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Cute Nicknames For Guys/Girls

Choose a cute nicknames to call your boyfriend

Choose a cute nicknames to call your boyfriend

Cute Nicknames For Your Loved Ones

A recent study showed that the most romantic couples always use unique and somewhat cute nicknames or pet names to call each other. Researchers also believe that calling your beloved one with such a lovely nickname create love emotions in your boyfriend or girlfriend and it is also the best way to show your strong sensation toward your other half. Happiness and contentment start on the inside, if we are not happy with ourselves, we will not be happy with anyone else. It doesn't matter how great our girl friends, boyfriend, friends and lovers one are. When we feel bad about ourselves, that inner image spill over into everything we do. Unhappy people, who are dissatisfied with themselves, find it difficult to rejoice with those who obtain happiness and success. If you don't respect your boyfriend or girlfriend now then you would never respect your partner even though you got married to him/her. Now it’s your time to figure out and find the best way to be the best you!

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Romeo: if your guy is full of romance.

Hero: if can’t live without love dialogues.

Smarty: if your boyfriend has a versatile personality.

Mr. Perfect: if he always in a surprising mood.

Honey: if he always talks about love and you.

Muffin: if your boyfriend never complains about anything.

Hunk: if he is so cute and caring.

Unique names for him!

  • Dreamy Eyes
  • Pulse Observer
  • Sizzle Smiles
  • Kissy Mastermind
  • Charming Dork
  • Smarty Commander
  • My Hunter
  • Commando
  • Chief Hulk
  • Super Ginger
  • Great Wave
  • Mango Man
  • Hunky Cuddles
  • Master Bandit
  • Dream Bear
  • Dreamy Gangster
  • Naughty Stand
  • Tasty Dominator
  • Charming Punk
  • Dino Dad
  • Fearless Pooh
  • Black Sky
  • Tiger Magician
  • Happy Killer
  • Speedy Eagle
  • Slick Perfect
  • Sir Crush
  • Overall One
  • Sugar Overload
  • Demon Silk
  • Black Pepper
  • Brown Owl
  • Funny Funky
  • Dangerous Danny
  • Daring Don
  • Dashing Fool
  • Robotic Man
  • Man Made
  • Wax Eyes
  • Watery Mellow
  • Mister Marble
  • My Match
  • My Mesh
  • Mute Mutant
  • Military Max
  • Mad Max
  • Minor Cloud
  • Freaky Foam
  • Icy Shake
  • Mango Man
  • Melon Guy
  • Spanish Fly
  • Mexican Mole
  • Russian Rat
  • British Bat
  • German Gear
  • Rocky Band
  • Banned Mice
  • Lice Hunter
  • Hero of Hearts
  • Charm of Prince
  • Prince of New York
  • Washington West
  • Californian Cop
  • Mexican Max
  • Michigun Mechanic
  • London Lord
  • Paris Pack
  • Rome Rider
  • Rough Rockstar
  • Lovely Rascal
  • Don of Dawn
  • Dirty Dancer
  • Dirty Don
  • Dirty Disco
  • Dashing and Dare
  • Falcon Flier
  • Sky Hunter
  • Ballistic Guy
  • Newton Theory
  • Newton in Law
  • President of Hearts
  • Love Collector
  • Cheesy Charm
  • Icy Ball

Funny Pet Names for Guys

  • Candy Cane
  • Hot Glue
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Blue Ornament
  • Wonderful Star
  • Flame Rose
  • Bubble Mate
  • Feta Crumble
  • My Goal
  • Flip Flop
  • Legendry Pearl
  • Diamond Heart
  • Graceful Spin
  • Lazy Tune
  • Clever Soul
  • Butter Bite
  • Creamy Touch
  • Little White
  • French Rose
  • Navy Petal
  • Zigzag
  • Last Fairy
  • Mirror Fiver
  • Nutella Cupcake
  • Mild Lock
  • Slow Love
  • Fast Fever
  • Night Queen
  • Day Don
  • Woody Rabbit
  • Glitter Eyes
  • Super Song
  • Dancing Dove
  • Plain Punch
  • Illuminated Galaxy
  • Crack Stalk
  • Overly Evil
  • Yummy Pea
  • Quick Cat
  • Leaf Woman
  • Baby Spinach
  • Medium heat
  • Disco Bomb
  • Blurry Bounce
  • Batman Return
  • Echo Man
  • Psycho Lover
  • Flat Minded
  • Russian Monk
  • Indian Cucumber
  • Camel Shot
  • Lofer No One
  • Lazy Tin
  • Graphite Face
  • Silver Statue
  • Bold and Bald
  • Brainless Genius
  • Jogging Joker
  • Trim Master
  • Artistic Fool
  • Last Fool on the Earth
  • First and Last Ex
  • Ex Runner
  • Cute Cub
  • Chicken Soup
  • Chilly Chat
  • Frickly and Funny
  • Funniest Man Stand
  • Standard Weird
  • Mind Blowing Man
  • Major Mad
  • Master of Exploiting
  • Ex Examiner
  • English Cake
  • Hindi Hank
  • Hindi Hero
  • Punjabi Precious
  • Punjabi Pixie
  • Arabian Snow
  • Wasting West
  • Viola Vick
  • Volt of Wolt
  • Hidden Cam
  • Facebook Specialist
  • Instagram Bio Maker
  • Whatsapp Nick
  • Twitter Tune
  • Tumblr Tom
  • Cruise of Tom
  • Tiny Belly
  • Big Eyes
  • Beautiful Puff
  • Butter Puff
  • Pancake Plus

Do You Have a Nickname for Your Lover?

Secret of Perfect Relationship

Speaking to a friend yesterday on the topic of knowing when to lock off the EX who is in another relationship yet feels the need to stay in contact with you. Now I'm not speaking about the person you have a kid’s with and need to keep open communication, I'm speaking about the man/woman who loves to have their cake and eat it also. They moved on but need to stroke their ego by making sure you don't move on emotionally!

If they won't speak to you while their new partner is around, why encourage them to speak to you when the partner isn't! When do you lock off an unhealthy communication? When you become dependent on hearing from this person, when you're redeveloping feelings, when you want your present relationship to have a fear and honest opportunity to flourish! Even if you don't have someone in your life, you don't owe that person to keep yourself open to their needs (lonely or not) too many of us blame our poor decisions on loneliness buy you can never be lonely when you know your worth! You can be in a trap and not even be aware of it but always ask yourself what this friendship is doing for me. is it helping you or just the other person, there shouldn't be anything needed from that person when you've both moved on anyway never allow yourself to be used.

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Funny Pet Names for Your Girlfriend

Honey: if she is so beautiful and good looking.

Cat: if your girlfriend turns into fighting mood regularly.

Princess: if she like to give you orders all the time.

Sweetie: this is the most suitable name for angry girls.

Mam: if she tries to teach you every time.

Sweetheart: if you can’t live without her.

Nanny: if she treats you like a kid.

Unique pet names for her!

  • Crush Borrower
  • Tight Beauty
  • Pine Lips
  • Perfect Breathe
  • Loud Mute
  • Adorable Agent
  • Truthfully Heart
  • Blind Hugs
  • Caring Dove
  • Favorite Smile
  • Amazing Pearl
  • Pure Lake
  • Crystal Ray
  • Next Marlin
  • Final Sandra
  • Dora Darling
  • Hazel Up
  • Summer Bird
  • Autumn Axe
  • Winter Wind
  • Alaska Stone
  • Blue Rainbow
  • Charming Light
  • Bitter Cheese
  • Silver Brown
  • Red Joy
  • Tiny Tigress
  • Fat Fur
  • California Cruise
  • Texas Tax
  • White Wash
  • Wealthy Fox
  • Shopping Mall
  • Beauty Box
  • Ben in Ten
  • Bravo Girl
  • Miss Boxer
  • Madam Max
  • Miss Always Wrong
  • Minus Rewarded
  • Multi Minded
  • House Dropper
  • Lovely Fighter
  • Cat Crusher
  • Hot Cube
  • Galaxy Return
  • Space Yard
  • Pluto Pack
  • Miss Mixer
  • Size Fixer
  • Bath Bleacher
  • Brand Feeder
  • Federal Beauty
  • Cute Bug
  • Lady Bug
  • Ginger Chain
  • China Doll
  • Indian Ant
  • Siberian Shark
  • Dollar Lady
  • Penny Picker
  • Penny Counter
  • Salty Chilli
  • Mixed Mam
  • Madam Mushroom
  • Morally Mold
  • Icy Hot
  • Hot Hat
  • Cute Cloud
  • Cloudy Gossiper
  • Loaded Gun
  • Little Bomb
  • Beauty Bomb
  • Sweet Pipper
  • Black Pipper
  • White Night
  • Sharky Eyes
  • Sharky Look
  • Dangerously Awesome
  • Clever Coco
  • Coconut Cream
  • Fabulous Freak
  • Anti Ex
  • Precious Pony
  • Polite Punch
  • Risky Kiss
  • Closeup Camera
  • Miss Selfie
  • Risky Selfie
  • Caterpillar Cook
  • Blessed Lips
  • Eye Hunter
  • Strong Softy
  • Ambulance Siren
  • College Queen
  • School Scholar
  • Nursery Rhyme
  • Flirty Witch
  • Venom of Honey
  • Poison of Rose
  • Pure Polish

People say they love you and turn their back when you really need them. These people now days don't know what love that go for your family and friends and so called boyfriend and girlfriend and whoever else. Just remember love is a big word. If I say I love you I really do.

Don't Use Insulting Nicknames in a Relationship

The worse time to deal with a situation is when you're angry, the most hurtful words and insulting names come out at that point and Words can never be retracted!

Always wait until you are calm before addressing the problem, put a lollipop In your mouth and wait until it's finished before talking! You have to consciously figure out ways to deal with your anger because it can ruin every potential relationship you've got and turn you into a lonely old soul! We need to stop saying things like “I’m not changing for anyone" when you obviously need to. Some people come into our life to build patience, maturity and growth in us but if we don't calm our unattractive anger, we will run them right out of our life and be stuck in that situation longer than God intended. Choose biting your tongue over being verbally abusive and experience true happiness!

Can you genuinely love someone yet continue to do everything that person dislikes? The best relationships are the ones where each party releases themselves of certain bad habits for the happiness of their partner, while calling your girlfriend or boyfriend with a cute nickname is a charming sign of a healthy relationship. You will never put your heart in the hands of someone you didn't trust unless you were trying to get hurt. If you trust that person enough to give your heart, then you can't keep living as though you're single! The same goes when you give your heart to the Lord, you now have to consider what will please him and what will bring reproach to your relationship with him. Most times making the right decision is not easy but it's a simple change! The habit that strokes your flesh and makes you feel good VS the change that causes you to be a bit uncomfortable but grow up spiritually.


Amanda Swords on December 23, 2013:

When someone calls your boyfriend the nickname you gave him. Um, excuse me or that moment you want to call someones boyfriend a cute nickname, don't?

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