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Cynical Friends

There is nothing worse in life than having a Cynical friend. A Cynical friend is the friend who always brings you down.

Say you meet a guy and you are just seeing where things go. Maybe an ex came back into your life and you are not sure that you want to give him another chance. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with living in the moment and having fun until you meet someone special. A friend who is negative will keep reminding you how much he hurt you or make you see why you should not be talking to him.

Your friend may be telling you that they care. Of course you believe it because that person is your friend. You may start to wonder if your friend is really trying to protect you or if they are trying to hurt you.

It is true that if someone did something to you once most likely they will do it again. It is also hard for a player to change. If a guy cheated on all of his girlfriends in the past, most likely sooner or later you will get your heartbroken also.

A true friend has your best interest at heart and will warn you once. If they keep meddling in your life than they are only trying to bring you down. It hurts to be reminded every time you are with an ex what they did to you. It may not be that they are trying to protect you but that they are trying to run what happened in your face.

It could also be that they are going through things and do not see you happy. Maybe they are going through a rough patch in their relationships. They make your situation seem worse because they are not happy.

It could also be that they start trouble. Hating someone is not a good feeling. In fact it is a very strong word. If a friend keeps reminding of what someone did to you and tells you not to speak to that person then they are trying to cause trouble. They want you to be mad at that person and fight with him or her.

In life sometimes you just have to go with the flow. That is how you will be happy. You just have to be relaxed and know that everything will be okay. Know that you will be okay with whatever happens. If a friend gets involved and makes you nervous they are not a friend.

A cynical friend is a friend who brings you anxiety. You are worried and jumping to conclusions and they make you believe all fears. Instead of filling your heart with hope they keep giving you more information to be worried. They make you feel as if your situation is not going to be okay. They do not encourage you to meet people. They keep adding to your misery. They do not want to see you happy.

If you tell a friend something good and they look sad, it could be that they are not happy for you. A true friend will want to see you happy and want to see good things happen to you.

Good friends want to see you in good situations. If a friend puts you in a situation where you can get hurt, that friend is not a good friend. The best thing to do is to know that that friend is wrong for you and move on.

If your friend is always bringing you bad news than that friend is toxic. Move on from that friend. Of course your friends warn you but when they bring you more bad news than good news that is never a good sign.

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Cynical friends try to control you. They do not respect your decisions. They will do whatever they can to make you go on their side. No matter how happy you are they always find a way to turn your smile upside down.

If you have a friend like that the best thing to do is end it. The friend that you are with are only trying to bring you down. You deserve to be with people who want to see you happy.



Jennifer Panaro (author) from Eastchester on December 29, 2014:

I agree but friends should not keep rubbing it in their friends face of their past hurts and make them feel worse. If a girl liked a guy but the guy rejected her her friend should not bring it up years later. I agreed to be friends with my ex and I knew he was not for me but I did not want to be enemies. My friend warned me but she did not warn me once. She kept reminding me every time she saw me and when she saw me smiling she rubbed it in my face more. She brought up when I faced unrequited love. That is not a friend. A friend will tell you how she feels but she will let you make ur decision

lyndapringle on December 15, 2014:

I agree more with your last paragraphs about cynical friends turning toxic. A nagging friend who does her very best to remove you from a bad situation is not a nasty cynic, but a caring person who does not want to see you hurt. For example, a good friend would not remain silent as she sees her other beloved friend returning time and time again to an abusive or cheating boyfriend. A friend with principles is also not going to fake being nice to the person who hurts those she cares about. A good friend does her best to prevent you from making hurtful mistakes that could haunt you for the rest of your life. I once dated a cheater for 5 years and I became frustrated at my friends who tried to convince me to end the relationship. I convinced myself that my boyfriend would change, stop cheating and commit to me. My friends knew better and were good shoulders to cry on when he eventually left me for another woman he married within a year. So-when a friends seems overbearing when she sees you repeatedly making the same mistakes or knows you are being disrespected, don't be angry at her. Just remember that she loves you and wants the best for you. Treat her kindly and listen to her advice even if you are not ready to take it.

Now I agree with your last paragraphs. A good friend tries to prevent you from being hurt by others or by poor choices. A toxic friend needs you for her own control issues and, the more miserable she can make you, the more reliant you are on her. Toxic friends will tell you the gossip that everyone in the office is saying about you. Toxic friends will discourage you from going out with other friends if she is not included. Toxic friends will provide destructive criticisms about your talents and smarts. Their purpose is to isolate you from others, to make you feel that, only they, know the ugly truth about you but love you nonetheless. If they can isolate you from others, then they can more easily control you for whatever purposes.

However, it is important to distinguish between a friend who sees you making a mistake and does her best to stop it and whose goal is to see you not be hurt and the toxic friend who tells you all the gossip and makes you believe that, but for her, you'd have no friends and who needlessly criticizes you.

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