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Climbing Trees Help to Build Confidence to Face Life's Challenges

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

There's something magical about boys and climbing trees.

There's something magical about boys and climbing trees.

The Way That I See

it's simple. Go to the root of the tree (Pun intended). Find out. Ask questions. Then make up your own mind as to answer the time-long question: why do boys and girls love to climb trees? I believe it was English mountaineer, George Mallory, who said why do we climb mountains? Because they are there. Sounds sensible. But I am not completely-satisfied. Aside to Mallory being a minister, his skill to scale mountains was a joy to him. Fact is, years after he met his death on Mount Everest, others who love mountain climbing published a series of inspirational quotes to let me understand the magnetism of climbing a mountain.

Some said mountain climbing was great for exercise. Some declared that it was a time of great meditation. But there were no number reason why we climb mountains. Guess I will just have to believe Mallory's because they are there, and go ahead with my life.

But there again, we are not talking about mountain climbing, but the one, solitary activity that is a common thread running through most young people. Let's hear it for climbing trees. Bet you never saw this coming!

The goal about tree-climbing is to be patient, safe and get to the highest limb.

The goal about tree-climbing is to be patient, safe and get to the highest limb.

Tree Climbing Has Said

to be very dangerous, depending on the skill of the youngster doing the climbing and condition of the tree. Sure. No one believes a fairy tale that would cause tree climbing to be a great Disney experience. No. Tree climbing, whether you have grown-up in the mid to late 1950's, you can attest to the fact that tree climbing is a test for itself--always there. Always directing a sure obstacle that can be defeated if, (there's that word again), the one who gets up enough confidence can climb his or her tree of choice.

Make sure, and I mean absolute sure that your tree climbing child knows full-well that climbing a tree can cause falls that cause injuries. Sorry. But some soft cloudy mindsets can and does cause many youngsters an accidentally scar that can stay with the youngster who falls from the highest limb. I am not trying to talk you and your active outdoor youngsters out of the idea of climbing a tree.

On the other side of the coin, I will agree that tree climbing is considered to be an American activity. Children ages 12 through 16, can take on a big oak tree that is standing on the edge of the yard and by taking that one step the youngster is gaining more and more confidence to not only defeat the scary feat of climbing a tree, but that same confidence can be applied to doing school work, problems at work and at home, and many more. All this simply because of a youngster climbing a rough-looking oak tree.

Through The Eyes of a Youngster

a generic tree that is to be climbed, is also a good source of creative imagination which will follow the youngster throughout his life. Have you ever thought of this? I'm so glad that I had the chance to talk to you about the many benefits of climbing a tree.

Either it's a tree being climbed by one youngster or a group, that same energy and care for safety can be evidenced as we watch children climbing trees. Some children are not going to climb a tree due to fear. And this is okay. I was always afraid that I would get hurt if I climbed a tree. So where does this fear originate? My parents. Not that I did not love them, they knew that if they "cautioned" me enough, then I would not attempt such a thing as climbing a tree. On the other hand, many of my friends' parents just laughed and supported their children and guess what? These children went on to excell in their school studies and in the social sector.

Look! Even girls can climb trees.

Look! Even girls can climb trees.

Why Imagination is so Important

can be used if a youngster tends to be afraid to climb even the easiest tree, can usually be cured if he or she can tap into that fertile imagination and pretend that the tree stands for a fairy tale giant who is invading the child's yard and in order to run the giant away from the child and parent's lives, the child must exhibit a self-affirming talk-it-as-he/she-climbs and then the imagination acts as a tool to help the youngster with life's problems.

My most-important item is for all children. Yes, even girls can climb trees as well as any boy. How do I know this? Simply by studying several medical and psychological papers based on why it is so easy (this day and time) for both genders can join their confidences together and thus bond for years and become good friends as a delightful bonus.

But here we are at the last of my lectue about climbing trees. Sadly, this great activity stands only for youngsters. Let's say that I am now 67 years young, do you really see me climbing a tree with friends of my age? Not on your life. Why? Here is your answer. It has any and everything to do with mental conditioning.

As in the way that my parents used fear to keep me too safe and cause me the the joy of climbing trees, then in my case of the older people who have been taught that kind of protective fear that keeps us older folks sitting on the sidelines.
Think that I will wait until no one is around and let me find a tree that is made just for me. Need I go further?

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 08, 2021:

I spent much of my early life climbing trees.

Loved it! It is now a happy memory of my youth.

Ann Carr from SW England on March 08, 2021:

I used to love climbing trees when I was young - such a tomboy! Most of my friends and young members of the family were boys, so I just joined in. Anyway, it shouldn't be a domain for boys only! My granddaughters also love climbing trees but my nerve has gone now. Much as I'd love to continue, I value my limbs too much!

Yes, we have to let children find out the hard way, with information and warnings to help them along. It's no good stopping such important learning and fun.

Hope all's well with you, Kenneth.


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