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Do Muslim Men Lust for Hindu Women

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Inter religious marriage

Lust is a word that means intense or unrestrained sexual craving. Sometimes the word does look vulgar or course but it defines a mindset that is dictated by desire and temptation. All over India and Pakistan, the one fact that stands out is the number of Hindu girls with Muslim men has husbands. In Pakistan, it takes a bizarre form with about 20-25 Hindu girls being kidnapped every month in Sind province and forcibly converted and married to Muslim men. In India, there is no coercion but any numbers of Hindu girls marry Muslims. Even the film stars are into it and the most famous present-day heroine Karina Kapoor is marrying a Muslim star who has 2 grown up children.

I began to wonder why this is so after all just a few decades the Muslims and Hindus did not have much of intermarriages. Before independence and the advent of the Raj, the Muslims were the rulers and they could have their pick of Hindu girls. Even the warrior Timur selected 200 of the most beautiful Hindu girls for his harem. But it all ended with the Raj and independence.

So frankly I am intrigued to see so many Hindu girls marrying Muslim men. The contrast is stark as in all cases the Hindu girls convert to Islam. This is mandatory and is something that happens, but I suppose there is very little coercion involved, except in Pakistan where the situation is entirely different. I wonder what could be the psychology behind these marriages.

The Big Divide

Obviously, there is some background to it. One thing that strikes me is a loss of power by the Muslims the Hindu girls became unattainable. So the Muslim men with a not a little encouragement from the Mullahs began to assiduously woo Hindu girls. The idea was to win them over and marry them and beget children. It’s like a victory in battle, after all in ancient wars the women were the prize.

These are harsh thoughts, but I suppose there is some truth in it. Thus the Muslim man will go out of his way to court a Hindu girl. What about the Hindu girl? There is a new found freedom given by independent India and the Hindu girl is exercising it to the hilt. One manifestation is these marriages. In contrast, the reverse of Muslim girls marrying Hindu boys is just a trickle. Rigidity in Islam is intense?



MG Singh (author) from UAE on May 05, 2020:

Aman, Thank you

MG Singh (author) from UAE on December 25, 2015:

thank you for commenting

Martinique Samuelson on September 17, 2014:

As an Indian Hindu girl I can tell you that Hindu women do not consciously seek out Muslim men to marry. Since the physical features of South Asian men are quite uniform, one cannot tell who is a Hindu and and who is a Muslim at first sight. Hindu women who marry Muslim men do not know what they are in for. They think that their Muslim fiancés are modern and different. In the first few hours after the wedding, the girls are rudely informed of their inferior position in their husband's life and the new society they have married into. These girls are trapped for life . Muslim men feel no remorse at perpetrating this deceit time and time again as their religion condones anything (even deceit) for the sake of the religion and its advancement. Few non-Muslim girls know this and get trapped into marriages with Musli

MG Singh (author) from UAE on January 14, 2014:

Thank you Helena for commenting

Helena on January 13, 2014:

I think the title should have been why do Hindu girls lust Muslim men !

MG Singh (author) from UAE on January 03, 2014:

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Thank you Rehan for commenting and giving your opinion.

Rehan2sh from Cape Town, Western Cape on January 03, 2014:

I accept Raja yadavs comments. Our family is most educated family

and in our family total 3 girls married to Hindus. All are graduates, I think girls come out for education they choose their partner themselves

MG Singh (author) from UAE on October 24, 2013:

Thank you Reema for your frank comment

reema iyer on October 24, 2013:

YOu are right. I am reema iyer. hindu girl.

email me at reema_iyer @ rediffmail . com

MG Singh (author) from UAE on March 27, 2013:

Frankly the matter is not so simple really as Hindu girls have a low moral fiber and very less faith in the Hindu religion. That is one reason they convert before marrying a Muslim man.

MG Singh (author) from UAE on March 27, 2013:

thank you for your opinion

raj yadav on March 26, 2013:

maximam muslim girl muslim mandrse me reading krti hai ya padti he nhi hai,jabki maximam muslim boy reading in govt schools or collages or ussi cllas me hindu girl bhi unke sath padhti hai jahir hai muslim boys ka hindu girls se milne jhulne ka jyada moka milta hai,agar muslim girl bhi muslim boys ki trah socity me rhe to maximam muslim girl like hindu boys means 90%muslim girl like hindu boys,jitni bhi muslim ladki maximam society me involve hai wo hindu ko he pasand krti hai chahe sarve krake dekh lo for exampl-- suzen khan ritik roshan,salman khan sister married with atul agnihotri, Dilnawaz Sheikh(manyta datt)with sanjay datt or bhi bahut se hain ,jis din ye muslim apni ladkiyon ko hinduo kitrah ladkiyon ko ajadi de denge i m sure ek bhi muslim ladki muslim se shadi nhi kregi hindu se he krna chahyegi ye alag baat hai ki hindu ladke syd unse na krna chaye

MG Singh (author) from UAE on February 25, 2013:

Thank you Rose

rose on February 24, 2013:

i have 2 say that the hindu girls are most gorgeous fair girls than all others

Mr khan on January 24, 2013:

Hindu girls like big muslim rods more over hindu girls are hungry for big L

XYZ on January 10, 2013:

Cut the crap of hindu girls being lured by muslim guys, in fact hindu girls themselves are always ready 2 convert into islam, however amount of time they spent in temple worshipping is just 2 show how good morally they are.The female infanticide is higher among hindus as compared 2 muslims .As after growing up hindu girls don't care about their parents, family & religion is something tht they don't consider at all as compared 2 a muslim girl.

So the moral of the story is muslim men are far superior looking then hindu men and muslim girls are much cultured then a hindu girl

MG Singh (author) from UAE on December 04, 2012:

Excellent comment Bharati. Good points are raised by you

Bharati on December 04, 2012:

I had been intrigued by increasing incidence of hindu girls marrying muslim boys as against only a few muslim girls marrying hindu boys until the reason dawned on me.One reason is that, the muslims get more oppurtunities to socialise with hindu girls in schools , colleges, work places the Hindu society is opening up faster. Wheras the Muslim society is opening up at a slower pace and the girls are yet to come out large numbers. Obviously this provides lesser oppurtunities to hindus to socialise with them.Second reason is that, ironically although the hindu society is opening up faster, the average hindu family,( especially the mothers ) would not welcome muslim girls as their Bahus as they would probably concvert their son and defile the family . On other hand the Muslim families woud openly encourage their sons to bring Hindu Bahus and welcome them with open hands , as this is an oppurtunity for convert them. In former case the Muslim girl is clearly disuaded by both the Hindu household she seeks to enter with her spouse and also by her parents . Whereas in case of the Hindu girl the opposition probably comes only from her parents, she has a family support through her spouse, in - laws and the entire inslamic system.

MG Singh (author) from UAE on August 12, 2012:

Thank you Angela for commenting

Angela Blair from Central Texas on August 12, 2012:

Your Hub is very informative as I'm totally unfamiliar with marriage customs in both Indian and Pakistan. One must admit the Hindu women/girls are very beautiful and it's not difficult to imagine men from any country/background being attracted to them. Best/Sis

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