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Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Cancer

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Cancer, the mightiest wave crashing in the ocean. Cancer LOVES to be in a relationship. This zodiac was born to gush all over someone, raise kids, and feel really sad when these things are not going well. Cancer has some strong high and low tides, and can be arguably one of the most crabby personalities. The nice thing about cancer is they're incredibly dedicated people. They want to serve, they want you, and they are faithful. They may be clingy, they may be dependent on you, and they may have an emotional reaction for everything under the sun. Essentially, an Aquarius comes of emotionally detached; a Cancer comes off like an emotional tsunami.

A Sensitive Zodiac Indeed

Cancer is sensitive. You need to remember birthdays, anniversaries, favorites of things. You need to compliment, you need to flatter, and you need to celebrate. Cancer wants a strong network around it. Being single doesn't quite click with that. They have power by the network they create, whether they're shy or outgoing, they need to allow for people in their lives. They're great at encouraging, giving hugs, and all the cutesy stuff. They care about holidays, gifts, and all the normal traditional things. They can be old souls. They can be moved by a song to tears, they'll cry at the news, and they'll spend hours dwelling in their emotions. This is the sign that wears their heart on their sleeves. If you overload this personality, you could easily cause them to shutdown, which may end in tantrums, complete still quietness, or some type of bizarre insanity. This zodiac has a hard time ignoring the assholes because it wants to offer them compassion. What is really needs is someone who instead offers them compassion. Cancers need to think twice about who they're dating, but they usually will go with someone by an impulse -- or flutter of the heart.

Hi, I'm a Cancer


For the Love of God, Don't Mess with Family

Since Cancer is very family central, you should never mess with their favorite people. Cancer will come after you if they think you have crossed their children. If they think you hurt one of their children's feelings, they're likely to come after you in full force. It will be like a tsunami hitting you, and it might not make any sense but you'll likely cave to it. When you hurt their kids or spouse, then you piss them off and they'll do something about it or hold a very serious grudge. A Cancer is a pack animal. You mess with their wolves or cubs, and you can expect to see some teeth on your ankle and blood drawn. Cancer cares deeply about those it loves, and it has a hard time seeing outside of that in an objective way. Their world is their children and mate. If they see one of their friends as family, you shouldn't do something to hurt that friend either.

Full of Support

Cancer will be there for you. This zodiac wants to comfort you when you are down. They're a built in machine that knows when to pat your back, counsel you, have your best interest. Cancer cares about you when you're at your most vulnerable. They're not going to run away from you easily just because you have a freak out moment or throw a temper tantrum. Hot chocolate is their game, supporting you is their dream, and making magic happen is what they desire. The men will bring you flowers, cute notes, and candlelight dinners. The women will do their best to make Christmas magical. You can expect a strong, supportive partner out of this one. Need more confidence or a helping hand? Employ your Cancer for a facelift.

Touch Your Cancer Often

Cancer is a very physically affectionate personality. If you want to have a good relationship with a Cancer, you should actively hold their hand, give them a hug, or kiss them. A Cancer never gets tire of reciprocating physical forms of affection. They will love to gush all you too. So if you don't want that kind of physical intimacy, then don't lead a Cancer on. A Cancer has high expectations. They want to feel a great deal of momentum in the relationship from their partner. If they feel like their partner is not putting in enough effort into the relationship, they feel like the relationship isn't working. Cancer struggles with zodiacs like Taurus which when things are going well, the Taurus will back off on affection because that zodiac sees it as stable. This kind of interpretation of a relationship is counter-intuitive to how a Cancer perceives the state of the relationship.

Cancer does well with zodiacs that are also physically giving. Other water signs are good for Cancer. So are relationship pressed zodiacs like Libras and Leos. Zodiacs that might be hard for Cancer are one that strive to constantly be independent. Cancer will probably unnecessarily question the relationship with someone who needs more time by themselves than a Cancer would. Of course, this can be overcome, but it may be challenging. Cancer has a lot of intensity built up into its zodiac; it is constantly going down into the depths. It's a very deep sign, this might be why it clicks with Scorpio. Cancer tends to be more light hearted than a Scorpio, but likely more emotionally insecure. That insecurity is how it learns and processes the world around it. It's a personality that cares a great deal about ethics. It thinks about what is right and what is wrong. The crab seeks justice.


Cancer is All About the Emotions

Cancers are excellent at reading emotions. Don't try to hide them, they can see right through you. Cancer doesn't like shady things in the relationship. You need to be open with this zodiac, you need to work on building trust, and you need to get all your skeletons out of the closet and throw them away. Cancers do not like mystery; they like things out in the open. They like being open and raw with you. They will get worried and paranoid if you seem to be acting mysterious, lacking in detail, or suspicious. Cancers really want you to show off your emotions. They want to see the disgust, the anger, the sadness, the joy, the flirty side. This can make them argumentative because they like emotions so much that they are emotional junkies, and they may try to trigger your buttons so that they see some emotional skin. A Cancer believes in the existence of life through emotions. This doesn't mean that if you are a more quiet emotional type that you don't stand a chance with a Cancer, you just need to be honest with your emotions. They can draw it out of you if they so want it. They can tell if you are upset or if the situation calls for you to be sad, sick, hungry, and so on.

Emotional honesty is really what a Cancer wants. This may be way they put a lot of pressure on romance in the relationship, because those intense romantic feelings help them to know that the relationship is in good health. If there seems to be a lack of romantic feelings in the air, it could cause a Cancer to feel out of place. Regularly soaking your Cancer up in love will help them to feel more secure. And the more secure they feel, the better they will be able to support you which will come in handy whenever you get dealt a bad hand -- such as losing your job, the death of a parent, or getting in a car wreck. Cancers are undeniably useful when you are in need of some real, true, honest, and crazy love. This is also why Cancers make some of the best parents. They are there for their kids the whole way through because they sincerely care about their children's emotional development, because they get that we are not born understanding how our emotions work right out of the womb.


Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on January 21, 2016:


You're in a tough world without your fellow water signs. My mom was a Cancer and the rest of us were earth and air signs. She was on a different level with her emotions.

Cygnet Brown from Springfield, Missouri on January 21, 2016:

I am a Cancer. My daughter is a Taurus, my (ex?) husband is a Libra and my two sons are Libra and Leo respectively. All of them are thinking signs and I am the only emotional one in the bunch! I drive them crazy! They don't understand my emotions at all! They all know how broody I can get (pun intended).

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