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Closure Why People Need It

Why People Feel the Need

A lot of people feel the need to have a peace of mind to move forward. A lot of people don’t have the courage to give a person real closure. Instead they step away.

And come up with an excuse! Me personal I would want someone to give it to me straight. Hey I can no longer be in this relationship because…. And give an explanation an honest one. Straight whisky no chaser.

No I just can’t! I hear so many people saying they have been ghost. Are they come home and there partners gone. Everyone has heard the, “ Daddy went to the store to buy bread!”

I know breaking up can be hard, I’ve had hard breaks ups in my life. But the one thing I’ve always offered was closure! If I was the one walking away from the relationship.

To those planning to leave. And it can be hard leaving someone that’s holding on to you, when you just want to be free of them. You may not be able to offer verbal closure. Sometimes a letter, a email,etc. Let a person know what and why you can no longer be with them. And like I said sometimes its hard.

But closure can help heal a broken heart. Even if it’s just you, that can no longer stay. Are the actions of that person, your trying to walk away from. Love is hard and can drive a person to a dark place. And cause more damage then a person know. When they are giving there all. And doesn’t have proper closure. And sometimes that doesn’t help. So once you're given that person the closure they need. Then you’ve done your due diligence.

And as my favorite personal quote: “ If you cant stay walk away!” And don’t weasel your way back and forth. That hurts more then anything saying it’s over and leaving a person in a limbo state of mine.

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