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Dear Fake Alpha Male

Ohhh Nooo


Dear Alpha Male Faker

Just wanted to let you know your behavior is as clear as your insecure ego when it comes to being around fully functional, confident, successful women. Your jealousy manifesting itself in only being decent and kind to women that appear clueless, in terms of navigating life successfully, needing to be rescued is comical. The psychological jealousy driving your actions while you pretend to be alpha-male secure is the basis of why women don’t respect you and find your presence irritating at best. Your little snit fits, frustration manifested by your desire to control the affairs of women around you like we’re so lost is crazy. You are not the man of every woman’s house or affairs.

Childish / Mean Behavior



1. Going behind a woman’s back when she's conducting business affairs, electing yourself to a position to handle her affairs without her permission. Who elected you king over my affairs? That's not cool.

2. Rejection. A woman rejects you with a soft decline and you think because you have money that’s unacceptable. How dare she say, "I'll pass." (Remember acquisition of materials doesn’t change the core of who you are. Some of you conduct yourself in such a low manner that you make the brands you drive or wear lose value.)

Forget about compatibility, intellect, class, morals, character – these traits matter. The woman could be involved or dating someone else, but there you are in your sensitive feelings now throwing shade and saying nasty things to her unprovoked. The woman told you “no thank you” politely and remained friendly. Now you’re sulking and have an attitude problem, being spiteful and mean again because your tendencies are passive-aggressive feminine in nature.

3. Financial jealousy. She appears to have her life together with equal or more than what you have financially and now you're upset. Going out your way not to be polite, not open the door for her, just be a decent man when interacting with her. You're upset that she won’t sit around and look at the stars waiting for you to come along and rescue her from independent thought and success. She’s financially secure with a plan, isn’t treating the relationship transactional, so your natural response is to do nothing for her out of spite.

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In Conclusion

While these scenarios may sound funny, they happen in real life. It’s this underlined resentment and hostility based on accomplished women not fitting this "neediness" that is taken personally. All women aren’t helpless in life, we can conduct business and can think (watch out now) on an intellectual, complex level. To those faking confidence this most likely won’t cause you to change your behavior. Just wanted you to know that you aren’t hiding any of your insecurities.

Be well.


Don't confuse what I'm addressing with being anti-male because I'm not. I'm only addressing the little boys that are caught up in their feelings, pretending like they have it together but acting in a negative, passive-aggressive, harmful and disrespectful manner towards women because of their insecurities. Get a hold of yourself. Being rude, overstepping boundaries and being a jerk doesn't confirm your masculinity. Real men don't behave in such a manner. Real men don't feel threatened by women and behave like this.

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