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Why Does It Cost so Much for Some Men to Date?

Would you like to go out on a date with me?

Why does it cost so much for some men to date?

Daily mail in 2019 estimated the average cost of a date in the United States was around $102.32. USA today reported the average cost of date in 2019 to be $102.57. We know the amount can be insanely different if you date in places like Atlanta, Los Angeles, or New York.

We know there are several factors involving in where you choose to take your date. It’s a cross section of class level, impressing the person for the first time and making sure your choice of where the date occurs leads to a second date. We get it. There’s nothing wrong with taking these things into consideration, however one must be realistic. Sky is not the limit with your budget, right guys? You have money allocated for mortgage/rent, bills, expenses, investments, savings, and your emergency fund. You don’t have money for, “let’s pretend I’m a baller and can spend money like water at any given moment.” NO.



So here are a few things to help you out...

So, what can you do to date reasonably? Take the lead. What? TAKE THE LEAD. I had a guy friend that would complain about how much money women would suggest he spend on a date. Guys, if you take the lead on the date, you have better control over the situation. You’re talking to her over the phone, and she mentions how much she likes sushi or Mexican food. Do your research. Research restaurants with great reviews and check the prices on the menu. Does that work for you? If she orders something mid-range on that menu with a few drinks, are you ok with the amount of the date? Come up with 2-3 spots that are cool. If you’re meeting her at the restaurant then suggest you’ve heard great things about this place that has the food she likes, and you’d like to meet her there for dinner on Saturday at 8pm. If you are picking her up, tell her that you want to take her out Saturday night and the place you’re going to is a surprise.

-Now if she rebukes your first choice, because you’ve done your research, you can suggest another spot without resorting to her suggestion of going to wreck-your-walletville.

  1. Lunch dates. Some of the best restaurants offer a lunch menu. Ask to meet her for lunch at a decent place. Lunch is cool because you’re able to talk and dine without partying or bad lighting. Now you can’t control her requesting dinner during lunch time but even if she does you’ve gained wisdom with an expensive lesson, unfortunately. Any person trying to “hit you for all they can” is telling you I’m greedy, selfish and care nothing for you. I just want to take at your expense and if you continue to date this kind of person than as the old folks would say….You the fool.
  2. Food trucks are really cool and provide a great way to experience food without spending a fortune. If you’ve moved past the first few dates let her know you want to try something different. Tell her you’re making a food run and ask her if she wants to come with you. If she’s into you she’ll go and be up for the adventure. Remember, it’s not about her checking a box about how much money you spend on her, it’s about her being around you. Food trucks are fun, reasonable and have great food. Sometimes you can eat outside, or you can bring the food back to your place. If the food is good, she’ll enjoy the food and your sense of adventure.

3. Try a new place. What woman doesn’t enjoy something different that both of you can try? Not the usual is often a winner. Sense of adventure is always a winner so again let her know you’re picking her up for dinner and going someplace new. Maybe it’s a cuisine she’s never experienced before or some new fusion place that just opened. Whatever it is both of you can experience something different. Because you’ve done your homework ahead of time on pricing you should be good.



Final Thoughts -Setting the Tone

These are examples of setting the tone. It’s up to you if the only thing that comes out of your mouth is “Where do you want to go?” Now if you don’t have the ability to give any suggestions and must act according to dictatorship to impress and then secretly resent her have at it. These tips are to help you keep your finances in order and have a great time on a date with someone you like. What’s missing in relationships is authenticity. We’ve given up authentic interest in each other, making everything about how much you spend or how much you pay. When you enjoy somewhere, while the dates are nice, you also don’t mind doing the simple things as well.

So where do you find tips on where to go?

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Your local news stations feature new places all the time

Local magazines highlighting places in the area


Ask friends about cool places


realtalk247 (author) on June 19, 2021:

Great ideas and you are so right. Everything doesn't have to center around food. Art museums -great date ideas as well. You get to discover what interests someone or catches their eye and why.

I so agree, "the interview" is so boring. You're not really experiencing the person, you're experiencing their carefully worded essay verbally.

I always believe the first date is only designed to determine if you want a second date.

dashingscorpio from Chicago on June 13, 2021:

Excellent article.

Guys also don't need to base every date around eating out.

Daytime dates in particular offer a wide range of possible activities to engage in from wander through a summer outdoor festival, Go Kayaking, bowling, miniature golf, free concert in the park, plan a picnic, see a matinee movie, go to the beach and have lunch at nearby restaurant, visit a tourist attraction in your own city/town.

Ideally there should be smiles, laughter, and flirtatious banter along with some incidental touching/maybe hand holding...etc.

Essentially make (having fun the goal) instead of having a boring sit down "interview" in a restaurant. If both people don't have a good time on a {first date} there usually won't be a second date!

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