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31 Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

How to text cute to a guy

How to text cute to a guy

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

A nice boyfriend deserves a lot of romantic texts from a loyal girlfriend and in response nice guys also text lovely things with respect and kind nature of the caring heart to make you feel good about yourself in which you deserve. If perhaps the nice guy brings home the trophy, you will be expecting a call or good morning text as usual for you to wake up to and smile as if nothing was ever taken for granted. I honestly believe in putting everything out on the table first hand and let the true colors shine and if it doesn't work for a certain someone than so be it. Yes, rejection hurts in so many ways and that's why the wrong guys tend to find their way around those odds by putting on an act. Mostly once they get what they want. They'll get comfortable and things will fall apart. That's when the nice guys that may be reading this, tend to shake our heads at those who fail and at the girl for sadly falling for his tricks.

  1. Maybe I’m not the best relationship partner ever but I can make a love that last forever.
  2. I'm envious of your mirror that gets to see you every morning.
  3. All these words in my text messages for you are too little to convey my love feelings for you.
  4. Thank you for loving me for who I am. We may be far away from each other now but I know we can be together again soon.
  5. I'll wait for you. Let's enjoy this day and make it memorable. I really love you so much!
  6. I know we had a lot of misunderstandings in so many things but still we find loving each other at the end of the day. I will always love you
  7. Every time I planning to text you make me smile.
  8. You must acknowledge that my heart is always meant for you all the time, no distance is too far, no time is too long.
  9. Whenever you are with me, I never wanted that day to ever end.
  10. I'm sorry I act so dumb sometimes, I don't do it on purpose I just don't want to lose you so I'm trying harder if I have to improve then I will for you.
  11. I don't know the meaning of quit I'm fully commit to you my love.
  12. Sometimes, a smiley text from you is worth more than a hundred words text message.
  13. I could never find myself another one that loves me just the way you love me. You are the only one who drives me so crazy.
  14. I thought we were friends but I've been wrong before.
  15. I am looking for another special day with a guy that will always be in my heart.
  16. Doesn't this sunny day inspire you a soothing date? Let me inspire you with a warm company.
  17. I know I don't say it as much but I should say I really love you and everything about you is not just about your looks but your brain and determination too.
  18. I love this rain and the only thing is you're not here, I miss you sweetheart.
  19. Sometimes my texts make no sense, sorry love not supposed to make sense.
  20. Being love by another person is truly a blessing and I'm one of them.
  21. Being faithful with you is easy, I do it everyday and it's too easy.
  22. I should stop comparing you to the other guys and start comparing you to the rose flower because you are so attractive in all the ways.
  23. I hate when I cause a problem for you and I don't know how it started I don't know what I did.
  24. You are my secret dream that comes true.
  25. Texting to you is now become a part of my life. Without it, I'm half and empty.
  26. I may be not that big and I'm not that fast but I promise to you that every time you fall I will always going to be there to catch you.
  27. You are my first and last option in this world.
  28. I am not scared to tell everyone that I put you first than anything and when I tell you I would do anything for you.
  29. I love you more than my ex boyfriend.
  30. My dear sweet awesome man you are the best part of my day and I love you so much.
  31. I want to confess, I can't keep my heart off of you even when you are not around me.

We often feel connected with souls outside our family, inexplicably. The reason can vary and one of the strongest reasons is past life interaction or same soul group. This feeling of connection when not understood can make us feel uncomfortable, drained or simply over attached to the other person. Often people mistake this to be of romantic nature which may not be true. Sometimes you may meet your ex boyfriend from your past life and get attached which your mind perceives to be a love connection. It's very important to be balanced because wrong interpretation of these connections can lead to imbalance and incomplete in karma with these souls.


Miss Doll on April 07, 2014:

I believe you cannot win your boyfriend with corny lines, but these are the best examples to attract your guy in a clean way, thank you for this supportive article.

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