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Dating a Leo Woman: Ms. Meow!

Jealous as I am of the Leo woman's naturally magnetic sex appeal, I admit that even I find Leo women very charming in person and like to hang round them from time to time. If you're reading this tongue in cheek article cos you want the low down on Leo women and what makes them dig a man, then might I suggest you hurry up and get to the good bits. And before you do that, might I also remind you of the most famous Leo woman of them all -- Madonna. Just keep that in mind if you ever forget any of the following bits of information.

Queen of the Jungle

The Leo woman is sexy as anything. Even those who aren't classically beautiful possess a level of attraction that makes other women want to hiss with envy. Unsurprisingly, men are drawn to Leo women instantly. However, bear in mind that she's no idiot and even though she may smile shyly or sweetly, she's actually pretty clever about playing coy and believe me when I tell you she'll have sized you up before the first hello came out of your mouth. Now, if she likes you, this is no problem. If she doesn't, be aware that she might have no problem using you to get what she wants. And if she's of a mind to do it, you won't have a clue til she's gotten everything she wants!


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Miss Meow

These Leo women like a bit of romance. They aren't as sensually aggressive as Aries women, but they don't get any complaints, either. But before you get anywhere near the boudoir, you'll need to make sure you're well groomed and well adorned with gifts. Yes, you see the way to a Leo woman's heart, mind and bedroom is though her ego. So if you want the grand tour, you'll need to be very demonstrative, and she's just as keen on the tangible as she is the intangible. Love and tenderness are swell, but so are Visa and Mastercard.

Miss Jealous

The Leo woman can be very possessive and jealous. She could claw your eyes out just for looking at Mona Lisa a little too long. She wants to be assured that you've only got eyes for her, so if you want to keep said eyes, I'd suggest you keep them on her and her alone. Not that Leo woman is sweet and malleable from time to time. She can be very tame, indeed, but only if you're skilled at caring for her ego and pride as much as you are caring for her heart.

The Basics:

  • How to flirt with a Leo woman: Idolize her
  • How to tick a Leo woman off: Don't worship her
  • How to scare a Leo woman off: Make her feel unattractive or insignificant
  • How to get a Leo woman back: An American Express Centurion card would probably do the trick
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