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Dating a Cancer: What You Need to Know

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Cancers are known for their mood shifts, charisma, and empathy.

Cancers are known for their mood shifts, charisma, and empathy.

Dating a Cancer

I like to call this zodiacal sign the mightiest wave in the ocean. Cancer is the first water sign in Western Astrology. It brings to the table emotions, a strong desire to connect with others, and creativity.

Cancers tend to be relationship-oriented. They’re prone to seek out a partner, and many want to establish roots for a family. The water sign is known for their giant mood shifts. Cancer can switch opinions by the time they finish a sentence. They often like to go with the current, so they’ll copy and paste the desires and opinions of others as they’re own. My brother likes to call them “blenders” — people who try to merge with the emotional landscape of others who are in the same vicinity as them.

This sign has parental instincts. They have a natural talent for nurturing others. Part of Cancer’s mythology is based on a pregnant woman. The sign carries the first four children of the zodiac to term: the firstborn Aries, the second born Taurus, and the twins Gemini.

The nice thing is Cancers are incredibly dedicated people. They want to serve, they want the whole you, and they are faithful. They may be clingy, they may be overly dependent on you, and they may have an emotional reaction for every nuance under the sun, but they're endlessly supportive. Where an Aquarius comes off emotionally detached, Cancer comes off like an emotional tsunami.

I don’t recommend dating a Cancer if emotions and emotional exploration isn’t your cup of tea.

A Sensitive Zodiac Indeed

You need to be thoughtful if you date a Cancer because they’re a sensitive sign. You need to remember birthdays, anniversaries, their favorites things.

You need to compliment, flatter, and celebrate the nurturing water sign. Cancer wants a strong social network around them. Being single can be too lonely and isolating for them. I know very few Cancers who stay single.

Cancers have power from their social network: whether they’re shy or outgoing, they require socialization. They’re great at encouraging, giving hugs, and all the cutesy stuff. They care about holidays, gifts, and all the normal traditional things. They can be old souls. They can be moved by a song to tears, they’ll cry at the news, and they’ll spend hours dwelling in their emotions. Cancer wears her heart on her sleeve.

If you overload the water sign, you could cause them to shut down. If you disturb them, it may end in tantrums, complete quietness, or some type of bizarre display. This zodiac has a hard time ignoring jerks because they want to offer everyone compassion. Cancer needs to align with someone who is sweet and caring, not arrogant and disloyal. Cancers need to think twice about who they’re dating, but they usually will go with someone by an impulse — or a flutter of the heart.

For the Love of God, You Better Love My Family

Since most Cancers are family-oriented, you should make a concerted effort to treat their family right. Cancer can’t afford to date someone who treats their parents or children poorly. The water sign will feel divided against herself if she has to pick between her suitor and her family.

Cancers are extremely protective of their children. If they think someone is in the way of their child’s success, they’ll make a fuss about it. Cancers will display all of their emotions before you to get your attention. They will corner you with their emotions if they think you’ve wronged them. They will do everything in their power to show you how you hurt them and to tell you what you did wrong.

Cancer is a pack animal. You mess with their wolves or cubs, and you can expect to see some teeth on your ankle. Cancer cares deeply about those they love, and they have a hard time seeing outside of their parental instincts. Their world is their family. If they see one of their friends as family, you should make an extra effort to respect that person. You have to cherish the people in Cancer’s inner circle.

Full of Support

Cancer will be there for you. This zodiac wants to comfort you when you are down. They know when to pat your back, counsel you, bring you flowers, and get your attention.

Cancer cares about you when you’re at your most vulnerable. They’re not going to run away just because you have a freakout moment or throw a temper tantrum.

Hot chocolate is their game, supporting you is their dream, and making magic happen is what they desire. Cancer men will bring you champagne, write you cute notes, and take you to candlelit dinners. Cancer women will do their best to make holidays special and vacations magical.

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Cancers express their emotions in powerful and beautiful ways. They have a certain magnetism to them that draws people to them.

Cancers express their emotions in powerful and beautiful ways. They have a certain magnetism to them that draws people to them.

Touch Your Cancer Often

Cancers are physically affectionate. They like to hold hands, hug, and kiss. They like when you reciprocate their affection. They can gush with emotions. If you don’t like to be touched a lot, Cancer isn’t really the best sign for you.

Cancer will take cheating very seriously and personally. They may forgive you and accept you, but it will add a touch of insecurity that may be permanent.

They want to feel a great deal of momentum in the relationship from their partner. If they feel like their partner isn’t putting enough effort into the relationship, it can make them feel uneasy.

Cancer does well with zodiacs that are physically giving. Other water signs are good for Cancer though they need to be careful with Scorpio who could manipulate them. Libra is excellent because they’re relationship-oriented, and they’re understanding when it comes to indecision. Leo is a classic choice — they love to protect Cancer and be pampered by them.

Cancer's symbol is the crab.

Cancer's symbol is the crab.

Cancer Is All About Emotions

Cancers are excellent at reading emotions. Don’t try to hide how you feel; they can see right through you. Cancer doesn’t like shady things in the relationship. You need to be open with this zodiac, you need to work on building trust, and you need to bring all your skeletons in the closet out into the open.

Cancers do not like mystery; they like honesty. They like being open and raw with you. They will get worried and paranoid if you seem mysterious or aloof.

The water sign wants you to show off your emotions. They want to see you when you’re disgusted, angry, sad, happy, and bored. This can make them argumentative because they like emotions so much that they are emotional junkies, and they may push your buttons to see some emotional skin.

Life is emotions to a Cancer. They don’t do well in situations that run dry or bereft of emotions. They do well with animated people, those with big hearts, and creative types.

Cancers require a healthy dosage of romance, dates, and nostalgia to feel comfortable in their relationship. If there seems to be a lack of romantic feelings in the air, it could cause Cancer to break up with you.

You need to give consistently and in big ways if you want Cancer to stay. Don’t lead them on and leave them hanging.

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Andrea Lawrence (author) on January 21, 2016:


You're in a tough world without your fellow water signs. My mom was a Cancer and the rest of us were earth and air signs. She was on a different level with her emotions.

Cygnet Brown from Springfield, Missouri on January 21, 2016:

I am a Cancer. My daughter is a Taurus, my (ex?) husband is a Libra and my two sons are Libra and Leo respectively. All of them are thinking signs and I am the only emotional one in the bunch! I drive them crazy! They don't understand my emotions at all! They all know how broody I can get (pun intended).

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