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Does a Person's Body Count Matter in a Relationship

One reason I have decided to write on this topic of "body count" is because I see so many people put so much concern on this topic.



When talk about body count, it simply means the number of people you've had sex with. No matter the type of relationship you've had, body count only depends on how many people you've had sex with based on penetration.

This issue of body count has therefore brought up this question of concern to people. "why do people care about body count?" There are some reasons as to why some people care about body count. It could be for the sake of comparison. In this scenario, someone would want to know another person's body count so that they could evaluate themselves as to whether they're high in number or not. Some people do these so they can judge that person. In some cases also, it could be as a result of one's selfish reasons, thereby making them look hypocritic.


Does body count matter, YES or NO?

Does body count matter, YES or NO?

Whatever your answer to this question may be, it is okay. Because at the end of the day you are prompted to do what you're agreeable to. That is why I would say this, look for someone who shares the same standard as you when going into a relationship. Don't try to ever make another person feel stupid for their choices.

Now look, if you say body count matters a lot to you, fine. But I think it is hypocritical of you to condemn someone who has 5 body counts, while you actually have 9 body counts. Don't judge people on the same thing you're found guilty of.

Now I'm going to be speaking from the two categories of people response on this, the YES answer and the NO answer.


Here are some reasons why body count matters to people in a relationship.

1. It is a way people checks out for the degree of loyalty in their partner. They feel that those with high body count has higher tendency to cheating. This now brings up the problem of lack of trust. They would find it so difficult to trust someone with high body count. They tend to see such person as one who loves sleeping around.

2. Some people prefer those with high body count because they feel that those set of people has more experience when it comes to having sex. They want a partner who knows how to make love in the right way, therefore they care to know about your body count.

3. They are concerned about their sexual health. They don't want a partner who sleeps around and would now end up contracting STDS from them. They feel it's just safer to be with some with low body count. That way they could be safe from the worries of contracting STDS.

4. The thought of bumping into or having to get in touch with one of your sex buddies or ex.

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Here are reasons why body count does not matter at all.

1. The fact someone has high body count does not mean they can't be a changed person. It is very possible for someone to become a better version of themselves, even if they have high body count.

2. If you care so much about body count, you may end up judging someone wrongly.

3. You may end up losing that nice partner you've got.

4. It doesn't actually determines one's ability. A man or woman having high body count, doesn't mean they can't actually be responsible fathers or mothers. That was why I said earlier that people can change.

5. Instead of looking out for someone's body count, it's more advisable you look out for a partner you can find happiness with.

6. It's only when someone has self control that they can decide whether to be faithful or not. Therefore, some people would definitely say as long as they have self control and they respect me as their partner, then body count is unnecessary.

PS: I have seen in some situations that those with low body count might feel the need to explore more. While those with high body count might just be like, there is actually nothing so fun there. This is just what I have heard from someone people.

Body count is a very personal thing. It might matter to you and not to others. Just as a woman's body count maybe important, a man's body count is also important.

But why do you even care about body count when the reality of thing is that in most sceneroes, no one is willing to tell the truth probably because of judgement or some other reasons best known to them.

Some people don't even know when to call a body count high or low. Therefore they always feel like "what is a large number?"



Instead of caring about someone else's body count, care about this if all you want is someone you can be happy with.

1. Before going into a new relationship, go for medical check-ups to be sure that these person is free from STDS. Thereby protecting yourself.

2. Go into a relationship with someone you find genuine happiness with. Because, one most important aspect of relationship is that you find companion with them.

3. Look out for someone who is loyal to you. If you have a loyal partner, then body count shouldn't matter. Also, the fact that someone has low body count does not actually guarantee the person can't cheat on you.

4. Look out for how that person's body count has affected their present nature. Does it have a positive or negative impact on them?

I don't think that body count matters, rather it's just safety that matters here. So, try to be safe out there when going into a relationship.

But nevertheless, your opinion on this is still all that matter. Whatever your opinion is, STAY SAFE.

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