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Couples and Mud Wrestling

mud wrestle with each other?


Is it a good idea for couples to

A local radio station, here in Seattle, has Therapy Thursdays where they choose a listener's problem/question for other listeners to call in and give their advice about.

I was intrigued by a question from a woman whose husband is building a mud wrestling pit in their basement. He told her it would help them both get some exercise in, as well as being a bonding experience for their relationship. The wife wanted to know if this was just “too kinky” or not?


The callers were fairly divided on their responses. A lot of female callers said she should go for it, but many of them admitted they wouldn’t do it themselves.

So, is couple mud wrestling a good idea?

Sure it is! As long as you don’t mind getting dirty, go for it. It really can be a fun, bonding experience as long as both people involved truly want to do it. Some people might feel uncomfortable doing this in a group situation, but how about doing it privately? Imagine wrestling, playfully, with your partner in the mud. The two of you will be having fun together, making each other laugh, burning calories, and your happy endorphins will kick in because you raise your heart rate. What do you gain from mud wrestling with your partner? You smile, laugh, have fun, exercise, and feel great—you will gain these memories and feelings, and since you are doing it with your partner, he or she will also be tied into those feelings of happiness.

After a few rounds of mud wrestling, you can continue the bonding experience by taking a shower together. Washing the mud off of each other will create a sensual experience that can bring you both closer together.


When is it a bad idea to participate in couple’s mud wrestling?

You shouldn’t do something you truly don’t feel comfortable doing. If you have serious issues about doing this with your partner, don’t feel like you have to do it. Forcing yourself to do something you are not comfortable with could damage your relationship, and you might begin to connect your partner with your negative feelings you have with this activity.


Fun Mud Wrestling Vidoe

If mud wrestling is something you are comfortable with, enjoy it and have fun. Who knows? Maybe you will end up attending a mud wrestling party…or, even hosting one.

Plus, think about how great your skin will feel after all of that mud!


Do you think couples should mud wrestle each other?

Stacysmith9 on May 28, 2018:

It is really a great idea, please go for it.

Diane on November 20, 2011:

My husband and I wrestle (no mud) all the time. He brought it up a few years ago when things had lost a little excitement. I was sure, why not try it, it's been fun, I may like now even better than he does. I like the wrestling.

T on January 29, 2011:

We are in Raleigh and would love to see my wife in a match vs another women.

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Barb on September 16, 2010:

Sharon--Read your post after doing mine. I ahd "thought" about doing it in the past as well and when we wre in Vegas, I thought what the heck, now is as good as time as any. My hubby would like to get some others over and put together a night of some wrestling in oil. Do it out doors in a kiddie pool or something...anyone up for that?

Barb on September 16, 2010:

I entered the mud wrestling tournament at Gilley's (when it was at the Frontier Hotel) in Vegas several years ago. My husband aand I went there to just watch it and while we were sitting there watching other womensign up to do it, I decided, hey, why not. It was fun and got the competitive juices flowing. Hubby enjoyed it as well.

SHARON LAIRD on June 30, 2010:

i,ve been thinking about mud wrestling for ages ,but i don't know how to find a place that does this,but also not to know the person that i would wrestle,i think it would make it more interesting.

entertianmentplus from United States on February 03, 2010:

Liked it

Geri on August 27, 2009:

Oil wrestling is a fun option that my boyfriend and I do lot. It's sexy, easy to clean (use baby oil, not cooking oil!) and great fun!

Naughty D on November 09, 2007:

I don't know about mud but my girlfriend and I do oil wrestling sometimes and she absolutely loves it. Best way to go is a bottle or 2 of baby oil and one of those plastic painting tarps. Its fun, exercise, bonding and foreplay all wrapped into one. She sometimes even does slip-and-slide on it. As long as both people want to do it, and respect each others limits with how rough you get its the funnest, sexiest thing ever.

Dr. Strangelove on October 28, 2007:

Mazzola oil works better than mud for couples and groups. Just spread a roll of plastic sheeting on the floor of your rec room, add a bottle of vegetable oil, and you have the makings of a Mazzola Party!

Tony Sky from London UK on October 28, 2007:

Trifle anyone?;)

ForTheLove from Godforsaken, Iowa on October 27, 2007:

Now I've heard of people going "mudding" in their trucks and that being a thrilling, romantic experience for some, but ... well, yeah, honestly I could do that as long as she didn't mind. lol

hzl on October 27, 2007:

What about an inflatable baby pool wide enough for a couple and using 5 bottles of baby oil....Hmmmm!!!

nichesiteexpert from San Diego on October 27, 2007:

Looks like fun, I'd do it!

cgull8m from North Carolina on October 27, 2007:

It will be awesome to develop a great bonding with mud wrestling.

spacebull from Space on October 27, 2007:

Fun subject :) Thanks!

Gma-Johnson on October 26, 2007:

stacie this is great,,wish i had a place to wrestle..i sure would..

Stacie Naczelnik (author) from Seattle on October 26, 2007:

"Love at first mud"....I'm dying over here...

Paul Edmondson from Burlingame, CA on October 26, 2007:

My wife and I have definitely bonded through mud. There's a picture of us at about 3 years old together covered in it. Love at first mud.

Jimmy the jock from Scotland on October 26, 2007:

mud is said to be good for your skin, pity i don't have a basement lol.....jimmy

Stacie Naczelnik (author) from Seattle on October 26, 2007:

In your mouth?...oh, you are funny, but good point. Pudding would be fun too, but a bit more expensive.

Marye Audet on October 26, 2007:

Pudding maybe...mud...not likely. What if I got it in my mouth?

Alan on October 26, 2007:

wow people do these things. great article...

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