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Congratulation messages for a newborn baby: Wishes, greetings and poems for parents of a baby boy or girl

The birth of a newborn is a magical and precious moment for the parents. Wish them with a congratulatory message and brighten up the brightest day of their lives.

The birth of a newborn is a magical and precious moment for the parents. Wish them with a congratulatory message and brighten up the brightest day of their lives.

Congratulation messages for a newborn baby are supposed to ooze the magic of the moment and your wishes for the new parents should make them smile. Here is a stockpile of ideas on wishes, messages, poems and greetings that you can write on a card or send to lucky parents for the birth of their baby boy or girl. Wish the lucky couple on Facebook, write a short poem on a card, send an email or tweet out your excitement to congratulate the new mom and dad, and welcome their child.

1) Lucky is the baby for being born to luckier parents like you and being watched over by even luckier grandparents. Congratulations to the luckiest family in the world.

2) The arrival of your child marks a new beginning of your life

A new chapter for you and your loving wife

Times ahead are marred by giggles and cuddles

As well as cries, tantrums and family huddles

Wish you all the best in this journey so wonderful

Congratulations for your newborn – cute, adorable and beautiful

3) Your baby has finally made it to the big bad world but she doesn't know yet that she has two of the most amazing parents to help her sail through it. Congratulations mommy and daddy.

4) An important message from your astrologers: Your zodiac sign suggests that you have a busy few months lines up ahead. Your stars' alignment indicates you will be going through sleepless nights. But most importantly, your crystal ball predicts that the birth of your newborn bub is the best thing to happen in your life. Congratulations to the new mum and dad.

5) No one knows what the future holds

But with a baby so cute and a husband as good as gold

I can only see a beautiful life unfold

For the new mommy, lo and behold

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6) The stork comes only to those homes that are filled with love. So now you know why you both were chosen, don't you? Congratulations to the proud parents of a beautiful newborn.

7) Your newborn is cuter than the cutest joey. Congratulations to the most adorable parents for the most adorable baby in the whole world.

8) All these years I thought you were the baby of the family. I can't believe that even the baby has a baby now. Congratulations daddy.

9) As the little one gets pampered by you

I thought you could use some pampering too

Enjoy this gift certificate to a spa session for two

Congratulations to the mommy and daddy new

10) Precious, pampered, priceless, pure, pretty, pristine, perfect and playful – your baby is a million times more than what all these words mean combined. Congratulations and have a great time starting your life all over again.

11) I am so glad to know that the boring corner room in your house will finally see lots of color and joy. Congratulations for the birth of your newborn.

12) I bet your bundle of joy is ten times more beautiful than both of you combined. I also bet you don't mind me saying that today. Congratulations to the happy parents.

13) Do I need to ask how beautiful the baby is?

Do I need to know if the baby arrived safely or not?

Do I need to inquire how the new parents doing?

Do I need to really know how happy everyone is?

I don't, because only perfect things happen to perfect couples


14) The king of hearts and the queen of beauty have just given birth to their beautiful heir. Long live the princess. Congratulations.

15) I want your baby to know that he is very lucky because he has the best aunt ever. Congratulations.

16) As impossible it is to believe that you both are now mom and dad, I am easily convinced that you will be the best parents in the world. Congratulations to the new parents.

17) With baby banter, nappy changes, stroller price comparisons and baby oil massages, your world is about to change. Welcome to a new life of cuteness overloaded. Congratulations.

18) We all wish that your baby gets the best of both of you

Beautiful parents with hearts so true

Entering a home and a family new

Adorable, little ones like him are few


19) May your days be smothered with the warmth of your baby's hands, may your nights be engulfed in the cuteness of your baby's innocent drools and may your life be overwhelmed by the love of your little one's tugs. Congratulations to proud and new parents.

20) My message to your baby: Darling, I bet you are much cuter than your parents. Don't let them nag you. Welcome to this beautiful world of ours.

21) An angel just flew in your life

To void you of any strife

To wake you up in the middle of the night

To clutch your finger with all possible might

To take you on life's magical sojourn

Wishing you the very best for your newborn

22) Tiny hands, adorable little feet, cute tantrums, midnight drools, tender touches and happy moments – I am so jealous of you both. Congratulations to the entire family.

23) Hope you have just realized that waiting 9 months is a small price to pay for a lifetime of cuteness and joy. Congratulations dearest mommy.

24) Congratulations to the hot momma and handsome daddy for the birth of their beautiful child. No prizes for guessing how good looking the little one is going to grow up to be.

25) Cheers to an eager daddy, loving mommy and the prettiest baby girl in the whole world. Picture perfect moments like these are rare, and I am sure you will cherish them with love and care.

26) Calm down

The baby is sleeping

Speak low

The baby is napping

Hush hush

The baby is squeaking

Go away

The baby is resting

This is what your future looks like

All your other priorities can take a hike

Congratulations and welcome to parenthood

27) Now that you are going to put up pictures of your toddler on Facebook, your profile should have a cute button to vote up all the cuteness. Congratulations and hope you like the Facebook gift that we got for you.

28) If nine months of pregnancy and a few hours of labor are all it takes to make a cute baby like yours, I want one too. Your little one is adorable.

29) A baby so fluffy and light

So innocent and bright

So calming and cool

Face chubby with drool

A baby so beautiful has come

This joy is only for some

Now gone are your days of being forlorn

Please accept my good wishes for your newborn


30) Your baby is so beautiful that she will naturally bring out the best of parenthood qualities in the both of you. Congratulations for welcoming an angel into your life.

31) New new new

Only and only for you

Blue blue blue

For a boy so gleaming and true

Boo boo boo

We got a gift for you

We love you baby. Welcome to our beautiful world.

32) Do you know how to sing lullabies, form rhymes, read bedtime stories and narrate folklore? You better skill up lady because you just turned into a beautiful new mother. Best wishes.

33) Today you have officially joined the club of wiping drool marks off your sofa, cajoling for the last bit of food to be gobbled and singing lullabies when you are half dead. It is tough but it is fun. Congratulations.

34) Now you will realize how traumatic and stressful you made our lives when you were born. Jokes apart, we are the proudest grandparents in the world today. Congratulations son.

35) We are happy to know that your baby has made a timely landing in one of the safest and most loving airports of the world. Congrats to you both.

36) May your baby live

In a world without fear

In a society without discrimination

To see the brightest of futures

To witness the best of technology

With high morals

With a lofty sense of responsibility

By your side forever

By taking adventurous decisions

May you baby live a great life

That's what we wish for her, now and forever

37) Your sorrows are about to be divided, your joys are going to be multiplied, happy times are going to be added and your worries about to be subtracted. You have welcomed a bonus in your life my friend. Congratulations on the birth of your child.

38) With every baby step that your newborn attempts to take, your hopes and dreams for her will rise. Enjoy this feeling and cherish these moments because only a lucky few are blessed with such a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations for becoming parents.

39) Yet another phase in the beautiful journey of your life. Congratulations to the proud mother.

40) Hearts beating

Arms quivering

Lips left dry

Eyes fluttering

Memories flashing

Controlling your excitement you try

That is the joy of parents

On the birth of their new baby

Could I understand its magnanimity?

By sending this message, maybe

Wish the new parents with gifts for their newborn


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