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Dating Mistakes Women and Girls Do in a Relationship

Dating Mistakes

Dating Mistakes

Dating Mistakes Women and Girls Do in a Relationship

In this modern time, it is becoming common to hear a trending news that a certain girl has committed suicide because her boyfriend ended her relationship, but what really went wrong for two of them to break up, remains the question which most of us do not have an immediate answer. In each and every relationship, there are some dating mistakes which each partner could make leading to relationship failures, which forces two of you to resort to breaking up.

This article will uncover some dating mistakes which most of the girls and women in relationships do, which contribute to breakups. To keep your relationship smooth and going, make sure you avoid some of these dating mistakes which doesn't strengthen your relationship once you do not keep yourself at a distance with them.

5 Dating Mistakes Which Girls and Women Make in Relationships

The following are some of the common dating mistakes which a few girls and women do everyday, which contribute to breakups.

1. Over expectations

In most relationships, the majority of girls and women tends to set goals higher than what their relationship could offer. In most cases, girls and women expect their boyfriends to be doing exactly what a boyfriend could be expected to be doing. Just to mention a few, some women would expect if their boyfriend is employed to be responsible in covering 90% of their bills, which ranges from paying rent to foods. In this case, when a boyfriend does, anything to the contrary, not exactly what they wanted, then they lose hope and focus, and this makes a few some to develop rude behaviours which forces their relationship to ends.

2. Impatience

In most relationships girls and women tend to lose patience which disturbs their relationship. This becomes common when their boyfriends are acting slow, not to their expectations. An example, could be a girl whose boyfriend is taking it slow to meet her parents yet she expect her boyfriend to pay a visit to her parents as soon as possible and this makes a girl to lose hope and trust leading to relationship break ups.

Some women and girls do not take it slow when their boyfriend is doing well as they want everything to be done faster than it would and this could include getting married publicly, building a home and bearing children, be done within shorted period of time, just because their boyfriend is doing well in his life and this impatience, brings relationship problems which could lead to breakup.

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Some women do not hold patience when their boyfriends are not doing well in their lives, not knowing that things could change anytime and this impatience may result in the breakup.

3. Seeking external advices

Some girls in relationships tend to seek external advices from their friends, which put their relationships at risk. In most cases, the women would tell their friends, their relationship issues, seeking for help or on things their boyfriends are doing without first discussing with their boyfriend to resolve it secretly. In most cases, the external advices which these women or girls get do not yield positive results as some could worsen their relationships. In some cases, when their boyfriends learn that their girlfriends are seeking external advices, they lose trust and could breakup easily.

4. Stubborn

Some women are born stubborn. In relationships usually it is expected for a man to be the leader or to play most of the relationship roles when it comes to making different relationship decisions. Even though this is the case, it's become surprising that some women even if their boyfriends stop them to do certain things like strange trips or night clubs which could put their relationship at risk, some only give little attention.

Some women do not listen to any advice their boyfriends could give. Or anything their boyfriends can suggest for them to do as they do not want to be seen inferior. This brings relationship problems, which could lead to breakups.

5. Cheating

Some women do not feel satisfied and appreciate their boyfriend which God has given them, instead they choose to start secret affairs on top of their existing boyfriends. Some girls develop some strange behaviours as they could not hold only their boyfriend, but they need someone too, who should be supporting them in terms of finance and they call him a blesser. Who in most cases, tends to be older than their current age could hold. Whenever their boyfriends find out that their partners are cheating, they breakup.

In conclusion, this article has uncovered 5 dating mistakes, which are common in different relationships, which contributes to relationship break ups, among others, the article has uncover that cheating, stubbornness and impatience, are some of the common mistakes which majority of girls do in their relationships, which contributes to relationship failures.

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