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Crazy Thing Called Love

The greatest feeling is to love someone unconditionally. Even if you had to wait for them for many years. The last one is, is the best.


Me, You, Crazy love.

“I love, I love, I love, you so! My boy Lollypop, pop ‘a pop-pop-pop. I need, you I need, you I need you, so” That song pops in my head every time I see you, hug you and kiss your tender lips. Oh, the crazy thing called L-O-V-E. You make me jump with all the care and joy in the world.

You are the caffeine in my cup of coffee every morning when I wake up. You charge me with energy to kick off my spectacular day. Your graceful hug is the cure in my moods, and your smile is my savior in need. The warm sensational kiss you give me before I leave makes me go crazy inside. It's electrifying. I have dreamed and fantasized about our lives together.

How precious our little angel will look when he is born, out of pure love. Made from Heaven and send to us as a Blessing. And Blessed we were and how that crazy love turned into a sunflower garden that bloomed in every way of Yellow possible.

Warm love that turns to the sun, like our little family is doing. Together, we grow strong.

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Was Young, but now, It's Love.

I met you once and pushed you away because of who we were. So young and stupid. Yet to grow up in this world. To get a little bit wiser and clued up on what is real love and its meanings is.

We traveled places. Drunk till we passed out. Parties as the evenings will never end. Met this one. Met that one… but it never felt good enough. Something was always missing. Genuine L-0-V-E.

The second time we met again was the most everlasting eye-to-eye hold I have ever had. I saw my future playing off in a flashing picture before me. Raising my heart to pump and shorten my breath till dizziness made funny dances in my head. I have gone weak with crazy love that day. You made my knees wobble and I walk on clouds the whole day till sunset come to fetch us.

And now that Beautiful, Blessed angel has crawled in our souls so deeply. A gift and long life friend for dad. Dad's best friend. A son. You smiled at him just the way you smiled at me when we met that day, again.


My Special Person.

Boy, oh boy, did you have me smiling from left to right till my jaw was numb. Smiles even appeared in my sleep. Dreaming of this man who stole my heart and sailed with it on sunset and rainbows. Gave me the angel that grew in my tummy for 9 months. Wow. A crazy thing called Love has just grown a whole lot bigger.

Each day becomes crazier and crazier with you. All the little things you did and still do make me feel like the most loved woman and mother in the whole world and universe. You pick the stars for me and together we make them shine. Shine till everyone can see how beautiful our lives are together. We have sincerely blessed my Special Person.

The strong caffeine in the morning is now doubled up as our little one is the energy in every battery, and it lasts forever! But my Special Person, it is worth it all. I will take it every day with love, gentle care and, the world's patience. Your patience is grace. I thank you for that.

Your hugs are precious, warm and I keep them in my pockets for rainy days when I miss you. Even if I know that you will be home soon. But soon sometimes feels forever and a day. All the warm fuzzy kisses you give me, I store in my fantasy world to relive them when I am sad and lonely. I embrace them in my heart and keep them safe.

My special person, I just love you crazy.

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