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Does Age Matter in Love?

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The President and the First Lady are a good example of whether age matters between two when in love? With decades in age difference between them, many will suspect other motives are at play when ANY couple has a huge gap in age. While there is nothing wrong with that, per se, was it ever really about love? Was it more about getting ahead in some way, filling a need, or other personal want?

Maybe the relationship between the First Lady and POTUS was real at first but changed over time to what it really is now - a more platonic love. According to reports, Melania actually sleeps on the third floor of the WH, and Donald sleeps on the second floor. Oddly enough, the third floor is where Michelle Obama's mother slept.

This is really not shocking, how could anyone really love POTUS? He is such a narcissistic person that needs continual praise and rants when he does not get it. For Donald, maybe all he wanted was a trophy wife and another child for his empire, while for her, she saw a chance to elevate her social position and inherit huge sums of money. She could play the role for awhile and bear a child because she also wanted one.

But other couples with a huge age difference marry for similar reasons, reasons other than that burning love that pulls couples to together. Old men often have much younger wives to fulfill personal needs. A more platonic love develops as time goes on because physical characteristics change with age that may not be appealing than before. Maybe the need for sex is no longer there but the bonds of caring and appreciation remain absent physical love and maybe that is enough.

There are plenty of motives why age differences may not matter. Some are selfish and some are not, but as long as the couple have the will to accept them, age should not really matter.


dashingscorpio from Chicago on December 10, 2019:

Life is a (personal) journey.

When you don't care what other people think you're FREE!

Kari Poulsen from Ohio on December 08, 2019:

Yes it is. People need to realize that love comes in many forms, not just the one they are comfortable with.

perrya (author) on December 07, 2019:

I agree, but the stigma s there for a 75 yr old man with a 35 yr old woman, also.

Kari Poulsen from Ohio on December 05, 2019:

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Age shouldn't matter, but because of society it has a stigma of sorts, especially if you are an older woman with a younger man. But, I feel, that love can overcome all obstacles.

perrya (author) on December 05, 2019:

All very good points, also, with the age difference, physical characteristics may impact the original attractiveness both once found turning into a more platonic-care taker relationship.

dashingscorpio from Chicago on December 04, 2019:

It's not the age of the individual as much as it is the individual him/herself. Christie Brinkley is in her mid 60s and looks great.

Jenifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Sandra Bullock are in their 50s. My guess they would have not problem attracting younger men.

Some people really are "young at heart" and embrace new adventures throughout their lives while others are ready to slow down. People often ask: "What would they have to talk about?"

The truth of the matter is most conversations we have people are own age do not begin with "Remember when....". Conversations usually entail upcoming plans, work, current events, entertainment and dinner options or things going on between family and friends.

The biggest challenge with age gaps is potential health issues of the older person. Being 25 with someone 45 may not be all that noticeable but being 55 with someone 75 most likely is. Odds are the other person is going to have some health issues, require medications, and possibly assisted living as they get older. Health issues are said to be leading cause of bankruptcy among seniors.

Nevertheless if two people are madly in love with one another they will choose weather whatever storms come their way.

Having said that with close to a 50% divorce rate and the unlikeliness of most dating relationships one encounters becoming lasting the odds are the majority of breakups have nothing to do with age. Couples split for three basic reasons.

1. They chose the wrong mate. (They're too incompatible.)

2. A "deal beaker" was committed in one of their eyes.

3. They fell out of love/stopped wanting the same things.

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