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Self-improvement Practices That Will Make You a Better Person

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There's a need by people to want to become better. You may want to improve or change a part of your life that doesn't agree with your future goals. These may vary, i.e., you may want to feel better? Or lose some weight, or even learn something new? I will teach you some skills that can impact your life, take the time, and learn.

1. Reading Books

Books are a good source of wisdom and entertainment. You start reading self-help/ motivational books to inspire you to be better. But, what if you love reading novels instead. Well, a good book can give you individuals personal experiences. A well-written book can arouse your mind and improve your imaginative abilities.

It's evident that the more you read, the better your verbal and vocabulary skills become. Research suggests that reading fiction broadens your mind and increases your empathy levels. A good book can make you a better person. Reading also makes you empathetic, knowledgeable, entertained, and inspired.

2. Create Visualization Boards

To achieve your goals, rank them by keeping them at the top of your mind. So you can move towards them, a vision board is the best tool to help you achieve that. Putting your board where you can see it daily will motivate you to visualize. Vision boards are good as they activate your mind and programs the brain to see better than they are currently.

Imagination helps attract people and resources that you need to achieve your goals. Using your imagination constantly will make you realize how close you are to your ideal life, making you a better person.

Here is how you can create an empowering visualization board

  • Begin by making a list of goals you wish to achieve in a specific period.

  • Collect pictures that represent your goals from old newspapers and magazines

  • Stick the images in poster paper using glue, tape or tack to make a picture collage

  • Add inspiring words that represent your ideal emotions when you achieve your goals.
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  • Take time each day to think about your vision board.

3. Be An Early Riser

Studies suggest that waking up early and success have a link. Most motivational gurus and business experts claim to be early risers. Saying it's the best productive time as you work with no interruption. have time for exercising, and manage your time better.

Rising at dawn is a personal decision. Find a routine that fits your current situation and determine its benefits. Waking up in the wee hours may be counterproductive. Test yourself to figure out if it's working

It will be the best waking up strategy if you find you are usually keen and attentive during the morning hours. You may choose to wake up early for many reasons. For instance, high job satisfaction may make you eager to wake up early, so you get to work on time. But, If you are a new parent or are working odd hours, you may have little choice when you start your

4. Write a Letter to The Future You

You may ask how this makes you a better person. Well, if you have something you always want to remember, write a letter to yourself and you will never forget it. Writing letters is vital as:-

  • It makes you not repeat some mistakes you have made, and we are all prone to do, the letter acts as a reality check.

  • Notes serve as a reflection tool. Most people use a journal to reflect and draw conclusions about their lives. leading to better lives

  • Diaries and letters are like time machines. Reading them takes you back to those specific moments of a life that made you happy or sad. They remind you how far or little you have made it in life.

5. Be Grateful

Learn to count your blessings every moment of the day. Think about the people who make an impact on your life or the things that you have achieved. Thankfulness in small and great things boosts your mood by giving you a positive mindset. Gratefulness improves your self-esteem and makes you more resilient. Hence you're able to handle stressful situations. Also, the prolonged feelings of happiness make you less aggressive.

6. Practice Speed Reading

Speed reading enables you to read more. Most people spend their time either reading reports, emails, or magazines. The reading speed for most of these people is 200-250 words per minute on average. This capacity can increase to 600 words per minute with full comprehension. saving you time as you can grasp concepts faster, improving your life and career and your social life. A speed reader is up to date on the news and has a lot to share during a conversation. It improves your concentration, confidence, and adds to your knowledge abilities.

7. Pick a New Hobby

Apart from your usual hobbies, you may have a new one that seems to capture your interest. You want to play chess, learn dancing, be a wine taster, or even a web designer. A hobby can stretch your capabilities in physical, mental, and emotional areas. You can follow one way to improve your physical, psychological, and emotional abilities.


Most people desire to improve a part of themselves once in a while. If you want to be a better person, there are various things you can do. These activities include reading, learning to be grateful, picking a new hobby, or practising speed reading. You will be in amazement at the person you will become.

Inspiring Books

  • Think and Grow Rich -Napoleon Hill
  • Who Moved My Cheese -Spencer Johnson
  • The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari -Robin Sharma
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living -Dale Carnegie
  • Who Moved My Cheese -Spencer Johnson


Wine tasting

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