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Discovering Challenging Attitudes Creating Problems In Marriage.

Adekunle Akinmade is a professional Sales Driven Copy Writer at Hammadex and obtained his Bachelor's degree at University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Challenging Attitudes Creating Problems In Marriage.


Your Marriage Is Not A Mistake, Read Below To See The Mistakes.

Most times when a marriage is in trouble - people tend to see their marriage as a mistake rather than see the mistakes they are making in their marriage.

At this point, they regret marrying their wife or husband. They begin to think of a new partner or imagine marrying their Ex - or fantasizing a marriage without issues.

At times, people divorce or remarried and later wish they had remained with their first spouse - as they find greater problems or troubles in the new spouse.

This is because, the first marriage was not a mistake - the mistake has not been discovered yet.

You can remarry as many times as you like - you will still experience the same challenges in marriage until you discover the mistakes you're making in your marriage and correct them. So divorce or separation is not the next thing to consider when you are having such problems with or in your marriage.


Check This Analysis Out.

Take for instance:

• When your car has a Flat - Tyre you do not abandone the car but you repair the tyre and move on.

• When we have a Headache - no matter how excruciating the pain may be - We do not cut off the head but we take care of the Headache.

• When a Bulb Blows Out in the room - We do not change the room or house - We replace the Bulb and light up the house.

• When we have challenges at our place of work - We do not refuse to go to work next day - We go there to solve the problems.

So, when marriage has an issues, we don't first change the spouse but rather consider changing the challenging attitudes creating the problems.

Some couples, because of challenges experienced in their marriage, accused each other of being responsible. They point accussing fingers at each other, some even say terrible and sometimes unprofitable things about their spouse.

Some think marrying their spouse was a mistake.

You Too Can Experience This In Your Marriage.


Undeniable Facts About Women With True Life Story.

Undeniable Facts About Women.

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A woman is like "SALT". Her presence may not be noticed, but her absent makes everything "Tasteless".

True Life Story:

A lady asked her mum and said - Mum how will i ever find the right Man?

Her mother replied her and said - Forget about you finding the right Man - Focus on how you will be the right lady or woman that every responsible man will love to have as a wife.

Your attitude is often one of the first thing that people noticed about you. A positive attitude is your most priceless possession, one of your most valuable assets. People with great attitude are magnet. People are drawn to them - they feel better being around them.


Quality Advice For The Husband.

  1. When a man becomes a Medical Doctor or An Army Officer, He is expected to behaved in a certain way. In the same way, a certain pattern of behaviours is expected from someone who was formerly a boy but now graduating to become a man, and also the husband of a wife.

If you are not ready to let go all those irresponsible ways of life that you were living before, then you don't have anything doing with marriage or else you will end up destroying the life of both your spouse (wife) and your children.

  1. Avoid Bad Associations: Bad association will change your mentality, your love and affections towards your darling wife, your children, your vision and objectives in life.

One of the biggest mistake a person can make in life is to surround himself or herself with people who have failed to discover the reason for their existence.

An Aeroplane that is lost can not be use to trace another lost Aeroplane.

Nutritious Vegetables can not grow in poor soul, and Healthy Fish can not thrive in polluted water, neither can we as human maximise our potentials in wrong environment. No matter how good our intentions may be - if we get with bad companies we will or might eventually end up thinking and acting as they do.

All You Need To Do To Have A Blissful Marriage.

Most times when we see some couples enjoying their marriage and each other company, we admire and desire same for ourselves but sadly the opposite is seen in our own marriage.

What makes the difference is that some people worked on their marriage by making the necessary sacrifices and paying the requisite price and then enjoy the fruits or reward of their labour. The way you make your bed is the way you will lie on it. Your marriage can be as sweet as you want it.

If the two parties involved in marriage could work on their attitudes you will discover that no matter whom you get married to - you will still enjoy marriage.

Be Wise.

Thank you

Adekunle Akinmade

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