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Daily Affirmations for Women

Positive Affirmations for Women

Affirmations for Women

Affirmations for Women

Open the door to change by accepting daily affirmations and watch them change your life.

“I am deeply fulfilled by my life”

“I am free.”

“I am worthy of love and respect.”

Daily Affirmations for Women are strong statements of Truth.

Women are too busy playing the role of a daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother or grandmother. In every way they are always trying to enrich the lives of people around them. Also women being emotional creatures equally want the same amount of attention if not more from the people they choose to nurture and care for.

But the case is usually the opposite; everyone is either busy getting along with their lives or simply trying to cope with the situations being thrown at them by the World. Which brings us back to feelings of loneliness or ungratefulness being felt by women globally, in every sector, every country, every city or village around the world.

To tackle these situations, you either find a woman trying to do more than what is required at home or for family or making a turn around and becoming so self-involved that they do not care about the home and family any more, which invariably leads to interference in everyone’s lives along with stress and disharmony, leading to divorces and relationships turning sour.

Example Affirmation for Women


Women need self-assurances all the time.

“Am I looking good?

“Has the dinner turned out well?”

“Am I a good mother?”

We women need to understand that it is not possible for everyone to keep making us feeling good all the time by giving us love and attention. If we want love and attention, we will have to start loving and respecting ourselves first.

Work on self-confidence not over confidence. Being self-confidence makes you more attractive. A person who knows and respects herself does not feel jealous, when her husband or boyfriend interacts with other women. A confident mother finds it easy to manage the home and family. A confident woman is capable to making to the top level in her career. To achieve all this you do not need assurances from others. You need self-affirmations for yourself.

A Affirmation for Every Woman

Daily positive affirmations are solid declarations of fact that has been achieved or needs to be achieved by a woman to control her fate and welcome happy and positive beliefs in our lives. These are a great self-help measure to assist personal growth and make your desires come true. Once you know and feel good about yourself, there will be no need for continuous assurances from anyone.

The best way to start is with the most simple affirmations such as: "I can do", "I will change from... to...", I am capable". Every daily affirmation should be changed to suit you personally.

There are some small things to keep in mind when you use daily affirmations. The daily affirmations should be:

  • Short: a specific daily affirmation quote or phrase to help you with your specific requirement is always effective.
  • To the point: You need to keep the end result in mind while repeating your daily affirmation.
  • Positive: Try to make the daily affirmation as positive and inspiring as possible.
  • Realistic: It is very important to choose realistic affirmations for daily use.

These are very simple points and easy to remember. Always remember, A daily affirmation for a women has to come from inside you. It need not be something elaborate, but something that has the Truth is the most basic of daily affirmations.

The ultimate key here is your daily affirmations need to be regular and repeated or read each and every day. Make it easy for yourself. Take printouts or daily affirmations for women or write it on post-it’s and stick it in places you are always around, on the mirror, Kitchen cabinets, living room tabletops. Let them sink in until they become your reality.

Women are the strong support systems on which rest the world. So Take care, Think big and give yourself a go-ahead to shine. No one else can do that for you!

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