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Dating An Older Man

Natasha Tsarina is a mature woman who has been around for a while. She is a freelance writer and erotica author.



Dating An Older Man

It’s ok to be in love with an older man. Older men are exciting, often educated, experienced in life, and might have traveled. Older men are charming and caring, and they often take care of you. But, there are a few things you need to think about.

How old are you?

If you are not 18 or above, dating an older man is a very bad idea, you will get him into trouble, and you can also get into trouble with your parents. It’s better to wait until you are old enough than take risks.

Are your parents ok with you dating older men?

If you still live at home, many times your parents might still be opinionated on what you do, where you go and in this case who you date. They might not have the right to do it if you are an adult, but they are still your parents and wants the best for you. If you don’t like to hear them talking and give opinions on your dating life, then I suggest you move out. If you can’t afford to live alone, you can find a roommate or just rent a private room.

Your friends.

Friends can be a blessing but also a curse, and one of those times are when you are dating an older man. They might not like him or trust him. They will tell you this, and some will even tell him to leave you alone. Don’t be too hard on them, your friends care about you and want what is best for you at all times. What you need to do is to tell them that you like this man and that you want to date him and please, do not meddle in your love life.

What to expect from an older man?

Older men often but not always prefer a more laid-back lifestyle. They might take long walks, play golf or tennis. They enjoy reading, or they might hunt. The majority of them do not go clubbing on the weekend, so if that is important to you, then you should find a man who is more around your age. The good thing about dating older men is that you might be introduced to new and exciting hobbies, like wine tasting, travel, or other similar things you never had thought about.

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Sex with older men.

This is a very touchy subject. Many people think that older men only date younger women for sex. This is not true, far from it. In my personal experience, they like to be around young people to live off their energy. Now, an older man will have more sexual experience than a young woman, but this is a good thing. He will teach you new and exciting ways to make love. He will be tender with you, he would like to cuddle before and after. Furthermore, he will make sure you enjoy what you do and seldom think about his pleasure. He will appreciate your body, the way you smell, the way you breathe and giggle in bed. One final important point. If you are a virgin, let him know. If you want to keep your virginity until you get married, that’s fine, but be honest about it. In today’s world, men sometimes do not believe a woman under 30 can be a virgin and might think it’s suspicious.

How to meet older men?

There are several apps you can you. In the settings, chose men with an age that interests you. If they make contact, be nice, be serious, and don’t flirt if you don’t like him. Be honest from the start. If you feel that this man isn’t for you, let him know so you both can move on.

You might belong to a club or do a sport where there are older men. This is a great natural way to be around them and see how it feels. You already have something in common, so it’s easy to strike up a conversation.

Your parents might move in circles that have older men in them. This is a good way to meet them, but there is the issue of your parents being around. An older man, even if he likes you and finds you attractive, might not approach you if your parents are around. There is still a stigma about being older and looking for younger women.


It’s perfectly fine to meet and date older men, and if you are lucky and find the right one, it will change your life. They will add so much more to your relationship than any guy your age could do. The sex will be amazing, and you will grow as a woman. If you don’t want to form a serious relationship and want to date several men at the same time, let him know.


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