so if you’re asking yourself this question, chances are, you aren’t really sure if she feels that way about you or not – and that’s okay! If you want to know whether she loves you or not, there are some clear signs that will help answer your question once and for all.

  1. Putting you first
  2. Making eye contact with you
  3. Valuing time with you
  4. Smiling at you
  5. Building intimacy with you
  6. Asking you questions
  7. Sharing her joys with you
  8. Accepting your flaws
  9. Trusting you implicitly
  10. Taking an interest in your family, friends, and job
  11. Laughing at your jokes, even when they aren’t funny
  12. Building up your self-esteem and supporting you during tough times
  13. Listening to what you have to say intently
  14. Noticing all the little things about you
  15. Getting nervous when you’re out of sight

First Signs – Putting you first

Every woman has a different love language, but the one thing that she loves you is that she puts you first in everything. You will find that this is the most important thing in her life. It can be difficult to see when your priorities change, but you will know when you see it.

She will always be there for you, even if it means putting her own life on hold. She will make sure that her needs come before yours, even if it means putting herself on hold.

The first thing that she loves you is that she puts you first in everything. When she does this, she shows that she really cares about you and wants to make sure that you are happy. When she does this, she shows how much she values your relationship and wants to keep it going for as long as possible.

Second Sing – Making eye contact with you

If you're talking to a girl and she starts making eye contact with you, it's a good sign. It means she's interested in what you're saying and wants to hear more.

If she keeps making the same amount of eye contact with you, it means she's friendly but not interested in anything more than that.

But if her eye contact keeps increasing, it means one of two things: either her interest in what you're saying is increasing, or else she's becoming romantically interested in you. You can tell which of these it is by looking at her pupil dilation and the direction of her gaze. If her pupils are dilating and she looks at your lips, then it's the latter case; if the other way around, then the former case.

If she turns away from you while continuing to make eye contact, then this is definitely a sign of romantic interest. It means she wants to see your reaction to something she says--and also probably wants to hide some strong emotion that has come over her.

Third Sign – Valuing time with you

A woman who loves you will want to spend quality time with you. In the beginning, she may only have time for coffee or a movie or something short, casual, and fun. But as time goes on, she will want to spend more time with you. And if her friends or family don't approve of you, it may cause her to question your relationship before it's had a chance to develop.

If your girlfriend is always busy and doesn't have time for you, then maybe she doesn't love you as much as you thought. Also, if she consistently cancels plans with you and breaks promises, this also indicates that she's not interested in having a committed relationship with you.

If your girlfriend cares about spending quality time with you then she probably loves you a lot.

Fourth Sign – Smiling at you

When you see a girl you like and you want to know if she likes you, one of the first things that you'll look for will be her smile. A smile is a great way of knowing if someone is happy to see you. When a girl smiles at you, it means that she's comfortable with your presence and that she may even have feelings for you other than friendship.

The smile is one of the most powerful signs of attraction, but it's also one of the most overlooked. There are so many different types of smiles, but the ones we're really interested in are genuine smiles, or Duchenne smiles. These are universal signs of attraction that can't be faked.

A genuine smile involves not only your mouth, but also your eyes - something known as "crows feet". If a girl is smiling at you with her eyes crinkled up, then this is a dead giveaway that she likes you. If she's smiling at everyone else in the room with the same type of smile, then it's less likely that she's attracted to you.

Fifth Sign – Building intimacy with you

When a woman loves you, she will try to build intimacy with you through words and actions that are meaningful to you. Women often get the reputation for being chatty, but the truth is that many men love to talk and share their feelings as well.

A woman who loves you will want to know everything about you, and if it's not something that you're ready to share, she will respect your boundaries. This doesn't mean that she won't ever ask important questions about your relationship or gently prod you into sharing your feelings. It just means that there won't be any pressure or guilt trips.

If she doesn't pressure you into doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, then this is a clear sign that she respects and cares for you. If a woman loves you, she will show it in little ways every day. She will open up emotionally and physically when she feels safe with you. She will take care of herself because she wants to look good for you and be healthy for her own sake as well.

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Sixth Sign – Asking you questions

If she loves you, she will ask you questions. She will try to get to know about you.

You can discern her interest when she asks questions and wants to know more about your daily habits, your likes, dislikes, your family, and your friends. She will be curious to know what kind of conversations you have with her.

She will be interested in knowing even if there is any other girl who is interested in you but she will never ever be jealous or rude about it. She might even seem happy for you if another girl is interested in you because she trusts you and she knows that you love her and only her.

Also, she will share her daily life activities with you and will not keep anything a secret from you. For example, if she has any problems in her office or with her friends or family then she will discuss these things with you because she trusts you and wants to share every moment of her life with you.

Seventh Sign – Sharing her joys with you

One of the signs that she really loves you is that shell will share her joys with you. Her joys may be about work, family, or friends. If she is willing to share them with you, she is opening up her mind and heart to you. She holds you in high regard and trusts you with her feelings.

If there are no secrets between the two of you and your girlfriend is comfortable sharing even the most trivial things with you, it means that she loves you a lot. It also shows that she considers you as part of her life and not just a fling or someone who is passing through it.

This is one of the signs that show a girl has fallen for you. When a woman falls for someone, especially men whom they like, they tend to share all the details of their lives with them. This can be annoying at first, but eventually, this is what makes or breaks relationships.

A girl who loves you will tell everything to you without any hesitation because she knows that what she shares with you stays between both of you. She knows that even if everything goes wrong between the two of you someday, nothing would change between the two of your deep levels and bond

Eight Sign – Accepting your flaws

If she loves you, she won't want to change who you are as a person, but rather will accept and embrace your good qualities and bad. This is because people don't fall in love with other people's potential; they fall in love with the whole of you.

Even if you are not a perfect guy, she will still love you. Your imperfections are one of the things that make you unique and special. If she is able to accept your shortcomings, then you can be sure that this is real love. So if she accepts everything about you, even things she hates, it's a sign that she loves you for who you are.

Your flaws are not necessarily something negative like hatred, jealousy or anger. Sometimes they can be positive qualities taken to the extreme. For example, she can accept that you have a very strong sense of justice and will defend what is right despite what others may say or do. Another example is that if you tend to be very confident about yourself, she might tolerate this as well because it makes her feel secure. These are just some examples of how girls accept certain flaws in their men because it makes them feel safe and secure about the relationship.

Ninth Sign – Trusting you implicitly

When a girl trusts you implicitly, it's one of the signs that she really loves you. Indeed, this is a strong sign that she is in love with you because love is blind to some extent and will often make you overlook some of your partner's flaws.

Love makes people blind to the point where they see their partner as perfect, or at least perfect for them. When a woman trusts you implicitly, she sees you as the perfect man and believes that even if other people try to tell her otherwise, they are wrong. It shows that she feels very safe around you and has confidence in herself and in your relationship. This is usually the sign of a healthy relationship based on mutual respect.

Tenth Sign – Taking an interest in your family, friends, and job

If a girl likes you, she will take an interest in your family, friends and job. If she doesn't care about these things, or if you find them to be a complete mystery to her, then she may not be the right girl for you. You should consider the fact that this could mean she is just not interested in getting to know you.

It is possible that a girl may not want to get close to you because she has a boyfriend or is married. A lot of girls do this because they don't want their relationship to be affected by the man's feelings for another woman. This can happen when the man does not really know what he wants from his life and does not have any clear goals.

Another reason why a girl might not want to talk about your family and friends with you is because she is afraid of rejection. If a girl has never been in love before then it will be hard for her to tell if she is in love with you or not. This can make it difficult for her to talk about her family and friends with you, so try to make sure that your conversation with her goes smoothly.

Eleventh Sign – Laughing at your jokes, even when they aren’t funny

Laughter is the best medicine of all time. The more you laugh the more you live a happy life. Laughing together is one of the best ways to connect with someone. It is one of the strongest signs that your girlfriend really cares and feels connected to you at a deeper level.

If she laughs at your jokes, even if they are not funny, means that she loves you deeply. A normal person won’t laugh at stupid jokes, but a girl laughing loudly or giggling at every joke you crack, even if it doesn’t make sense means she finds joy being around you.

She will be comfortable with your presence, feel butterflies in her stomach when she sees you smiling and laughing. She will try to make you laugh; even if it requires making fun of herself. She will go to any extent to make you laugh and make your day cheerful and memorable.

Twelfth Sign – Building up your self-esteem and supporting you during tough times

A girl who loves you will want you to feel good. She'll tell you how great you are, what a good job you're doing, and will support you when things go wrong.

She'll also be there when you need her. If she sees that your self-esteem is low or that something's bothering you, she'll figure out a way to get it back up. It might happen through a simple conversation or through a thoughtful gesture, but she'll do something because she wants you to know that she cares. My girlfriend does this all the time.

Whenever I'm having a bad day, she'll bring me my favorite food or buy me a little gift just to cheer me up. She knows that I'm not too big on showing emotion, so that's her way of getting around it and making me happy in spite of myself.

Thirteenth Sign – Listening to what you have to say intently

If a girl's into you, she will pay attention to every word you say. She will listen to every story you tell, every opinion you share and every idea you express.

She'll be so intently focused on your words that she may not even realize that she's doing it. In her mind, she's simply trying to hear what you have to say in the most attentive way possible.

And if she's really into you, the girl will be sure to remember everything that you tell her. She won't need notes or reminders; your stories and opinions will go straight from your mouth to her memory bank.

She'll remember the dumb joke that you made when you were telling her about something serious because it was just so funny and memorable.

So if a girl remembers what you told her, then there's a good chance that she really likes you!

Fourteenth Sign – Noticing all the little things about you

If a girl loves you, she will notice all the little things about you. She will want to know about the smallest details of your life because she really cares about you and wants to know everything about you.

She is interested in every part of your life.

If a girl loves you, she will want to know every detail about your day, from what you ate for lunch to how many new clients you have at work. If she is interested in what’s going on in your life, it is because she cares.

She remembers the things that are important to you.

When a girl loves someone, they make sure they remember the things that are important to them. If she always remembers your birthday and remembers all of the small details that are important to you, then it’s a sign she cares deeply for you.

When a girl loves someone, they want to know everything they can about them. That includes their family and friends too because those are people who are important to them. If she shows an interest in them, it’s because she wants to know more about the person that she loves so much.

Fifteenth Sign – Getting nervous when you’re out of sight

If she doesn’t love you, she won’t care if you’re around or not. She won’t worry about your whereabouts or what you’re doing. She just won’t think about it at all. That may be because she doesn’t love you, or it may be because she does love you but is afraid of losing control over her emotions.

It can be difficult to tell if a girl is nervous around you because she likes you, or because she dislikes you. However, there is one simple way to find out: watch how much time she spends with her friends when you’re not around. If she spends more time with them than with you, then it means that she feels comfortable around them and doesn’t feel the need to impress them by spending extra time in your presence.

If your girlfriend gets nervous when she sees you in public with another girl, or when she thinks other people are watching you together, then it means that she loves you.

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