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Dating Virgo Men

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Dating and Virgo Men

I have done extensive research regarding dating attractions. I believe that the astrological signs play a large part of chemical attraction. However chemical attraction is not enough to sustain a true relationship. I was told many years ago that the Virgo men are attracted to the Sagittarius women, and this is a true fact. It is very important that a Sagittarius female learns about the Virgo's traits before they enter into any relationship with a Virgo.

I have had a large amount of angry Virgo men message me because I gave up their game. Some have even admitted having the traits, and still tried to convince me that I was wrong. I met the first Virgo forty years ago, wow, and that should have been the last one. I met the second one thirty four years ago and he was even worse than the first one. Yep, I had married both of them. I was a trusting, naïve lady that believed that all people were good and kind and honest. There were three more later in the years that tried but I was too smart by then to fall for it.

There was the Italian Virgo, the Croation Virgo, the Correction Officer Virgo. I would not date the last three, and told them why. I want to explain that the Sagittarius female is attracted to the male Virgo, but it is the male Virgo that pursues. The male Virgo starts out by being very nice. He will show up out of nowhere, be fun and exciting, normally good chemistry and good looking. The sad part is that you do not even know what is going to happen.

The male Virgo is isolated and in the beginning , you are his main focus. The first six months appear normal, yet most do not mention anything about their family, and have few close friends. They are planning and working on stripping away all your independence. They have to know where you are at all times, they start to take away your family and friends, even suggest moving, if you are going to live together. Perhaps sharing one car, to save money. They try to hide their need to control everything in your life. That need manifests later when you have become dependent on them.

Usually the dependency starts when you move in together, perhaps they do not want you to work, because they think you should serve them only. You may become pregnant, or get married. I have found when you find out something about their earlier life, there was a controlling father, either verbally abusive or physically abusive, or both. Once they know that you are dependent, hell has no fury. It is a very dangerous relationship. They will contol the money, the car, your life and if you rebel you set them off into violence. Then they cry and say how sorry they are, and they do it again. I have never found the traits in any other sign other than The Virgo Male.

My girlfriend met a Virgo male, named Robert. I warned her, she is a Sagittarius female, the second night he got upset and broke his own car windshield. She married him, moved him and even his mother into her house, he had been in trouble with the law since he was 6 years old. Years went by, and even when he went back to prison she drove the 4 hours every other weekend to give him money, and stamps and letter paper. When he got out he still was a criminal, he would beat her, her mother, the dog. I knew this girl for over 20 years, and she was consumed with him.

Finally she divorced him, but she is not done with him. I worked in a Casino, in the credit department, and every man that came in, I could spot a Virgo in 2 minutes, and I was always right. I was a victim of abuse for so many years caused by a Virgo, there is no amount of money, or attraction that will ever allow me to date a Virgo man again. If you are stuck with one good luck, I have had guns pointed at me, and worse. The only way to be safe is to not start.


sexy nerd virgo on December 16, 2011:

I think it all depends on the person.There are psychos and wackos in every sign.I am a virgo and I love beautifull leo women.There are good virgos and bad virgos.I agree virgo men are like women on the inside,men on the outside.We don`t get the intelligence,physical strength and mental strength and moral strength like men born under the other signs like leo the lion,aries the ram,gemini the twins,libra.One aries lady told me "there are men more Handsomer than you".I would love to worship her pussy,but she don`t like me.Virgo men should be born bi-sexual and be physically attracted to both sexes and see how handsome men are and how beautifull women are,then we would have the best of both worlds and wouldn`t be a pain in the ass to women.Unfortunately women are beautifull in our eyes and hearts,but their worst nightmare not their the man of their dreams.I love beautifull women born under the sign of leo the lion and would love it they cheated on me in marriage and I would still love them and take them back.Virgo men and leo women have a special connection.They can only bring out the beauty in this beast.

panie on August 10, 2011:

Virgo men are bad news stay away from them "talking from experience

lovesick on July 03, 2011:

I'm a 19 year old scorpio girl, dating a Virgo man 5 years older. He's so wonderful! We've been together for 3 months and it has been heaven for me all through. what's more - I know that he won't change because I've known him since two years as a friend - we got into the relationship just now.

All relationships can work. Stop stereotyping specific signs.

kevin on June 27, 2011:

Sorry buddy. It takes two to tango. Sure sure sure, virgo men are manipulative, all the people here say. In other places, they say scorpios and cancers are manipulative. In other places, they say geminis are manipulative. I don't know.

Walk down to the jails and create statistics and you will see what those statistics will tell you. Publish that and it will be factual.

So much whining, when all you do when you find a relationship or a marriage will not work(for whatever reason whether real or imagined) all you have to do, is walk away. So much drama and nonsense. Honestly speaking, do you people(I'd rather not use expletives) have nothing better to do in life? Don't date people born in Late July and most of September. Try not to say that and sound really dumb.

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Hopefully I am talking to adults with some sense and who can think somewhat. An adult is an adult because he admits he has some responsibility in controlling his own life.

I have had a few relationships. I have not persisted in them past a point if I was not interested. I don't even bother. You have criminals all over the place, and they are not all virgos. So stop all this nonsense crap and actually take responsibility for your decisions.

You will note I have not said a damned thing about who screwed me over and the like. The reason I don't mention them is not because I have not had tables turned on me, it's because I recognize I had a part in it, have recognized, and taken care of that part, and moved on. Perhaps you too, should do the same. Astrology or not, you are your own person and you make yourself. And yes, I am a virgo.

olderwisersaggirl on June 24, 2011:

Just coming out of a 13 yr old marriage to a virgo. Sweet, shy, treated me like a queen until the ring was on my finger. My life became a living hell of guilt trips, manipulation, isolation, and emotional abuse. Controlled money, friends, work, everything! He uses anyone and everyone to wreal his vengeance on anyone who he deems deserving: his child, brother, you name it. If I wasn't sitting to him complain about how ignorant everyone around him was, it was listening to him complain about my family, me, the kids and of course every wrong he ever did was either my fault or the other persons. It has been almost 3 years and I am just now recovery the self-esteem and confidence that I allowed him to take from me. I made stupid excuses to myself for his actions: he's young, he's trying to get ahead. If you enjoy every minute of your life determined and have no problem having someone else make all your decisions or if you no opinions or goals then virgos your man!

Aries 26 on May 22, 2011:


doubleleo on May 15, 2011:

Wow! This forum really allows Virgo men to be exposed for what they are. Capricorns defer to Virgos

and usually get kicked in the teeth for their devotion.

Cappies are really just a watered down version of Virgo.

Sexual issues, pathological lying, abusiveness are just some of the traits these two signs have in common. Virgos in particular are karmically cursed. These dark unhappy beings are ALWAYS psychic vampires that are only happy when they are draining or harming someone. I had to laugh at one comment here where someone says to be patient and gentle with Virgos! This feeds their evil and makes them so much worse. It amazes me that there are still such naïve people in the world. This person who made this comment reminds me of someone who tells an abused woman to stay with her husband and make the best of it. As for some people who think Virgos are great...

All I can say is that certain women are easy to fool or choose to live in denial. In fact I know one of these types of naïve, foolish women who just found out her husband of 30 years was having an affair with another woman for 5 years. This woman called her and spilled the beans and this stupid wife refused to believe for quite some time cheating happened. Only when the other woman provided concrete proof, would she accept the fact that she married a typical Virgo. DUPLICITOUS, each and every one.

on May 08, 2011:

I'm a Virgo man inlove with a Capricorn woman she likes everything about me but she said she doesn't feel a spark with me I'm a shy guy can anybody give me advice

tortured by virgo on May 03, 2011:

Ha ha ha lol....yah sure !!! search under a microscope n u will find a good virgo guy some day ... why ppl are writing about virgo guys only?? yah because most of them(virgos) are really really bad ..there are bad leo,cancer.gemini,sag,aqua,aries,scorp,taurus,cap guys out there but virgo guys are the worst...they will make you beg on your knees,they will blame u for every mistake they do,they will act like virgins but beware they are not virgin atall,they will try to control u like freaks,they will force u to change, they will take everything from u bit by bit,they will cry like babies,they will expect u to do things they will never do for u,they will call whenever they like to call u(very moody),they will never support u no matter whatever problem u are in instead they will ask u to support them mentally,they will make u pregnant and ask u to have a DNA test,they will analyse and critisise everything under the sun,they are never happy and never will be,,yah and they are really mamma's fall for virgo guys..btw/I am a TAURUS

susanna on May 02, 2011:

OK, everybody needs to quit. First of all, addiction problems - troubled child hoods - Yada Yada. Exactly what does being a Virgo Man have anyhing to do with these major life issues. No wonder all these posts are "Bad Virgo Men". How about unhealthy relationships period. Now about Virgo men, they absolutely CANNOT handle drama and chaos perid. Their whole life is about complete "order", espcially their minds and their emotions as they are very sensitive in nature. Secondly, they are extremely dicated to the less fortunate and have to "serve" - as in fix it, correct it, put things back to order, in their lives and those they hold dear and when they cannot live quiet tranquil lives they suffere terribly and so does everyone around them. I don't know anyone who wants to live n chaos for petes sake ! I will tell you in a healthy relationship they are very very slow to choose their perfect girl, like snails are faster! Remember they like quiet and tranquil so don't expect some huge out-loud romance. Theirs is a beautiful lasting forever you'll want for no necessities but you will not be showered with lavish gifts. What you will get is him and yes he likes solitude for not only himself but also with his special girl. You will be the most cherished girl in the world though. And the part you all wrote about no family relationships - there must be a good reason since Virgo men love their families to an extreme, almost a posessiveness. Your children will never be so loved. So you all straighten up, find a way to balance him out along with a healthy relationship in which HIS family will be safe and you may not ever where a pricess tiara - but you'kl feel like one everything single day AFTER he takes care of ALL other responsibilities first. And you women get your own clean healthy lifestyle together - he really does not want to have to WORRY about you - he only wants to provide and love and cherish you....I am a scorpio women through and through and never found anyone who stills my soul like my Virgo Man. I'm 52 and he is 60 !

POOR CRAB on April 28, 2011:

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT OTHER VIRGO MEN BUT – I started my relationship with this virgo guy(born on 10th sept) in nov 2010..Things were beautiful in the beginning but as time passed by he started to become a total jerk…very controlling..he used to call me whenever he wanted to speak..but when i called him he didn't even recv the phone and always told me that he was very busy,he only contacted whenevr he felt like..otherwise there was no communication atall. As a cancer woman I am very emotional and get hurt easily..but he never tried to understand my tender feelings..never..he was very selfish..and the most important thing is he was more physically attracted towards me not emotionally..I was a big time fool to trust him..he used me physically I gave my 100% in this relationship bt he didn't..he always wanted things on his own terms and conditions..he never ever hugged me or kissed me on my lips once (which is very strange) and never told me that baby I love u so much don't evr leave me alone..never.he was only interested in physical intimacy(va***a and b**bs)..only talked about himself and sex..and nothing else..I always felt left alone and lonely inspite of being into a relationship with him..our relationship survived only for 6 was becoming unbearable on my part..yesterday we broke up..he texted me that he is moving to another place and its the end of our relationship..its over..// I begged him not to leave me..i also told that I will not be able to live without him..but..everything is finished now..he is selfish,perv..,cold,secretive,controlling,lier,coward and no-1 escapist I have ever seen in my entire life. He blamed me for everything.But its very true that I always felt like as if I am trapped when I was with him.. LOVE-means happiness, freedom to me. But with this virgo guy I always felt the opposite..

Honesty on April 16, 2011:

Leave that punk. Walk out that door and never come back. Hopefully you have already left that pervert. What is keeping you for leaving. Leave......Leave now!!!!!

Luan on April 07, 2011:

"jerk and pervert virgo boyfriend" LOL :D Not really, poor you!

Ahm... you can... not talk to him anymore; tell honestly you hate him and please stay away; call the police.

Good luck!

:( on March 20, 2011:

Can anybdy give me some tips about how to getrid of a jerk and pervert virgo boyfriend?? I really need some help...plzz

kimberly on February 27, 2011:

I started dating a virgo man 6 months ago ( i am a virgo woman ) and the first night my alarm went off to walk away. but me being the heroic / analitical person that i am . I stayed first within 24 hours of meeting this man he over talked me. i really didn't like that, two weeks later he gave me a std, he was very private only telling me what was needed to know, keep me in the house never wanting another man to see me,(im very pretty) I lost 23 pounds in three months , he wrecked my car, had other women in it, and every time i would catch him he would lie his way out of it. anyway in the end he beat me out of close to 7,800 dollars and ran off into the sunset. me being a virgo woman very loyal i stood bye this man even giving him my own energie. he was always happy to see me crying and not eating and stressed out.this man turned into myy worst enemie overnight, he had childhood issues pertaining to abandonment issues with his mother so their for he had issues with women. this man had a red overlay over hhim, very dark soul, very loyal to his friends and family. very smart and intelliegent,he would call in the middle of the night just to make sure that i was not with anyone else ,then he would go on his little escapade ,i mean i can go on ,and on about what this virgo man did to me. I turned the tables on him and stopped crying, calling, and went on about my life, virgo men don't like to ignored or laughed at. they are very much people pleasers, they are violent, very hostile people especially out of power. if you are in a relationship with a out of power virgo man or a virgo man that has a red overlay then you need to be careful. these indiviuals are very dangerouse people. and the last thing i have to say is if tey tell you something they mean it, and what they don't tell you and you think, believe yourself also. I am now pregnant bye this pyscho!!!!!! Good luck world because virgo men are tough.Oh yeah they love to be taken care of , because all their money goes to taking care of their immediate family. their blood suckers

Honesty on January 29, 2011:

Darryl James Drummond (responding to your post 3 months ago)

Thanks, for sharing your post. Your honesty is greatly appreciated. However, my heart goes out to you and your lady.

First of all, it saddens me that you are in so much pain. How long have you been broken? Why not go get professional help? I hope you are not drinking and during drugs to mask the pain. Life is wonderful and you are missing out, with all of this nonsense.

Secondly, you have been bless with two wives. Its unfortunate that your marriage didn't work out. But, you need to work on your self. You have serious issues and you have to get yourself together.

Snice, you have some confuse young lady in your life that has low self esteem, missing the love of a father, a mother who don't care enough about her, and who obiviously don't care about herself you should not take advantage of her. Her parents failed her in life and you are failing her too. Yes, you did try to send her back home to her mother's house but you let her come back, proablly because at your age you did not want to be by yourself.

Finally, deal with your insecurity, and send this young lady to school and let her make something of her life or send her back home to her mom so, she can fix her own brokeness. You are not going to married her so be honest with her and tell her.

I can go on and on but, you are going to do you, so it is what it is. Oh, how do you feel about being a father.

T on January 15, 2011:

Remember, ladies , we make our husbands. Womans art is gentle persuasion. I m with a wonderful man Virgo and while we ve had our issues, things are great! I m a Gemini - June 1st, he s sep 12 , and all you gotta do is not take their outbursts seriously and not add oil to fire. They calm down and realize that fighting is not the way to go. If, on the other hand, you start barking back and being criticizing, they get unlimitedly mad!!! Just tuck it in, try to avoid arguments, and you got yourself THE BEST HUSBAND in the world, loving, caring, stable, and the very best lover who would fulfill all your dreams, emotionally, sexually, and all othe ways!!

Good luck!

Virgo-Love on December 26, 2010:

Ive been dating a Virgo guy for a few months now.....and hez incredible.....hez nothing like the generalizations above...hez very loving and kind, and caring......and honest....not abusive or anything like that....everyone has relationship problems.....and we do too..... it doesn't land on one specific sign......with every sign you'll encounter conflict......some more than others.........not every virgo guy is the same either......mine is very muc different and i love him more than anything.....hez made me more happy than ive ever been in my life......>GOD BLESS

chata on December 26, 2010:

ok I was messing wit a virgo started out. Nice charming then he showed me he was a stalker he said he was crazy over me... he always tried to threateme ..bad virgo men

aquariouslady on December 23, 2010:

I recently dated a virgo man and the first 4 months it was heaven. He was so attentive and thoughtful. Extremely affectionate and caring. But 5 months into it I learned that he lied to me about somethings going on in his life. He became very verbally abusive throwing temper tantrums and then would apologize the next day. Every attempt I would make to break up with him he would literally start crying and begging me to stay. I finally had enough after being put down and yelled at for 2 hours. He seemed to be jealous of my independence and accomplishments. He would say things about him not being on my level and not having the money I had. I did everything I could to show my love. I supported him emotionally. I motivated him. When we met he lied and told me he had his own business and later I learned he did not have a job and was selling drugs instead. I was furious that he lied to me and hid his real lifestyle. I threatened to leave and he promised to stop his illegal behavior which he did. But he became angry and distant. He stopped coming around me and would only want to talk on the phone. It hurt me so much because I loved him and I only wanted to spend time. But he didn't seem to care and would only continue to avoid me. He seemed content not seeing me. But would cop and attitude if I didn't call and check in. I finally grew tired and after being insulted and yelled at for expressing my feelings. I decided enough is enough. I changed my number and blocked his calls to my cell phone. He is still finding ways to contact me despite my efforts to avoid him. I don't know if this is a Virgo thing. But his behavior sure matches what has been expressed.

ang on November 22, 2010:

I t really is a trait of a Virgo to control their environment. I have been with a virgo man and I am a cancer for 20 yrs. I am still trying to find an escape from under his dark cloud.

LeoVirgo Man on November 19, 2010:

This is ironic considering every other website will tell you that Virgos are the most loyal and loving creatures on this planet and fall victim to power games... It would seem to me that the entire astrology world is a walking contradiction. I have a Sagittarius Girlfriend with a Moon in Libra Asc. Aquarius, who I love with a passion that is beyond words. I am a Virgo Man with a Moon in Leo Asc. Sagittarius and it seems to work quite well. I was also born on the 26th so some would consider me to be a Leo Virgo Cusp, which may make me different. I have been abused in the past, I have taken a lot of drugs. I am 18 years old, and yes this is my first serious relationship. I fell deeply for her the moment I met her. We have had our serious struggles, and in the moment, I have lost my temper once or twice and I have accused her of being interested in other boys out of insecurity. She broke up with me at the end of last summer when I was almost late for my job and would've lost it presumably. She was so pissed at me and being very verbally abusive, at the same time she was almost sobbing. I was being very insensitive and guarded because even though I was grateful she was doing something so incredibly kind for me I hated the way she was speaking to me. Needless to say a few days went by when she didn't respond to my calls or texts, followed by a heartbreaking letter saying it was over. I had to make things right. I went to her school and gave her paintings and poetry I'd written for her. It took us a while to get back on track but we've been dating about 3 months now since then, 10 total. Things have been great, but I'm wondering what you mean by controlling. She wants to move out and move in with me someday. She wants to have children with me. But at the same time she hasn't been hanging out with her friends at all, and whenever she introduces me to new friends of hers she claims that I "ruin" them by making some sort of comment in passing, but I would never even dream of being with anyone else, and I would hate to think I'm the cause for her isolation or depression, in all honesty I would rather just move on and never see her again than be her beast of burden and that's the truth, even though the thought of never seeing her again makes me want to scream so loud the entire earth would crumble.

I do get inquisitive when she hangs out with other guys without me there or knowing, but it's not a control thing, it's just I like to be in the know as well as be protective. If anyone were to make an advance on my girl I'd snap. I love her with the burning intensity of the sun, and I'd move heaven and earth just to see her dreams realized. . You might think this is just talk but it's not. We Virgos are not liars, we just tend to get overwhelmed. I will admit, last night I told my girlfriend that I lost my job, once she asked. She went to NYC today for the weekend, and I decided to not tell her beforehand (lost my job on monday, today is friday) because I didn't want that putting a damper on her entire trip. She very directly asked me if I lost my job and I said "nooo..." with a hint of sarcasm, then seconds later looked her in the eyes and responded "yes." I don't know why. It just spilled out of my mouth, but the important thing is I made things right. She still felt like I was lying, because she apparently doesn't do things like that. I don't want to be known as a liar, and I realize it doesn't get anyone anywhere, or reflect positively on my image but people do make mistakes. As long as someone can own up to their mistakes though when confronted it shouldn't matter right? I think the most common curse of the Virgo is being misunderstood, especially by the people they love. I get comfortable with people, and then they push me away because they think that I'm a negative influence or stupid or not what they expected. I on the other hand just feel like we've gotten to the point where our love for each other is unconditional. I don't know if this is where I'm headed with her, but I just want to clear the air a little bit for Virgos.

Furthermore I'd like to say that these Zodiac Signs only go so far. Psychology is much more telling if you want my honest opinion. You can be a practical, analytical, perfectionist, but at the end of the day you're not going to be a very good accountant if you have a mental disability or have developed a knack for smoking crack cocaine. These problems you talk about are very human, and I think any zodiac sign can apply to anyone in some way. In love we all seek answers, and lots of us will look anywhere to find them, even the stars. Ultimately it is up to us to know exactly what we want out of life. If you want a Virgo man to stop controlling you, tell him he needs to stop controlling you! Or better yet, don't let him control you! If anything my girlfriend controls me! And I bet if you asked her she might tell you it's the other way around, and even then this is only a general statement and not telling of our true natures. I wouldn't change anything in my life, and for people on this site to say that my lover and I never should've dated is simply absurd to me. It means more to me than you will ever know, just to know that I have shared a warm love that has literally SAVED MY LIFE. The transformation in both of us has left me awestruck, and if all I have to do to show my gratitude is give her space every once in a while well then so be it. I love my sagittarius woman (although I claim no ownership to her, only devotion) and nothing you can say or do will take that away from me.

P.S. for those of you who look to horoscopes for relationship advice or personality assessment, as I said Psychology works best. What I've also found helps is Celtic Astrology, I Ching & even some Numerology. Much more positive, and never have I ever heard of two people who simply "could not be together". Anyone who's truly been in love realizes that you don't choose your lover, love chooses you.

freedom on November 03, 2010:

warning do not date virgo men. when i became pregnant, he and everything changed. he began to treat my son very bad. verbal and mental abuse to my 2yr old. He flirted with other women to make me jealous. he began to take unknown trips out of town for days to weeks at a time. monthly. he started to become verbally abusive and now it has changed to physical abuse. he is very secretive and will be indenial forever. if he will lie to his mother he will lie to you. i tryed to leave him many times but he would cry and act like casanova just for my forgiveness and i was pregnant. i had our son and the problems became worse. i am scared and i don't know how to make him go away. he stalks me. he watches me in the night. he follows me to the store. he has kicked in my door, broke my phones, destroyed my home. destroyed my independence, my security. i supported him financially and emotionally. he never bought our newborn anything and to this day he has nothing. no house no car no job. in the begin he pretended to be what you wanted him to be, just to gain access to your life. i have never met someone so charming but so cold. in a way im fearing for my life because he fears nothing or no one. if he cant have what he wants he will do anything to get it. you cant say that its just young virgo men doing this because im dealing with a 30yr old virgo man. please stay away, for these men are demons walking the earth who prey on innocent women.

Lucian on October 27, 2010:

Darryl James Drummond - It's just irony, right? :P

Thanks god karma does really exist.

Those men are a shame to my sign... what a shame, what more can I say...

Darryl James Drummond on October 16, 2010:

I am a male virgo ant what that top post said is true. I am controlling and abusive. I am 48 dating a 20 year old. I started dating her at 18. Her mom was cool with it. She now lives with me and has just had my baby. Of cours, I control and rule everything. I am training her just the way I want her to be. She worked at Wall Mart before I made her quite. I am broke as hell and she still wants to be with me. I have sent her home to her mom but she wanted to come back. Now, she is my slave and the mother to my first child at my age of 48. Yes, I do have a criminal pass. I am still a criminal and told her about my pass. I am sweet and charming in the beginning and hell after a while. I have been married twice and now she wants me to marry her. I am a hell raiser so beware.

Virguy on October 10, 2010:

Virgo men need strong Aries or Taurus women to tame and "lead" them, that's the truth.

I love, admire Aries women. They're so HOT, independent, strong and uncomplicated... and at the same time very sweet, truthful, caring. Also extremely smart and funny :)

We don't like too feminine or passive women, hm... we like straightforward, honest and aggressive women, and we really enjoy being chased a little and when the female makes the first move. Aries women enjoy all of that as well, so it's a win-win game.

I'm in a relationship with my Aries lady for 9 year now, and it's getting better everyday! I don't control her, she doesn't control me - but she does take the lead sometimes, what I appreciate because then I won't commit any mistakes and she'll get what she wants right away just like they seek ;)

She likes her "alone time" and respects mine, and vice versa. We trust and support each other, and she brings lots of spontaneity, cheerfulness and optimism to my life, I've never been more in love and fulfilled like this before.

I'm also faithful, respectful and laid back, never violent or anything like that... there are good Virgo males out there, I promise.

pedro on August 03, 2010:

sorry, I'm virgo and man but that doesn't matter. how could you judge someone by his sign ? I'm sure there are terrible people from all signs including sag. your experiences are not the ultimate truth. You should look more to yourself and find out with you bring such horrible people in your life and not blame a star sign. don't forget, whoever is in your life is your choice.

So, tell me, if you get robbed 3 times in your life and all of them were by black people, so black people MUST rob ? how do you call that ?

I call it prejudice.

JTW on July 31, 2010:

Amen to Ayu! Or how self absorbed Leo men are.

Youngvirgo on July 21, 2010:

Lol lady you sound like you have a terrible taste in men and are blaming the Burgos rather than taking responsibility for your mistakes.

Lanie on July 02, 2010:

I've dated a few Virgo men and they were great. I married a Capricorn man and he had serious mental health, control issues, and addictions. It was an awful time for me. I also had a Gemini man who emotionally abused me before I married my ex-husband. There are wackos out there from every sign, not just Virgos. I think this is very unfair to generalize just by sign.

ayu on June 27, 2010:

i think your post is a little bit too harsh.

how about doing a write up on how much of a liar piscean men are? i could deal with that definitely.

24th August on June 22, 2010:

We virgos work very logically, so I'm sure if you tell your virgo man how you are feeling, he'll make an effort to give you more space.

I'm only 21 years old, and have never had a girlfriend, but I believe that any two signs can get along if the actions come from love, and not from the ego.

(But I admit, I try to avoid gemini and aquarius girls, as all my gemini and aquarius friends are people who always have s*x without even having feelings for the other person... I'm not saying this is wrong, but it's just not what I want it to be like for me.)