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Dating is Harder if You Care Too Much

Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.


Let's get this out of the way: if you care too much in general, life is much harder for you. But if you're reading this, you already know. Welcome to the club, you're one of us. The select few who care too much in a world that doesn't care nearly enough. It's a virtue to care a lot, but this world makes you think that something is wrong with you because they just can't relate. Of course, if you care too much this will also have an effect on your dating life.


In the dating world, caring too much makes the whole process of relationships even more difficult. You're always the one who notices the little things and takes way too much offense. Like if someone promises to call at a certain time, you're the one watching your phone, waiting for that call or text message alert. You can't just go about your business and if they call, they call. You care too much and are already too invested in the relationship to be cool about it.

That's the thing about people who care too much, they care too early in the relationship too. After a couple of dates, if things are going well, they will probably be the ones who bring up the whole "defining the relationship" conversation. Just being the one to bring it up already indicates to the other person that you're deep in your feelings. Sometimes, this will even scare the other person off completely and cause them to stop dating you altogether. In a world where "keeping it casual" is a trend in itself, defining the relationship can be seen like too much too soon for someone who is "just seeing where things go" or "not ready to commit". To commit to just one person that is.

This is just the beginning stages of dating or a relationship! It only gets harder from here on out. The deeper into the partnership you get, the more chances you will have to show just how much you care. You will also see if you and your person are compatible on the level of caring. I wouldn't recommend getting in too deep with someone you see from the beginning just doesn't care that much. It's not going to get any better. Just like you probably won't change your ways and stop caring, they won't change their ways and start caring either. Call it quits before it gets too far because it will only get harder to walk away the longer you stay. And you will never be happy with someone who doesn't care either way if you're with them or not.


One person will always care more in the relationship, that's natural. It's just that the level of caring between the two people should be on a similar level if things are ever to work out. Basically, get two caring people together or two selfish ones together but never interchange the two because it will be a miserable pairing. When it comes to dating, chose a partner who is your type of person. Sure, they might be a little more carefree than you, but in the end they're still more on the caring side of the spectrum which is what you want.


If you've been burned in relationships because you care too much you are not alone. There are others just like you out there. Sure, there's way less people that care too much and way more who just don't care enough, but we still exist. The world makes us believe that caring is weakness, but I believe it's one of our greatest strengths. We're the ones who hurt the most after a relationships ends. We're the ones who don't move on a month after a break up because we need time to heal and honor the relationship so we do it in the way that is most respectful to everyone involved. We care about your feelings more than we care about our own. We're also the ones who still believe we'll find someone like ourselves even though so far we've never gotten quite so lucky. We're out there and we care. Truth is we always will. There's no changing that.


If Everyone Cared by Nickelback

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