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Can you fall in love with someone you have never met?

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Falling in Love

"Some people say that they know right away, sell you love on a cloud for a lullaby." - The Bodeans

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In a certain way, it seems you have to fall in love with someone you've never met. When you get to know someone, how can you know you're in love unless you've already come to love certain characteristics that you find irresistibly attractive?

You have to know what it is or who you would fall in love with before you meet. If you don't know that, you won't have whatever it is that will trigger the falling in love.

Romantic love is romantic because it's based on an idea. The idea of the ideal person - someone who completes you, someone who you feel naturally matches your heartbeat and your very breath. Someone who is very different from you but complements you perfectly. Someone who makes you feel entirely like a woman - if you're a woman, and someone who makes you feel like you're a true man if you're a man.

You want your completor, the rest of your identity, that person who feels like your own heart and soul to you. But you cannot know these things unless you have formed that ideal in your mind and have pursued it. Then s/he walks in the room - you just know, you just know because you can't go wrong.

Meeting Someone Special

But the other side of the story might burst your bubble. There is no "someone" unless there is someone. In other words, there has to be a real person, one you actually can or have met, one who is actually in your life to be the person you love.

What I mean is that it is easy to feel like you've fallen in love with the star of a movie you have never met, but that might not only be hopeless (since you probably never will meet), but also an enormous let down if you did. He or she might not be the person you thought of at all! All you really do when you "fall in love" with an actor or person you haven't met is to shape the ideal of what it is to be in love.

It can be amazing how love works some times. There are people who've met, known each other for years, and only truly fallen in love after they never thought that would be possible.

How does that happen? Well, in part, it's because falling in love is about your life. Truly - it shouldn't be about what you hope your life should be but never becomes, it should be about what really is.

Falling in love doesn't have to be an experiment that if it doesn't work, you try an alternative - falling in love can be a wonderful process of finding, getting to know and bonding with the right person.

But that bond doesn't have to be some romantic lottery game, with sparks and endless thoughts of what might be - you can and probably should be good friends with someone for a long time, maybe even before you realize the sexual attraction is what it really is.

Of course, you want to have a tremendous sexual attraction - after all, it's hard to think of being in love without it. But you can definitely have the sexual attraction on a physical level, without having it on a much deeper level.

Online Dating

I have tried online dating a few times and it has taught me some interesting life lessons. It seems to work out for some people, but it can also be very disappointing and unrealistic.

There are always plenty of people to meet, but once you met, the story may be very different than the profile - and often is. I often felt like I had been getting to know a different person than the person I actually did meet. That said, I did meet a girl online who I fell in love with very deeply, but even in that relationship, the challenges of you can't actually say in an online profile were very heavy indeed.

If you just meet people in ordinary, organic ways, you can feel a lot more sure that you are getting to know a real person, with a real life of their own - not a romance story or a fantasy idea of the perfect mate.

The Perfect Match

I have to admit that years ago, when I was first divorced, there was a time when I became enamored of someone I met online - and we never met. She was a long distance away from me. But we got close by writing each other, and eventually talking. I was eager every day to read her messages, and as often as I could. I wanted to hear her voice and I wanted to know everything I could about her.

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I dreamed about her - and the dreams were very vivid and seemed real. Sometimes I would wake up and go through much of the day thinking about my dream as if she had been with me the day before and left, and felt like I was missing her. Like you might be wondering now, I questioned whether this was healthy. Now I realize I was at a point in my life where that was all I could have - that is, I couldn't really have a true, in person relationship then - and while I would never go back, I needed it at the time. it helped me get over a very difficult time in my life.

When she and I wrote, I often thought I was communicating with my lifemate. Then when I moved from Georgia to Michigan, I took a month or two, as I told her I would, and got settled, before I started thinking about how we could finally actually meet each other and be together.

I finally got back to writing her, but she wasn't there. Her emails bounced back. To this day, I'm not sure what happened. No, this wasn't a situation where she asked or I gave her money, nothing like that. (Frankly, I would've had had none to give at that time if she had asked.) I have had a woman ask me that one time, and as soon as I said no, she lashed out at me. To my surprise, she tried much harder after I said no - but it didn't matter then, I didn't trust her motives. Maybe that question about trust is a good one for anyone dating online, do you think?

But back to the first girl - the one I thought I fell for. Did she meet someone else? Maybe. Did things change in her life in that time otherwise - I doubt if I'll ever know.

But the even more curious question is what if we had met? Then what? My later experiences taught me to think it might not have been everything I thought it would when we were just writing and talking. No, I can't be sure. But, you know, another thing is that all the things I thought I desired about her - I'm not sure I would want that now - or that I ever really did. Sometimes, unanswered prayers are the best kind.

It's just that there was something about the sense of unattainability - or a real challenge in attainability of our relationship that made it so intriguing. If I had met her at a fun event and got to know her, would she have seemed so special? Maybe, but not necessarily someone I would have fallen in love with. In fact, I think now the odds are pretty slim I would have ever fallen in love with her, but of course, I don't know.

Already Met, But Far Away

Funny thing, though - to a guy, one of the most attractive things - at least when it comes to "falling in love", is a bit of unavailability.

I don't mean that in the sense of playing games. Manipulation is one of the most unattractive characteristics I can think of. I also don't mean it in the sense of unattainability. - probably better referred to as a "challenge". If someone is at just enough distance, is making their own, independent life important - and is still charming, approachable and, at the right time, can be touched as well - that seems like the ideal circumstance for falling in love - but that isn't about unattainability - it's about timing, and "due diligence".

Which makes it something quite different than the online type of relationship. How? In an online relationship that sense of unattainability can either be easily overcome by a meeting at a coffee shop (which can spiral into dizzying romance and passion), or it can't because of distance and other factors. I find that the harder that is to overcome, the higher the stakes, and the more a person is invested when that meeting occurs. But if that is the first meeting, instead of thinking about what you like about that person, you are thinking you have already made a big commitment.

When you meet organically instead, you can just access from that safe space - eye to eye, one on one conversation, without any pressure to go to the next level. Online dating raises the stakes -

- in several ways. You can't meet someone online without having the sense that you are in a competition. Who else are they communicating with? Who else are they having that one hour date with? What do I have to do to "win"? It's crazy. Love shouldn't be a competition with a third person - it should be a competition with yourself. It should be that thing that helps make you want to be the very best you can be, motivated not so much to please the other person but rather to be the best you that you can be in that relationship - and that the pleasing of him or her will naturally follow.

Back to the Future

Not long ago, I gained a whole new sense of hope and anticipation about the idea of falling in love with someone you've never met. I feel like it is exactly what I experienced. And it's strange. Very, very beautiful, but definitely strange at the same time. It's strange for the same reason it's unique, and for the same reason I think it must be real.

I've truly never had an experience like this before. A week of talking, listening, laughing, learning. I've had some of the sweetest conversations with her I've ever had in my life. And yet we hadn't even met in person! How can this be?

I'm not sure, but I feel sure it has to be a deeply spiritual thing. As if the law of attraction, and the idea of soulmates has finally found a place in can take root in my life. I'm a romantic - always have been. But I have never found this before, and now I feel like it's true, and it's real.

We'll see! When we met in person, I felt sure it was real and true. Not that very minute, but it didn't take long after I knew her. I was very excited with anticipation and I know she was too. She could and would break my heart. But that was only so it could heal and I could love her even more.

I knew eventually I would ask for her hand in marriage. I just knew that day would come. Her response? We'll see :) I will write the sequel when the time comes.

For now, however, let's go back to where we started...

Can You Fall in Love with Someone You've Never Met?

Maybe it depends on what you mean by falling in love - is it something that sparks the attraction and the effort to give it a try? Then the answer is yes. Or is it something that means you could spend the rest of your life with this person? If so, I would say it's much less likely you can fall in love with someone until you HAVE met them and spent time together. In the end, it has to take sight, touch, movement, etc. that comes with actually meeting someone, finding the real attraction, and letting the mystique of "getting to know" each other work its magic.

At the same, I won't sell short the romantic idea of thinking about the ideal of that interesting stranger you've never actually met either. Surely off in the distance somewhere, at some time...don't you think?

Can you fall in love with someone you've never met? I think I fell in love with the girl of my dreams long before we could ever have met. I had to know so many things about her - soft spoken, caring, a giver; she loves music and can make me laugh as much as I can be there for her when she cries - and every time I look in her eyes, every time I hold her in my arms, she knows! She felt that love from me so strong, it could draw the love right from her soul as well. We didn't have to meet before. It was always meant to be!

Falling in Love with Someone You've Never Met


prerna negi from shimla on June 19, 2019:

yeAh ...after all that's what happening nowadays on social networking sites..people fall in love or may be start having a affection for some one whom they never met by only seeing there photoshop filters ...some one who tries to be your soulmate making you trust them by writing loveable messages no matter to how many those messages are being forwarded yes people may fall in love with some1 whom they have never met ..but i guess it last till you are as beautiful as your social media pictures LOL!!

pd on November 16, 2015:

we understand each other

we talk all the time

we know how each other feels even without stating it(its feels so magical)

we have had so much fun

we are learning each others culture and language

we care for each other like we have met before

we argue and be happier after that

we dream of each other

we know how to make the one other glad

we also know how to annoy each other

we chat like we are friends since birth

but all that is left now are the memories

most specially the words "we will have two kids. one like you and one like me" it filled me with joy hearing those future plans from a man

we have hurt each other. makes us both feel pain

we wanted to talk personally.

but we know it will take long or what i think now is 'never'

and the thought of questioning, is it all true.

is it really what he feel for me

i started to doubt. i started to cry

it gives me so much pain but who am i to run after him

if all he would say is things changed

maybe i really hurt him but i am feeling tired of trying

but on the back of my mind, we will know when the time we will meet comes.

if that will still happen........

TheRealTruth on September 07, 2015:

Very impossible.

Georgia on April 23, 2015:

I think that in some ways TRUE LOVE is REAL.and in others I beg to differ.i mean ppl come on think back to your first boyfriend/girlfriend.maybe not the first maybe the second maybe the third or maybe you haven't experienced it yet.but im telling you when you do you will know believe me you will know.i meet a guy who was 69 yrs old and I instantly fell in love with him but obviously I feel in love with who he was not his looks [he's 69 ppl think about it] I knew I loved him but I wasn't sure how he felt about me soooooo I let it go and now iim starting to get tears so im gonna stop writing and thinking about it now.

someone on January 06, 2015:

i love someone.i don't know how but i love story is i was need a face wash from online but i could not buy that because i wanted to pay on cash on delivery but it couldn't happened cause of my pin,i was phoned to that store.he picked up & said hi this is ____ hear.&i also said that.we communicate to each other for 29.26mins.ifelt that my heartbits were stoped and i wished i was only hearing him,ifelt whole world was just stoped.i love his voice.i don't know who is he and where is he ?we just only know our names.

Jane on December 31, 2014:

Thank you for your advice!

Dilemma on December 26, 2014:

I wish this on no one. I've gone from just being curious, to interested, to being attracted, to being infatuated, to having my emotions go from wanting to cut all contact to wanting to never let go of my "relationship" with someone whom I have never met in person. I've only talked with her on the phone and by exchanging texts. The good news is the same as the bad news. We live thousands of miles apart. The really sad thing is that I'm still physically with someone else and cannot end the relationship because I'm legally bound to this person. So I understand and empathize with those who are in similar situations. I didn't plan this and know that only strong determination and God can help me get out of this dilemma.

im fr a.k.a on November 04, 2014:

Hmm very some point as i read these comments..i cried..cox it tells all my story.

He ws a frnd on fbk..we didnt chart anytym we did,it ws a disagreement..nd i ws alwayz d one day after our usual debates,which ws arnd 2am..we both took the opportunity to talk abt our partners..nd fortunately or unfortunately we both had similar problems in our respective relationships..we wer both on the verge of breakin up with our partners..nd we both needed smeone to talk it ws a perfect tym fr both of us.

Eventually we fell in lov..he livz in ireland bt we r both frm the same country.

We av been in this fr three yrs nw nd im really addicted to dix guy.

We hav made lots of promises including aa to when it will come on,only God knwz.

There's too much pressure on me by ma family to get i lov dix guy soo much dat i even think itz impossible nd a crime to marry anyone but as a result i also decided to travel abroad to reduce pressure on me.

Bt recently hes nt being the lovin nd carin guy he used to be again.

I knw fr a fact that hes datin another girl who is much younger than both of us..nd itz really killin me

I cry like a missing baba in my room every single day even as i type dix comment.

I really,dearly nd tragically lov dix guy nd he is very much aware of it..smetymz i feel like giving up bt i cnt liv him fr her cox he hs become a part of me.

We av never met tho bt most members of my family are aware of oyr relationship..most of them ask me to liv him nd move on wit my life..nd liv in the real world bt i cnt..cox hes all i need now to complete my world.

I jst hope nd pray that he marry folkz if u say a prayer say one fr me nd if it gonna advocate nd empower ladies in similar situations like ours.

stormypagan on August 02, 2014:

lol.I don't for one second believe that anqelcakes was in jail!. She is someone outside the U.S. that has a prison pen pal.She says they never met yet talks about meeting him in a visiting room,besides other 'mistakes' in her story. She doesn't want to appear to be 'one of those women'that write inmates.These dummies are so predictable. I don't believe anyone can love someone they never met.

Johnd422 on May 30, 2014:

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Mariea on January 20, 2014:

I'm glad I found this. I'm a psychology major and I study philosophy, religion etc. I've been looking for answers about something similar to this. I've fallen in love with a few different men and I know I always have very strong feelings each time. I feel like Van Gogh only I'm not as good of a painter. But I met someone like fucking five years ago. At first I just thought he was attractive and tried to tell myself he was probably married with kids because he was older than me. I was 20 at the time and he was 30 I think. But I had a job interview, he interviewed me, how inappropriate right? And I'm bad at making eye contact because I'm a recluse and shy I guess. But I remembered during the interview that I should make eye contact and immediately was overwhelmed by whatever it is in someone's eyes that you can see. It was that ecstasy feeling and I could like feel this fire burning in my chest. He left that job and I quit like a year later but I sent him an online message and told him that I had feelings for him. He just said nice things, polite things that kind of let me down easy. I know I'm attractive but I'm a total dork weirdo that's extremely awkward so I wonder if he just thought I was just too strange or too young? I'm young looking. Or something with a business code that says he can't date a former employee. Maybe he had a girlfriend? I don't know but the feeling of passionate, uncontrollable, unexplainable adoration, more than that consumed me. I've been depressed ever since I haven't been able to see him anymore. I've thought of suicide because of it at times. I feel like an idiot. I'm with someone else now, with the same name as him and I still long to see him and even believe I can hear him talking to me in my head. I'm probably just depressed or have a personality disorder. You can make fun of this. It's crazy. Good thing I'm studying about it.

zseffie on December 30, 2013:

i am in the same situation, too. last year, i fell in love with a guyonline,who is much older than me. He is in vancouver , i am in china. he was working in china, but we were in different regions. At first we chat at random but gradually both of us find we fall in love with each other despite the gap of age. He said he was eager to meet me and hear my voice. So as it turned out, he came to see me ,and both of us were happy and we planned to get married in Canada two months later. but something unpleasant happened, one day he told me he was ill and diagnosed with tumor in his head, so he had to return to canada to have operation. so he set off earliy back home to Canada. After his departure, i wrote to him many times. it was his daughter who replied. she said her father can't read, and he kept asking me when i will arrived.Two month later, i arrived in canada , and hoped to meet him. It' was the once chance i can go canada for my life. After i arrived, i wrote to him but nobody replied, i didn't hear from him or his daughter either. i know he is not on good terms with his daughter and son. This made me very upset and confused , i have no idea if i should keep on writing, or is is impolite to visit a sick person unless invited, so i didn't write just waiting, but in vain. i was heartbroken back to china. after coming back i wrote to him. This time it was his son who replied saying his father was very sad without meeting me but he made a choice he thought good for me . now i am very sad because i didn't insist on meeting him ,after all maybe we will never meet each other. now i have the following questions.

1. is it my fault ?

2. should i constantly write toher daughter, and insisting on meeting him

3. did i break his heart ?

The fact is that i miss him , write to him but there is no reply. please help me

cheng on December 05, 2013:

I'm so glad i'm not the only one in this situation. I am also dating someone I haven't met yet for the past 2 years now. We live in different countries and we both long to be with each other soon. My friends and family don't know that I'm in a relationship though, I know they're just gonna tell me that it is useless because how can I love the guy when I haven't even met him in person. But I really feel it in my heart that I fell for the guy and I can't seem to find the courage to end our relationship for that reason only. I really hope that we'll meet soon. I know he'll be quite different from my thinking but still I'll be so happy if I could meet him face to face. :")

melody on November 23, 2013:

I broke up with villain bf of 5 yrs and

I despise online dating, but my coworker of 9 yrs was always in the back of my mind

black on September 14, 2013:


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james on August 26, 2013:

My Name is JAMES.I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my girlfriend back and she means so much to me..The girl i want to get marry to left me 4 weeks to our wedding for another man..,When i called her she never picked my calls,She deleted me on her facebook and she changed her facebook status from married to Single...when i went to her to her place of work she told her boss she never want to see me..I lost my job as a result of this cos i cant get myself anymore,my life was upside down and everything did not go smooth with my life...I tried all i could do to have her back to all did not work out until i met a Man when i Travel to Africa to execute some business have been developing some years back..I told him my problem and all have passed through in getting her back and how i lost my job...he told me he gonna help me...i don\'t believe that in the first place.but he swore he will help me out and he told me the reason why my girlfriend left me and also told me some hidden secrets.i was amazed when i heard that from him..he said he will cast a spell for me and i will see the results in the next couple of days..then i travel back to US the following day and i called him when i got home and he said he\'s busy casting those spells and he has bought all the materials needed for the spells,he said am gonna see positive results in the next 2 days that is Thursday...My girlfriend called me at exactly 12:35pm on Thursday and apologies for all she had done ..she said,she never knew what she\'s doing and her sudden behavior was not intentional and she promised not to do that was like am dreaming when i heard that from her and when we ended the call,i called the man and told him my wife called and he said i haven\'t seen anything yet... he said i will also get my job back in 3 days time..and when its Sunday,they called me at my place of work that i should resume working on Monday and they gonna compensate me for the time limit have spent at home without working..My life is back into shape,i have my girlfriend back and we are happily married now with kids and i have my job back too.This man is really powerful..if we have up to 20 people like him in the world,the world would have been a better place..he has also helped many of my friends to solve many problems and they are all happy now..Am posting this to the forum for anybody that is interested in meeting the man for can mail him to I cant give out his number cos he told me he don\'t want to be disturbed by many people across the world..he said his email is okay and he\' will replied to any emails asap..hope he helped u out too..good ONCE AGAIN HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS:

love on July 11, 2013:

i have to agree with many on here it does seem impssible but is true u can fall in love wit someone u never met for i am going thru this right now i feel a connection wit him like ive never felt n no matter how hard my logiacl mind tries to say no i cannot deny my feelings its so right its like are hearts can read n understand eachother i have no doubt when we meet regardless of looks or appearences our love will only get stronger for the love is already there n its not based on money or superficial things its based on who the person truly is....believe anything is possible

a on December 30, 2012:

my story is in my memory.

defachoda on October 29, 2012:

I'm not in love but like the rest of the stories on here I am very much in like with someone. We only live 300 miles apart and the inevitable is coming. Our first meeting, and it is horrifying! I don’t think I am very attractive and I am afraid nor will he. We have seen pictures of one another…but mine are with makeup that definitely hides my flaws. When we first starting talking through Face Book I thought: This guy is cute, smart and interesting…so I continued to talk with him (by the way he is a friend of my cousin). He asked me my age and I lied by three years?...not sure why, saw no harm in it at the time but now I know it is a major problem and I will have to come clean ( I am 7 years older than him truthfully speaking). One day I just stopped talking to him, for no reason really, just stopped. About a month ago he posted some pictures from a fishing trip and I noticed him again. I commented on his photo and we have been texting and calling one another ever since. The problem…I am very critical about my looks. I am 48 and I feel like I have let certain things about my looks go…I work out (still I have some loose skin…not a lot but it’s there and it bothers me) so my body looks much better in clothes in my opinion. Also I have very thin eyebrows and I my teeth are clean but need work…like I said I don’t think I am very attractive and find this guy is way better looking than me. My love life is nonexistent….I have guys hit on me all the time…for sex never a date. Why is that?...I feel it is because I’m not pretty enough to take out. So I guess I look good enough for sex but that is it. I know this outcome…I will chicken out and never make the road trip to meet this great guy in fear of rejection.

anqelcakes on October 02, 2012:

Well, here is my story about falling in love with someone I have never met. It's a bit different than the typical falling in love with someone on the internet. Please don't pass any judgements with the info I give you about myself and the man I will be meeting next month, we both made terrible mistakes in life, and we were caught. Simple as that! Nothing violent, no sex crime. Last year I was incarcerated for stealing something while heavily intoxicated with alcohol and xanax. I was taken to a county jail that was not in the county of the crime, only because that county jail didn't house women at the time. I have never been in trouble with the law, never even a speeding ticket. Again one mistake I made that I did my time for! I was housed at this jail for 3 months, up until one night, one year ago today actually us "other" county girls were told to pack it up because they finally opened the new jail for women. Now, I had seen many women who had what was called jailhouse penpals. It was a word of mouth type thing. I thought it was ridiculous and was very judgmental about it. Even in jail I couldn't understand why girls wanted to write the guys in jail too. Anyways.. long story short. I moved this new jail, and yes I became a hypocrite. My family and friends who did write me didn't know I had moved locations. Suddenly I decided to try out a pen pal. I had a month left on my sentence and figure it would make the time go by faster. So I asked a girl who was in my block to ask her pen-pal to find someone to write me. (this was how it was done) So, she wrote a letter to him, give him my name. That was it. About a week later I get a letter. From a man who was also there. I was reading this letter and wasn't impressed. From the info he shared I thought he was like 55-60 years old. Told me was retired after 23 years of working...a few kids, no wedding ring. I reluctantly responded. Oh I was 26 at the time. Get another letter from him, again still not impressed. Well, the only way us girls and guys can ever see each other in that jail is in the visiting room, I had family member come see me, and half way through the visit, I looked across the room and was able to recognize the man I have been writing based on the info he told me about his kids. I didn't look at him until the very end of the visit. Then I suddenly I felt strangely attracted to him, he was older than me but not what I had assumed. I was intrigued. I got info on him from the deputy's, who loved him. So! That time spent in the same room seem to change my mind. We continued our correspondence until I was released in Nov. I gave him my address as he was headed to prison(I swear for just dwi) for a short sentence. When I got home after a month of doing nothing but writing each other, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I got his info on the inmate website when he was moved to prison 3 days after I left. Well, I'll cut out the middle stuff. Today is Oct 3, Oct 6th is when he wrote me that first letter. Call me crazy, naive... whatever. I don't care. We have been writing for just about a year, and started the phone calls last december. In the beginning our only intentions were to have a penpal in jail. Well that turned into a friendship as we discovered we had more in common than anticipated. We never really talked about meeting. He would always say "No strings" which later turned into "no expectations". That is how we built was we did. Never any pressure, or pushing. Never expecting this to turn into something. We were allowed to hope, and wonder. But we just allowed fate to work its magic. We never intended on falling in love. We both admit to that. This all happened to unexpectedly, so not how it was supposed to be! We joke about it now, we just wanted to have someone to talk to in jail while we did our time. Oh did I mention he is 17 years older than me? I have never meet him, but I have a box of letters here almost 60 of them. He is a man very in touch with his emotions and its amazing. Yes, I do love this man. A man I have never met. He will only be a half hour drive away when released, and him and I are counting down the days. Is there a possibility of him getting out and never calling me? Absolutely. Remember what I said above... no expectations, besides if he does fall of the face of the earth, then clearly I fell in love with a man that didn't exist, and I will get over it. I fell in love with this man who I only know by letters and phones calls. I cannot go visit him in prison as I am on probation and that facility does not allow it. The anticipation is growing as the day gets closer. I have never connected with someone SO much. Jail did help me with getting my life back on the right path. This man has been my friend, my confidant, my literary lover, my inspiration, my support, my motivation, I could go on and on. Even in prison he has done more for me psychologically than any other man has ever done for me in my entire life. If he is a different man in person, I will be thankful for what he did do for me the time we shared together. Yes there are men in prison who seek out penpals all the time, to tell them everything they want to hear in exchange for them putting money in their account, in other words to use them. This man have never asked for a single thing from me, I've offered small items to at least send him that he didn't have and he refused, said he would refuse the package if I sent it. I'm not sure what else I could really say about this. It is the most unusual, unorthodox relationship. This isn't how I pictured falling in love in my head. The most important thing is what we do for each other, we provide unconditional love and support. Something that we both never seemed to receive for the majority of our lives. We talk about everything and anything. If I hadn't gone to jail myself and learned that it is mostly full of good people who just got caught making mistakes like everyone else. If I hadn't experience jail myself, I would read this and probably think "this girl is out of her mind." Maybe I am? I'm leaving it up to fate to decide, I figure fate brought us this far, allowed us to blossom into what we are now, completely crazy about each other. Why would fate take us this far. Meeting won't be an issue. I told him today actually as long as he is the same man that I fell love with, then there is nothing to even worry about once we meet. Physical attraction isn't even a blip on the radar. 17 year older yes, I've seen a few pictures, you'd never know.... but that's what I love about him, being older. I feel like I am more on his level. The way I fell in love happened completely opposite of how most people go about it. I had nothing but a 3 seconds glance of his appearance the one time. He didn't get a picture of me until I was able to mail him some. Everyone I know is interested in getting to know someone solely based on physical appearance at first, you wouldn't go up to someone you didn't find physically attractive and get to know them would you? We got to know each other without that factor, and I fell in love him before I even saw a picture. Guess what? The love I have for him already makes him very attractive to me. Again 46 days...I'd say wish me luck, but I'm not worried. I believe this will all work out! I'm willing to risk it. Great risk is always involved when it come to matters of the heart. Love is always a risk. What happens after we meet, again no expectations. Leaving it up to fate, if we walk away great friends, that's awesome, if we walk away, hand in hand soul mates, that's great too. If he doesn't call me up upon his release, then he did me a favor by not even wasting time meeting him, and that is great too! :)

horton92 on August 31, 2012:

I think its possible to fall in love with someone even if you've never met them. I fell in love with the love of my life in this manner and I hope and pray it will last forever. Even though it is hard and when you first meet there might be things that you find annoying or irritating in the person, if you have a relationship with someone there will always be those little things, the great thing with love is that you have to learn to love them, so in the end it's a choice. Love is always a choice not an emotion. I hope everyone's story ends like mine in happiness.

baby.face.39 on July 30, 2012:

i meet a guy a few months i just recently went to meet him i travelled those 11 hrs cause we had a wild connection once i returned home he was distance with me i texted him as i did before but he was kinda rude saying he as other stuff to do and its not his style to text so i asked him if we can cam later and no reply but its hot and i'll be sitting on the deck and do a bbrq well i think i'll never write to him again

Anya on June 29, 2012:

Nothing is impossible when it comes to love. Period.

Elbetel on June 02, 2012:

It could be possible but kinds of hard in my opinion, and i totally agree with your perspective...

randomperson on May 31, 2012:

Yes, it's possible. I've never met or seen my girlfriend. And before, I even fell in love with an anime character, and she doesn't even exist. That kinda drove me crazy and now I have a weird philosopy ^^

K on May 25, 2012:

I would like to tell my stories and I would like to know what you think about it..

I met this guy online and we started talking.. it was a webcam chat so I got to see his face... He is tall, handsome and hilarious..

He showed me who he really was and we started a friendship.. he's a player with women.. he only wants them for sex and nothing more.. but he told me it was because he has been hurt before.. and he always tells them the truth about no commitment because he doesn't want to break someone's heart.. I South America and he's from Italy.. but we found a way to chat everyday on skype and sometimes he stays until 5 am just to talk with me.. he's always telling me that I'm very cute.. and that it is very hard for him to trust women... we were just friends .. One day he was drunk and he told me he needed to talk to me.. it was like 5:30 am in Rome.. he told me there was this girl he liked a lot and when he told her how he felt she rejected him so I stayed the whole night with him on skype, making him smile and he cried.. he told me that he hated the idea of me being so far from him because if i was there he would be my boyfriend.. but that was something impossible for us (this showed me he's realistic about our situation and that he doesn't plan of breaking my heart).. so we keep talking.. and talking and we text on the phone also.. I think i may be falling for him and he treats me so good.. he calls me hun and babe but he knows this is something that cant happen.. Once I asked him that what were we.. and he said I was someone really special in his life that he loves to talk to.. and so is him to me.. I think I love him..

SadN3rd on May 09, 2012:

I need a word of advice - or any that differs from "loser". I think I'm exact match of the article. I fell in love with a nice girl (at least a girl with nice mind) but problem is - there thousands of kilometers between us. It isn't all problems, and, by the way, not main.Main problem is there's no chance to see her in real life. Perhaps, I'm so "lousy loser" enough to get satisfied by Internet-chattings. But at the moment - there's been no chattings. I just don't know how I should start - and should at all? It seems I won't suit her - one and only woman that makes me think she's better than me. (My opinion is nothing - but when I think so it is the part when I can consider fellings as love.) Worst of all - it is love of only one side. What the hell should I do - if should at all? She's simply the best. Everyone who thinks they can help - please write on my e-mail: sadn3rd@gmail[dot]com. For gods sake.

Advise? on May 07, 2012:

Okay I'm gonna make this short.

1) Lied to a guy about my age (said I was 17 when I'm 14.)

2) We talked for months about stuff and we kinda started to like each other

3) He wanted to meet up and I told him I couldn't. After he kept asking me about it I told him I couldn't cuz I lied about my age. After that he just said he didn't want to talk to me anymore. Should I feel like crap cuz I lied to him, try to put it behind me, or try to talk to him?

(Btw he is 35...but he never had a problem with being with a 17 year-old. I know it wasn't right to do that to someone but should I still be regretting it for over a year? totally open to your opinions and will not take any of them the wrong way. Thank you!

honeynana on May 06, 2012:

fall in love with someone we never meet !! yah b 4 we feel that it mush happen after many thing but it happen with me ...he very great for me ..miracle of love online

good luck

Me. on April 30, 2012:

I started talking to this guy over twitter about 5 months ago. It was weird how we started talking, it just happened, something pushed us together...

Over the past months we have become extremely close. I fell for him. It's so hard. I don't even know what he looks like. We would talk for HOURS, about everything, we are like the same person...but what's happened is this-we know we are close friends...he has to leave twitter. It's apparently too much of a distraction too him at this important time in his life...and I told him how I felt after he'd told everyone he was leaving....and he feels the same way. I feel awful. Because now he's gone...he had to leave. It's so painful. I don't know what to do. I'm so upset...

I have never met him. But I'm in love with him. I feel like a part of me is gone... :'(

grace on April 28, 2012:

i was friends with this guy for two years off the internet we talked on and off because he had a girlfriend and was 19 at the time. i was just happy to have him as a friend. we went a few months last year not talking due to falling out of touch, life circumstances. he developed feelings for me and i was in a relationship. this winter, we finally were both single and available. i'm 28 and he's 21. it's a very unlikely relationship, but over the course of the last few months, we decided to date and commit to each other. he has really been a source of strength for me and we have been through a lot of events already in which were realistic (family tragedy, sickness, and frustration of being apart). he is coming here in may, and there is a bond that i feel was there before we decided to give this a go. we are both very realistic about our relationship, and open about how we both feel. he has been nothing but honest with me, and i have been that for him. most of all he makes me happy and we both have our own separate lives, however, we realized love inherently is a choice. something you have to work on. i'm soooo excited and scared to see him, but we both have good heads on our shoulders and now we can enjoy finally being in the presence of one another and fall in love all over again :)

April Fool on April 01, 2012:

Well, what do you know, I'm not the only person on this earth who is going through this, but I think I am the biggest fool! Here I was, minding my own business, when I received a friend request on FB. Didn't think much about it, even took a few days to respond to it; but then I thought, what the heck, and added him. He was very friendly, and would sign on nearly every evening, looking for advice; he had had an amazing date with a woman, sent her flowers, presents, etc., but she wasn't in to him. I gave him advice, though I had never been through a similar situation, and we became friends. I am married, he is divorced, and we live approximately 500 miles away from each other, we clicked right from the start. Every day we would have long conversations, and gradually things began to change. I didn't want to acknowledge what I was beginning to feel; he was the first to say "I love you", and I still resisted. Even though my marriage has been going down hill for a long time, I still believe in the vows I took, and that what we were feeling was wrong. We continued to communicate through FB, and I finally gave in and admitted that I loved him too. Then he started to avoid me. At first it was 2 weeks, and when communication resumed he told me that he had to go away for him, because even though he loved me, he knew he couldn't have me. This sort of behavior has been going on for 1 year; either we will talk every day and I will be the happiest woman on the face of this earth, or he will stop all forms of communication. I need to be strong and end this. Problem is I do love him. It is not sexual, it is the sort of love, where you care more about the other person's well being and feelings than you do about your own, at least that is what I feel. He tells me he loves me, says he would go crazy if I wasn't in his life, needs me in his life. and then ignores me forever. Someone should hit me upside the head with a 2 X 4!!! I don't know how to get him out of my heart or my head... It gets to the point where I literally feel physical pain, not knowing how he is, if he is safe... I definitely need to be admitted to a Psych Ward!

jackie on March 27, 2012:

I'm so glad I found this. I met my best friend online. We've talked everyday for 4 years. We would chat for hours. We would talk in the morning until the next. It was insane. All we would do is go to sleep and then talk to each other whenever we woke up. He worked from home at the time. Ever since we met, there has been an instant connection. There's a bit of an age difference.. about 9 years. I'm 19 and he's 28. I start falling for him a year after we met, but I never said anything until I was 17, but being a good guy that he is, he didn't really make anything of it because of the age difference. but at that time I figured he didn't feel the same. He never flirted with me, he never tried anything like most guys, he showed no romantic interest. It was all just good fun with us. We would talk about everything and anything. I would go to him for anything. He told me I was the only person he talked to about things and he said I was always the first person he would go to tell things. and he called me his best friend. I called him my best friend. The connection i have with him, I don't have with any other person. I could never have it with anyone else. I know this. He's just so different from ANYONE I have ever met. I feel like I found a gem. He's perfect. He was perfect from the first day we talked until now. After 4 years I still haven't found a flaw in him. When I turned 18, I came to realize that we would never be together. I thought he had no interest in me. I had to move on in order to avoid feeling this way about him, but i still had to be his friend. I met another guy in real life, and we started a relationship pretty quick. The first week of my relationship with the new guy, my best friend online told me his true feelings for me. He told me he didn't want to say anything until I turned 18. He said it drove him crazy and that it affected his work life (at this time he had a job at an office). He said all he could think about is me. At that point, I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe he felt that way. He was SO good at hiding his feelings. I honestly had NO idea. I was an emotional wreck after that. I had a boyfriend and I just found out the guy I was trying to get over, told me how he felt. It made me relieved and happy, but I had something good with the new guy. I wasn't sure what to do. I was so stuck. I still am. Me and the best friend stopped talking for a good 4 or 5 months because we both didn't know what to do. I wasn't sure if i should have left the new guy or what. I was just so lost. I was deep into the relationship with the new guy. about a year into it. i really do love the "new" guy, he's a great person. but i will never feel that connection i feel with my best friend. EVER. they just do not compare. Now whenever I talk to my best friend, It's different. I still am madly in love with him, but i just don't know what to do. we're just in two different worlds right now. I'm in college and he's busy with work. I know he loves me still, he told me. but it hasn't gone anywhere from there. We're the same as we've always been. Just friends. But i find it hard to talk to him everyday. I want to be "with" him. I want to be able to hear him and touch him. but i can't. and i'm not sure if i ever will. and it kills me. i'm scared he's going to meet another girl.. and won't talk to me anymore. I feel like if i lose him, I'll lose the only person that will ever mean as much to me as he did. these feelings wont go away. they still remain after 4 years. even after not talking for long periods of time.. we always end up finding each other again. i feel like its impossible to keep away from him.

Wendy on March 26, 2012:

@Coritso, I believe you need to have trust, but if you trust him...I say go for it or you will always wonder "what if". I am so happy I trusted my instincts, my fiance really is the love of my life and totally trust him. I wish you the best of luck... Let me know how things go for you (if you don't mind)

coritso17 on March 25, 2012:

@Wendy. I'm really glad I had the chance to read your comment. Sometimes falling in love with someone on the internet seems so unreal, like it's hard to believe it could exist in real life. Your comment reminded me so much of why I want to meet the guy I'm talking to. Alot of things scare me about the situation itself, but I can't live the rest of my life wondering "what if"...

doesshe on March 23, 2012:

I wouldn't go as far as saying that Im in love with this person, Id say its more that "Im in like with her.."

For the last couple years Iv been attracted to this woman who I found attractive and figured she's beautiful and so that explains it. But in the last 6 months or so its gradually gotten stronger and its to the point Im wanting to say something to her about it.

I think she's attracted to me, I don't know-obviously that's the part I hate...But there's another dilemma. One that I won't express here, but will say Its like being a student in college who has a crush on a professor I guess, and that's as far as I'll go with that.

Iv caught her checking me out, lol But Im always checking her out! Only not in a dirty kind of way of course. She's beautiful and everything about her Im attracted too. I love her body, her hair, face, and she has this big beautiful mouth! I can't tell you how many dreams my minds gone off on, as silly as a simple walk on the pier or just making her laugh.

Then I realized one day that "what if I look like Im stalking her?" Or that Im over doing it-looking at her too much and what if its making her uncomfortable?? I was terrified over these thoughts because of course Im nothing like those things, I mean Im the one who's used to being sought after, Id never be that kind of person! I decided to ignore her from then on. I didn't look at her, and if I did I turned away. Every time I did that Id cringe to myself and would close my eyes shaking my head like, "what am I doing?" But Iv done this so it appeared I had no interest at all.

Well, it isn't true. I want to know her and tell her everything! I wish I knew for sure if she was interested, obviously it would make things so much easier. But I don't know how to even go about this.

The last few weeks Iv changed my times to later in the day where I know she's NOT there. I figured not seeing her anymore would take this crazy feelings away. "I think she deserves better then me" is what I keep telling myself. That there's someone out there that would make her much more happier then what I can do for her. After all Im at a time in my life where Im starting over, and Im sure she wants more from someone. I don't know anymore, Im confused..

Iv kept this to myself for so long. No one knows about her and that I feel this way. Her names Helen by the way. I had to say it. No one's going to know who that is anyway.

Anyway Im glad I found something like this and read some comments that I related to, making it not so odd as I thought. Im glad I expressed myself too because not telling anyone about this makes it even harder! Good luck to all of you in similar situations..

Taylinn on March 20, 2012:


I have been reading all these stories, and i came to a conclusion.. I may be falling for him. im not sure..

I just met him a few months ago. Infact i met him on New Year.

i thought i was deeply in love with my ex of almost 3 years.. And since i had gotten a new android phone, i was trying to download some apps.

funny thing was, i saw an app called Badoo, i was curious thinking it was something with pandas (bamboo) haha i know im so lame -________-

Anywho, its turned out it had nothing to do with pandas hahaha. Badoo is a dating site.

Back to my story.. this so called Jacob guy messaged me saying, "Happy New Year!"

I saw the message and his picture and i said "well hes okay looking so i might as well distract myself" (by the way his picture was small so i couldnt teally see him q: )

i ended up messaging him back wishing him a happy new year.

he told me he was on his way for a basketball game (he's a college basketball player)

and that he had been in the bus for 12 hours.

We kept messaging eachother, asking questions and what not.

The thing is, i felt so comfortable messaging him as if i knew him already. I felt at ease, i actually looked forward on messaging. Im not really a flirt, infact thats not my thing.

I have been messaging him nonestop since January 1st, 2012.

Of course he wouldnt flirt with me, but as the weeks passed, we became really friendly with eachother. we're really good friends, and flirt ocasionally. he messages me "goodmorning beautiful" everyday day and "good night beautiful, mauhhhh!!!" everynight. (which causes me to get butterflies in my stomach)

i have learned so much about him, he's almost 20, 6'2, beautiful smile, amazing pesonality, a gamer, light brown hair and brown eyes, I swear he is a younger version of Chris Gorham c; he's only had ONE girlfriend in his whole life (that really touched me) and sooooo much more.

anyways, one day we were playing around and somehow the convesation leaded us agreeing that we are getting married (this summer on June 2nd)

I would DO anything for that to come true.

i live in San Antonio Texas, and he lives in Willinston North Dakota. we are about 3,315 miles away yet i feel as if he were right next to me.

yesterday (3/18/12) he confessed that I.. I was the only girl he felt comfortable with.. That he had a overwhelming want to hug me.. As i read it i couldnt help but shed a tear and smile.. A smile from ear to ear. I want to tell him how i feel but im so scared to get rejected or to stop talking/messaging him. I would miss him too much!

As much as i try, i cant help but think he's perfect. Not just physically but from the inside. his personality in beautiful, he says he has flaws but as much as i try i cant seem to find any. we have so much in common we even think alike. And i dont know what to do. I really dont ): I would do ANYTHING for him. I feel like he's my soul mate, the love of my life. My better half. My father might be moving to Montana, and if he does i'll move with him that way i'll be a few miles away from Jacob.

He says im beautiful inside and out, he makes me feel wanted, loved, happy. he doesnt even need to try to make me smile. Just receiving a small message brightens up my day, and when we dont talk i cant help but frown....

I wish June 2nd will come true. theres so much more i have to say about him, but this is already TOO long. What can i do?? Is this really love?? i dont know.. but the only thing i know is that he's all i think about, and he is a VERY important to me.

Wendy on March 19, 2012:

@coritso17, I met a man on the internet that lives in Egypt and I live in America, so he is half way around the world. I just got back from Egypt 2 days ago for the second time and I am more in love with him than ever! He is the most loving, caring, wonderful man I have ever met. We are getting married as soon as I can get him here. If for some reason he cannot get a visa for the US, I plan to move to Egypt. I can't imagine my life without him. Two people with different cultures can work, but there has to be understanding and patience between one another. You will always wonder "what if" if you never meet him...that's why I went to Egypt. My family and friend's thought I was nuts (well, most of them). I have no regrets, but I would have if I never went. Good luck!

Sarah. on March 19, 2012:

I'm in a relationship with a girl that I met online. Ive been with her for almost 3months and still haven't met her because she lives in another state. We text everyday. And are on the phone constantly. The second I walk through the door from school I call her. We stay on the phone all night even while we are sleeping. And when it's 3am my time it's 6 her time so she wakes me up everyday at 3 and I talk to her till she leaves for school. We also Skype. I love her so much. I feel like I want to spend the rest of my life with her because she is perfect. We're complete opposites but so good together. Yes, we fight and we have our problems but so does every relationship. We plan to meet each other on summer break in may. I know that meeting her is going to be amazing.

Tim on March 17, 2012:

I read all your stories,and it really hit me. I think my story is kind of weird...I used to think that I love this man whom I never know does exist or not.I keep on dreaming a man beside me with a blurred face,I cant see clearly his face,and I think his the one for me,but can it really happen?

Im 21,yeah I know Im still young ,but all I ever want is to find the man I love,the only man,I wish to fall in love once and I'd love that to be my forever,but Im afraid that maybe he doesn't exist.I keep on searching online,I made friends,but I can't find him.

Sometimes I used to think I'll just have to wait,but what if I just pass the chance of being inlove?

My friends who were now happy in their love life,keep telling me to find someone and be happy,but I can't,I keep on looking but I can't find,or what if I found it but then I let it passed because Im afraid his not...yeah,Im kind of a hopeless romantic. I want to share this doubt in my mind and I hope someone here can understand and can share some advice for me...

It would be great,

Best regards.

Manon on March 14, 2012:

All similar stories! It hurts like a m*therf*cker when u fall in love with someone over the internet. I'm telling you, it's possible! I fell in love with a girl about 6 years ago. We used to talk everyday for hrs. And if we coudn't talk, I'd ring her phone once, just to let her know i was thinking of her. She did the same.. Sent lots of sms, mails etc. Then i got back to 'reality', my life in my own environment. And now after years we're back in contact. Not as much as back then, but every now n then we talk and i miss her. Eventho i haven't ever met her, i miss her. She understands me, she knows me, the way i think etc. I think of her 24/7, but it hurts like hell!! I'm sure we'll meet this year, thats gonna happen. But after that... who knows? we live far away from eachother in 2 totally different worlds... We'll see! I'll keep on doing my thing and who knows what will happen!

Salman on March 11, 2012:

I hav a gf she sayz she luvs mee more den i du n she vl die without mee.. i luv her too very much thing iz v met onlyn on farmstory v hav tok on phone n vdo callz etc.. she sed she vl call mee as soon as possible but she txted me aftr 4 dayz n she sed she was not well one tym b4 she sed da same thing wen she came after 7 dayz.. she swears on god that she never lies..she is lyk shel only marry me..plz help wat yew think she is lyin or not..

sara on March 06, 2012:

hi ever body

coritso17 on March 04, 2012:

i posted on here like a year ago. i was talking to a guy online from another country. i'm american. i got so confused by whether it was worth meeting or not. i mean we are from completely different cultures and i started to question whether what i thought this love was could actually exist for real. but i tried to say goodbye and didnt talk to him for about 5-6 months. every day i thought of him. i tried so hard to move on but i'd remember stuff we used to talk about and seeing him on his webcam. i don't know what to do. it's been 4 years since we started talking at first. i know these feelings will never go away unless i meet him. it's just so dangerous to meet someone from across the world. can i really spend the rest of my life thinking, "did i ruin the most amazing thing that could have happened to me in my life?"

marion on March 03, 2012:

I am in love with someone I have never met physically.It is the best. We are planning our vacation together for my birthday. We are both looking forward to a long and loving relationship. I will let you'll know the results.

ohmygod on February 16, 2012:

and also, for all this time, we've never met even once. of course i feel sick at times. i wanted to end the relationship but he's just begging me to stay, he's just too sweet, and i know i cant be without him. so then we made up and things get back to normal. i just keep thinking what's the consequences of being in this kind of relatinoship. i mean my heart says that i should go on, because we're both happy. we both love each other so much, but my brain just tells me to end this because this isn't going anywhere. i really dont know what to doo

ohmygod on February 16, 2012:

i'm currently dating a guy i have never met. the relationship's been going on for 2 years. i'm personally a realistic girl. i've never believed in online dating or things like that. i've never believeed love can happen without ever meeting face to face.

honestly, i'm not that hopeless romantic type of girl. a lot of boys are chasing me and i've been in a relationship with a really cute guy for 2 years before.

I really didnt know what was on my mind when i started a relationship with this guy. he just got me. everybody knows that i'm not that kind of girl who easily falls in love. i'm that girl who reject boys' love for me. i mean i'm looking for perfection in a guy. but this guy is just.. i mean he's not perfect but i just feel sooo good when talking to him. i know for sure we're made for one another. i'm positive that i'm in love head over heels with him and i know when i'm in love. i know that i dont like him because of his character or whatever. i know i love him for whatever he is. even if he doesnt turn out to be like what i've always expected him to be, i really think i would still love him. i really never felt this way before. i'm that girl who thinks falling in love over the internet and all that is bullshit but now i'm one. i really love him but i just dont think this relationship is going anywhere.. i dont even know what to say

in love girl on February 14, 2012:

Hi everyone! definetely you can fall in love with someone on internet... I did actually!

I met this guy approximately 4 years ago and since then we never loose contact. Despite of our different cultures we always agreed in almost everything and like almost the same things; but now we are kind of separated. We dont speak as we used to and I really miss him... becouse of our personal activities is why we didnt have the chance to actually meet in person... but i know that one day we will... well, I hope so... love has to be stronger.

So you guys dont loose faith... If it is what God wants for you it will be the best...

louise on February 01, 2012:

I thank that you can fall in love with some one you've never met. It happens all the time, people talk and talk for years. I would love to have an on-line relationship with some one. Im more then shore we will met in time. I say never say never cause you never know what might happen.

Wendy on January 28, 2012:

@ laci...He may be getting tired of 'just' an on-line relationship, especially if there is no hope of being together. It may not mean that he doesn't love you, but he may need human contact after so many years. He also may have met someone, you can't be sure unless you ask him. Six years is a long time without meeting for anyone to hold things together. Good luck...

laci on January 27, 2012:

i to am in this situation..i met this itialian-american man online but after 6 years we havent met he says he love me and i him but we havent met..we have text and talked all these years but now he dont want to text.he says he hates to text..he never has before..why would he lie and not want to text anymore if he has loved me for 6 he tired and done with me..anyone help if you can

Lucas on January 23, 2012:

I love all women. However, I fell in love with a girl and I am still loving her but we talked just thirty minutes one year ago. I cannot forget her. Perhaps, I will not.

bi80 on January 13, 2012:

@kim:( here me out. Im a woman who recently ended a relationship like yours. I understand how devastating it may be. But 4 years?! And you live close and you didnt do anything about it? Meet her, go see her, go out together or whatever. Are you sure her parents are the only reason why she has to hide you? Only because you ve met online/txt (whatever) and not in a bar? Come on. I know 4 years sounds like a tremendous amount of time to spend with someone, but you two have never really met. So dont scare her off by offering marriage, taking care of her financially... My suggestion would be to meet her first (if you can still contact her and ask her to give you a chance to see her in person). If she does, take it slowly, dont make plans for the next 100 years outloud infront of her. Give her a chance to accept you in real world. Make the transition smoothly.

God! What would i have given to have been even on the same continent as him.

Good luck! Dont forget to let us know the outcome. Wish u luck

Kim :( on January 11, 2012:

2008,i as asked a friend of mined to find someone who is looking for a text mate..sms messaging. At first, it was awkward, then later on we feel like connected to each other. We texted everyday...that was during college. I never doubt..i was falling in love with her...2009 our relationship has becoming more than friends..we exchange i love you messages..and stuff like that..She became my girlfriend..for the past 2 years..we havent meet each other..we just call and send some sms..i wasnt able to find another girl...i knew i honestly love her. Her parents were preventing such relationships to happen..

2 more years..we had so many plans..i wanna meet her..but circumstances wont allow. Its getting too long..i already loss my patience..but love keeps me more stronger each day... until... last day..we end up everything...i can accept the fact, that this virtual girl,i knew from the phone, whome i been inlove with would give up our relationship without even giving both of us a chance to see each other.

She was 23, and im 25..We are both university graduate already..been working for more than 2 years now.. I am not reach..her family was a middle class...somehow richer...i dont have fancy cars..But surely i could take care of her..

Im so down..i almost loss my job..i cant either concentrate..i working too hard because of her..i was like a broken glass hard to fix. She my inspiration..without her..i dont know what would i be.

She was pretty..i had her pictures..its not really about physical thing that matters..its how this person could relate to you..and how much you are connected deep inside. The joy that i could feel when i receive an sms from this woman couldnt be if she was completing my day.

I could be ok if i loss my job, then still i could lean to her..i still have it wont be harder for me to find one..But now,i loss her..and im losing my job...i feel like im doomed!

She was thinking of getting a job, so she could be free from her walled environment..i will support her.. I just cant imagined how she easily give up ...

She keeps tellin me that she was the problem..and that she couldnt find a way to get over from her parents..and that she is causing the pain and frustration i feel..which i also think is isnt necessary..since i am already immune to it for over 4 years...

Now, i wanna see her..thats just making me more aggressive to do this things which i haven't done for so long..i know, she loved me more than i do...but is it really possible that she go back again?

She wants freedom? she wants space, time to think about..She wanted to be freed from the guilt she feel when her parents would try to scrutinized her for having a hidden relationship with me..

We keep it secret ..only 2 or 3 persons knew about us..were just less than 200KM away..and i know that isnt far enough..when i can go driving more than that last weekend with my family.

What should be the odds that i could see her? Im not really quite sure about this..but i wanna see her and talk in person... She called it a stop to our relationship last 2 days ago..that really hurts..apart from losing a really suck right now...

No worries, im not a suicidal just so down atm.. lately been at the gym..i can really pull 100% of my really affected...this virtual break up has made me look invaluable.


our names have the same starting letters..and have the same number of characters...we do have couple names as well..ei.. maria elouisa martiniz, Johan Michael Gustav..somthing like that..we do have a lot of things in common..i wish i could change her mind..i really broken hearted. ...guys//i need you help..

email me:

Ginge on January 10, 2012:

I feel terrible in all honesty. I have been in a relationship for a year and a half now, but for the past month or so the relationship has completely died, nothing we do seems to have any effect.

A few months prior to this I got speaking to an old friend again there hadn't been any sexual past between us or anything like that, but as we got more and more in touch with each other I realised just how much this old friend means to me and now I can't get her out of my head and I know that she feels the same way.

What do I do? Follow my heart and take a risk, or try and fix what is left?

bi80 on December 22, 2011:

@ wendy, thank you for your best wishes but our circumstances are very complicated. Good luck to you, hope things turn up great for you.

Wendy on December 21, 2011:

@ bi80, Well have to tell you that nothing is impossible if you both want it bad enough. My fiance lives 5,500 miles away. I have been to see him once and I had the best time with him. I am going back in March while we are going through the immigration process for him to move here. I feel the same way, I have never been so in love and I can't wait to wake up to him every morning. Good luck, I know what it's like to be so far away from the person you love the most.

bi80 on December 20, 2011:

Hi everyone! It is so possible! I met a guy by chance, playin a game, we started talking and had alot to talk about. We made eachother laugh :). I needed it, he needed it and we developed this strong bond where everything seemed to click so perfectly. We talked every day for a year and we fell for eachother hard, i think i never loved anyone as much. We live on different continents and both have lives so we hardly stood a chance of meeting in reality. Anyways, the whole thing became too painfull for me, knowing that we dont have any future together and knowing that we re stuck in our online world, so i decided to leave. It hurts, i still love him and i know we could have made it work if we got the chance. Not in this life i suppose. I love you my sexy stranger

Wendy on December 16, 2011:

@ Cookie

I met my fiance on-line and he is from Egypt. We have been talking on-line for almost a year and I went to meet him this past September and had the best time. I plan to go back in March and meet his family, then hopefully he will move here in the US with me. That is the plan anyway. It will all depend on immigration. He would like me to move there, but I can't because of my daughter. When we met on-line it started out as just a friendship, now he turns out to be the love of my life.

You should tell him how you feel because he could very possibly feel the same way. At least you will know. Nothing is impossible.

Good luck :)

Cookie on December 14, 2011:

I can't believe this topic even exists. I thought I was weird, but now seeing all those comments and experiences... it gives me hope. Thanks to you all for that!

So, here's my story...

I had interest in Asian cultures from a very early age. So, with no actual expectations, I signed on to a specific website dedicated for finding friends, dating, anything really. One day I searched through database of people there and this one particular guy caught my attention. He didn't have much of a descripton written, but I thought he's interesting, so I wrote to him saying hi. We started talking on the internet, and with each day, I believed we were getting closer. We've been talking for more than a year now and I always enjoy it. He makes me laugh, understands my problems even though we're from another country. He's in Asia and I'm from Europe... I'm always looking forward talking to him because he makes me happy and I believe I'm in love. I never directly told him that I love him or that I like him in this way and he didn't either. But there are moments when he says how cute I am and gives me compliments sometimes. I do to. Probably more then he does. Anyway, I'm just torn, because I would like to know how he feels and I don't want him to think I'm weird because I believe that I'm in love with him even though we've never met. I'd do anything to actually see him, but can't afford the trip there.

jamila on November 05, 2011:

I found the article and this answer today, and I started reading..because this topic is interesting to me .. I was wondering if I was blessed or others share the same experience. The way I met my husband was in this manner.. he called our house.. I answered the phone and it was the wrong number.. some how we got talking and spent about half and hour in the phone that night.. next morning..he called again and we talked some more..before I know what's going on we were in love.. and we thought we should meet in person.. I was having health problems at the time and was hard for me to leave the house, so he sen me a photo of him so that when he do come to our home I would know him.. to me the pic was not all that important .. but I needed it to see who I was talking to..kind of complete the picture.. finally he did come.. I though how I should meet him and what i should wear and finally i choose to go with a natural look..simple cloth and no make up and hair is hard to put into word how I felt when we finally got to see each make long story short..we been married for 20 years now..we have 3 lovely kids. If I can go back in time I will not change a thing

Don'tStopBelievin' on October 03, 2011:


I think that you should go for it, but if he does start pulling the same old crap as before you should break all ties with him and just move on with you life. I know it's going to be hard to do and you will probably think about him a lot at first, but in the end I believe that it will all be worth it. You can't just sit around wasting your life away waiting for him to a make a move that he probably never will. And the more attached you get to him the harder this is going to be and its not fair for you.

I wish you the best of luck!! :)

bot99 on October 03, 2011:

how quick can you fall for somebody when you have never met them? i really like this girl i met in a chatroom and i feel these emotions that make me think im falling for her though ive met her in this chatroom only 3 days ago. its crazy but i cannot help feeling this way.

Sophiemae on September 11, 2011:


Its so good to know other people have similar problems to me!Your all so great but i need help! Ive met this boy and hes 4 years older than me in school but im totally mad about him, any comments or advice would be fantastic, thank you!!!!


Wendy on September 03, 2011:

@Pamela,I will! I am getting so excited to go...I leave in 5 days ;-)

Pamela on August 31, 2011:

@Wendy My god girl! Tell us what happened!!! And most importantly... Tell us how HE welcomes YOU at the airport! ;)

Wendy on August 29, 2011:

@ flagirl, Good luck! I am traveling almost 5500 miles to Egypt next week to meet a man that I have been talking to for months through email, text, skype and phone calls. I have to know if he is the person that I think he is. I am head over heals in love with him and look forward to every bit of correspondence as well. It's difficult at times to have such strong feelings for someone so far away. I wish you the best!!!

flagirl on August 28, 2011:

I have been in contact with a guy that I went to high school with 23 years ago. We never went out then. He recently friend requested me on FB. We started talking on the phone and have since been in constant contact through phone, skype and text. We have come to know each other from the inside and are meeting next week. I have no doubt that we have a really strong connection and it may even be love. For the past few days I have been telling him I love him after I hang up the phone. I look forward to every phone call text and message from him. It almost hurts I want to see him so badly. He lives 1000 miles away. I hope it is real. I will repost after our meeting next week!

naomi on August 19, 2011:

my yahoo id is i want someone from usa because am from there

naomi on August 19, 2011:

am looking for the right man .......... I am looking for some one who honest caring,lovely,passionate,respectful,trustful,some one who don't lie some one who always tell the truth some one with good heart and some one with always in believe of what ever is doing

BrownEyeGirl91 on August 16, 2011:

I'm glad to read that im not the only one who believes they can fall in love w/someone but never meeting them in person.

Here is my story. I would love some advice.

Started talking to a guy i met on yahoo chat 6 years ago. At the time he was stationed in Iraq and was going through a divorce. We talked several times a day for at least 3-4 months. I ended getting very attached and thought i was falling in love with him. He came home and we still talked on the phone alot. He lives a 1000 miles away in a different state. For whatever reason we never met in person. ( I regret it to this day) He started dating someone and same with me and we stopped talking. Couple years later he messaged me and we would talk for a week or 2 and then i wouldnt hear from him. I dont know how i did it but i shut all my emotions off and got on with my life. He started talking to me again in Dec2009 and we both agreed i would fly out and see him asap. Then he just stopped returning my texts and emails. Ididnt want to seem desperate so i left it alone and once again tried to stop thinking about him. He has been back overseas since Jan 2011 and once again he resumes talking to me. AT the time he left he had a girlfriend but they ended up breaking up around March. At first when he messaged me it was strictly friend talk. Nothing about meeting up or sex. Probably about a month ago we have become more personal again and talk about meeting when he comes back from overseas. At this point i dont want to go down the same road i have been for 6 years but i truely love and care about him deeply. I dont know what to do. I'm afraid when he comes home it will be the same old crap again and we will stop talking. One plus is he wants to move to a different state where some of his family is to go back to school. If he ends up moving i will only be 2 hours away. So i have no idea what i should do!! Sometimes i just want to cut all ties with him to save myself from a broken heart once again.

moneycop from JABALPUR on August 12, 2011:

you have enlighten a new aspect here...thank u

gub^^ on August 09, 2011:

i met someone from an online game 2 months first i am very hesitant to get involve with a stranger that i hardly know..but before i came to my senses...i am already inclined to him more than any other guy i've met before...he's more than the person id like to be with for the rest of my life..someone id like to see before i close my eyes at night...we shared common ideas and feelings..we love each other so well that we don't mind if we're apart...he's from another town 5hours by car..recently i just woke up wanting more..i wanted to meet him but he refused..he wasn't ready...confusions invades my mind...but still i remained inlove with him..i trust him so much that if i will be at the loosing end..i won't feel any regret..for once in mylife i loved someone this much!!!

renne belducea on August 03, 2011:

great hub... i´m having a similar situation haha... i love a guy from another part of the world .. im mexican and he´s from belgium ....thing is that we´ve being friends for about 3 years ,,and ehmmmm seven months ago he told me that he was falling for me..... i ddnt know how to react haha.. i was in shock .... before that i had a relationship with a guy for 4 years... he helped me so much to over take my depression ... time passed and i realized how much i care ´bout him ..i love him ...and my love grows every single day moreee and moreee ... its like breathing dont know how to stop ..... this guy is awesome, he has bad things like everybody but i do accept him as he accepts me .... so you can tell that it´s possible to love someone THROUGH internet.. its possible to express things in a crazy way only comes, without asking whether you agree or not, just come, and makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, makes you dream about the love of your life, no matter how you met, only matters to find ways to reach him, and show that what you feel is true....peace....

Wendy1 on July 18, 2011:

Thank you for your reply Olavin, you have given me hope that we can really be together. I miss him every day. I am happy to here things worked out for you and your wife. It's nice to hear a happy ending, or should I say a happy beginning :) Anyway, I realize this will require a lot of patience and hard work, but he is worth it. Thank you again for giving me hope.

Olavin on July 18, 2011:

Thanks Wendy for reminding me I have a post here, so here's a little update from my post 15 months ago. I was finally granted my visa shortly after that and flew to the U.S. in May of last year where I finally met my now wife, and we have been happily married for just over a year. I've learned that when two people love each other enough they'll have have the patience and perseverance to make anything possible.

Wendy1 on July 17, 2011:

I find myself head over heals in love with a guy who I've been talking to on-line and on skype for hours on end. He's from about long distance, huh? I don't fall in love easily, in fact I am rather jaded when it comes to men, but I fell in love so quickly with him. He is everything I've been looking for my whole life. He is smart funny, sensitive, sweet and I am so attracted to him. We spend endless hours on skype together, in fact he will stay up all night (6 hours time difference) talking to me even though he has to work the next day. We are able to talk about everything together, religion, politics, relationships, sex...everything. We say I love to each other 10 times a day, but now what? Here I have a man I am so in love with and he is over 5,400 miles away. We have talked about me going there to visit and then him coming here (much harder for him to get a visa than me). He told me he would live anywhere with me and I feel the same way about him. Sometimes I just feel like this is unrealistic, but then I feel like if we want it bad enough we can make it happen. I haven't told my family for fear they will think I am nuts, but I have told a couple of close friends. They say go for it, but I feel like they are just humoring me. Somebody please tell me I'm not crazy for wanting this so badly!

sofaraway on July 10, 2011:

recently iv been talking to a guy that i met on fb.. we started emailing and chatting about many things.. and we lasted almost a month before he gave me his phone number.. then it took me a while to call him.. i was nervous. then out of the blue i called him and since then we have been talking on the phone and emailing each other txting, chatting.. its so wonderfull to get to knwo him.. we still havent met hes 9 hrs away from me.. we are planning on meeting each other soon.. we send picture to one another.. we both know what we look like. hes cute he says im pretty.. so when we meet we just have to see what happens.. if things work out or not.. have faith and hope everything goes well. I also think that when you're not able to hold that person close to you and see them and kiss them on a regular basis. It bonds you closer so that when you finally do meet.. it'll be magical. One day I'll be able to experience that magic with him if we meet

sofaraway on July 10, 2011:

recently iv been talking to a guy that i met on fb.. we started emailing and chatting about many things.. and we lasted almost a month before he gave me his phone number.. then it took me a while to call him.. i was nervous. then out of the blue i called him and since then we have been talking on the phone and emailing each other txting, chatting.. its so wonderfull to get to knwo him.. we still havent met hes 9 hrs away from me.. we are planning on meeting each other soon.. we send picture to one another.. we both know what we look like. hes cute he says im pretty.. so when we meet we just have to see what happens.. if things work out or not.. have faith and hope everything goes well. I also think that when you're not able to hold that person close to you and see them and kiss them on a regular basis. It bonds you closer so that when you finally do meet.. it'll be magical. One day I'll be able to experience that magic with him if we meet

FallingInLove on July 02, 2011:

I saw a boy, we fell in love but we were so shy that we didn't give to each other our facebooks or something.. I WANT TO SEE HIM AGAIN, OR JUST TALK TO HIM.. please help me :''(

sarah on June 30, 2011:

i love some1 from over the internet but u shudnt cuz ull onlyy get hurt in the end xxx

devious on May 29, 2011:

6months ago I met this guy online on a social networking website. Am not a type to be on the online dating site, coz having that fear of meeting up with a complete weirdo or just having this feeling like am being desperate. Anyways this guy and I hit if off like a house on fire. We would talk for 6hours or even the whole day thru instant messaging, email and also skype. I truly recommend to people who consider online dating is to skype with the person they are chatting to. Me and this guy gotten so close that we would leave our skype on even when we had nothing to say to each other. It seems really weird but it was a way for us to get close to each other, for us to bond, because we have a huge distance between us (he lives in US I live in the UK) so it more felt like we were hanging out. But the more closer and comfortable we got the deeper our feelings became. And it scared the living day lights out of me, I thought I was crazy for falling for him. But I had to say something coz what scared me the most was if he one day decided to not talk or skype with me and that he had met someone else. So I told him and I discovered that I wasn't the only one. He felt the same way but was scared because he too never been this kind of a situation before. So from then on I stopped talking to other guys or going on dates. And so did he, and now we are in a relationship, even tho we haven't physically met we both know what we are feeling is real. At first I was really scared of telling my friends about him and now they all love him and can't wait for him to come and visit me. And same goes with him. The weirdest this was when we were getting to know each other it felt like we were catching up, like we have already met. I'm so excited to seeing him in person. We even planned that we would move in with each other.

All in all love is the strangest and the most unpredictable thing in the world, you will never know when its gonna hit you n when it does it hits you hard.

123 on May 23, 2011:

good luck! I am also going to Europe next week actually same story as yours Bunni :) except we are very formal now and very serious about being toghether and marriage. Everyone in my family is freaking out and does not want me to go since they feel as if I am risking my life and that there are so many other guys not just him. I love him of that I am sure. I am also scared but I cannot wonder what if. We know all there is to know about each other but my family thinks he is a stranger and me going overseas is life threatening (which I can agree). I will be studying there and getting to know him just hope all goes well. Wish me luck too!

Facebook on May 22, 2011:

@311714- good luck dear...

Bunni on May 21, 2011:

I understand this, I always disagreed with things but never got into it. Then I met someone over the internet from a completely different country. And we both admitted that we couldn't just stay friends, really it was an attraction right away. We get along amazingly and I swear even people who has known me for years and been close to me don't know me half the way he does. He knows me sometimes better then I do. I remember for a bit he was forced into the army, at EVERY chance he had he would talk to me or send a picture of him in uniform. And when he got home, the first thing he asked was if I could talk on the phone. He sounded dead, tired and just told me to talk since he missed my voice. He still does it, has a bad day, just likes to listen to me talk. And I am the same way with him, he pretty much had me from the moment we first talked.

Its rather scary, we are both pretty young. (but of age) This summer I am actually going to Europe (I live in the US) to see him. I don't want to spend time wondering WHAT IF. Sure I believe everything happens for a reason, but I do believe that we make mistakes out of that... I don't expect perfection, I just expect the boy I've been talking to with a few quirky things. I don't expect a flawless physical appearance, even though I have seen him on Cam hundreds of times and find him beyond beautiful.

It wasn't a choice to end up falling for someone, it just happened. I never saw it coming, but I sure in hell did the moment I talked to him and afterwards waited for him to talk to me again...

Its been 7 months, It will be around 10 months that I have known him when I go to see him. Though he did end up breaking his promise, and told me he loved me about a month ago. (: It was sweet and I know probably very soon to say it, we're both idiots; especially me for being a young female going to a foreign country (I will be with a friend a chunk of the time in europe so its not SO bad) But, wish me luck!

317714 on May 19, 2011:

I agree with some of you, while I disagree with some of you. It seems like a lot of us have had the similar situation. I have been in love with someone that lives 2,000 miles away from me for about 2 years. Although, I have never told that person this, making it really difficult to have some conversation, so I find it very hard to get over. It hurts a lot knowing that the person you have clicked the most with lives no where near you. I wish that person knew this and he probably never will because I guess I just do not have the guts to tell him. The situation is a little hard to explain, therefore, it makes it harder to be able to tell him. I know that it is love, because, I have never felt anything this strong in my whole entire life. I literally dream about this person, at least once a week when I am sleeping. Believe me, it's not my choice to do so. I feel almost psychotic telling all of you this but it's the only way I can get it out without any of you knowing who I am since this is pretty anonymous to me. If any of you could give me a word of advice, that would be fantastic. Thank you.

Facebook on May 17, 2011:

@jessi -- i completely agree with you..even before i fell into different situations ..i would critisize people nd think they r so dumb to fall fr smthing like now i have realized nything can happen to is totally unexpected

jessi on May 17, 2011:

i always judge pple wrongly when they told me abt online dating.and how they can have crush on pple and even fall in love without knowing the person in real life.i will make a comment;are you crazy or are you going bannanas?am in one of the best universities in west africa and loving a psycology student.i always call my friends who are into that as launatics!one way/the other i start chating on line and i was lovin it and still am.abt 14days now,a guy have a crush on me on the site.he is cute!photo looking.he said am very beautiful and that he does not belive am we decided to video chat on skype.dear jesus i could not belive my own eyes.he is hot.he also says the same about me.we chat abt 2hrs.we exchange phone numbers.we start calling each other each and everyday.i cant stay a minute without thinking abt him wishing him to be mine.i think am falling in love.and i cant tell my friends...they will laugh at me and tease me to the God i cant believe this is happening to me.i think i will explode any momemt without him.i have to go now he is calling advice is we shouldn't judge pple in any situation they found theirselves....because we can be in that same situation and do worse things than they did.

Facebook on May 14, 2011:

hey i met this guy on facebook....n i kind of really liked him .nd in our 4th conversation i told him that i kiked him coz i had exams cuming up nd i cudnt concentrate...he is a doctor ...nd im s medical student myself so thought he would undersatnd....he replies saying that everybody goes thru such phases in life ..we should know our priorities at that point of life and wished me for my examz .....wat does that mean ,,,do i have a chance or ive lost it...

mallows on May 13, 2011:

i have a friend and im so sick of her talks.. she told her parents that she is getting married after texting a guy she NEVER met, for ten freaking daysssssss.... is she dumb or what?? im fed up with her talks.. its too unrealistic!!!!

mallows on May 13, 2011:

i have a friend and im so sick of her talks.. she told her parents that she is getting married after texting a guy she NEVER met, for ten freaking daysssssss.... is she dumb or what?? im fed up with her talks.. its too unrealistic!!!!

Silver TD on May 11, 2011:

I have done the strangest thing. I have fallen in love with someone I never met. Call me an idiot, call me irresponsible, call me a dreamer, fine. had you asked me ten years ago if i thought this possible I would have looked at you like you had 2 heads but... I have introspected this some and came up with something i wanted to share with you having read most of your stories. Falling in love with someone you never met not only makes sense, I submit its a more lasting foundation for love everlasting. Normally, you meet someone in a club, or at a party and you have a physical attraction and then upon meeting, perhaps even dating, you learn if they have the qualities you are looking for in a life mate. I cant tell you HOW many times that failed _ I don't have the time to share all the stories but perhaps another time. In short, shes got the LOOK I like but the rest of the makeup doesn't mesh with what Im looking for. So playing a game online I met a young lady living halfway across the country and in playing we became friends. After a year, the possibility begane to arise in my mind..." why NOT her?" She is the one that i most like being with - why NOT??? We share the same goals,values, passions, except for one thing...I thought, " what does she LOOK like?" - In short, if I have found the ONE and she is NOT Charlize Theron am I an idiot for not falling in love??...of course not, she is an average American girl - pretty but not PERFECT and you know what. That's PERFECT - By 2011 - I plan to make her my wife. Its not the shell that will sustain a marriage in hard times. Its the soul. Give me a soulmate over a pretty shell anytime.

mimmy on May 09, 2011:

hey guys, it's very interesting to read all of your stories. Well I will tell you mine. I've always attracted any guy I wanted. I met more than 20 persons for real after we've contacted each other on the internet. So I'm really experienced in this. I don't mean specifically dating, but my best friends,like Half of my life and more than half of the persons I know, and the persons I work with and are good friends, are persons I met them 1st on the internet. Even so, I always said to myself that falling for someone you haven't met yet is not real and serious. Cause I would always just befriend on inet and then after a month or two of talking (sometime only a week) we would meet each other for real and become real friends. The thing is... I've fallen in love with someone I haven't met yet. He's living in USA, I am in Europe. At the beginning we were just chatting and after 2 days I told him I wanna hear him so that I would know I talk to a real guy and stuff like that. So we started talking on skype (just talking, no webcaming cause he didn't have one at that time) I told him that that's not enough (quoting myself: you might be a 60 smth years old pedophile - since I am only 18 lol) so he proved how smart he is and he took a picture of himself holding a big whiteboard in his hands and there was written: hey X(my name), I am real! That totally impressed me. I've spent hours and hours and days talking to him, exchanging photos daily, it was amazing cause I would never spend so much of my time to talk to someone. I found him funny cause he said all the time: we would look good together, we would be a really nice couple and we might have really nice kids. LOL, it was funny, and so a month had passed and I found myself that the only thing I was thinking about was how to get to my computer faster or how to upgrade my phone package so that I could call him more often (the same way he was calling me). He knows everything about me, he even talked to my parents, my brother, they all know about him as well and I've showed them videos with him and photos and stuff so it's like he is a part of my family already but we haven't met yet ((( I also talked to his dad, his family knows about me and everything is really freaking serious! and I love it :) It's been already 3 months since we've been talking, communicating, even doing THINGS in real time, He has dozens of videos of mine, and I also have that so we both certainly know the way we look for real. We also had fights, I cried, I was hurt, I hurt him as well but we would always make up. Even though I haven't met him yet, he is more real to me than any other guy I dated b4(and I dated like 5-6 guys). We have our own plans and the only thing we think about, and we've been thinking about since we've confessed to each other what we feel is how to get to meet for real and be 2gether for real. The problem is with my age and the country I live in. And I really don't have enough money so that I could afford to go to US by myself and start living there, even though that's my biggest wish. He's studying at university but he also has a job, not that well payed so he's trying to find some other one as well so that he could come here to be with me. But I always tell him that I don't want him to come here cause the best for both of us would be if I would go there , cuz the country where I live in is freakin poor and I don't want him to be here. Anyways if I am not going to find a way to go to US any soon he said he's gonna come here and after that, he's gonna go back to US to apply for my marriage visa. crazy stuff really crazy, and to tell u smth I have no doubt we will be soon 2gether for real, IDK how that's gonna happen but it will and I am not afraid of ''what if we won't like each other'', cause that's impossible after sharing the amount of photos and videos (no photoshop allowed xD) we've send to each other. And another important thing, even though he bought himself a webcam and told me about it , I said that is better if we don't turn them on until we meet each other for real, and he agreed. Cause we think that it's better like this: not to ruin the magic of meeting each other for real with the webcams, so we would be very excited about the 1st time when we gonna meet each other. I love him, and he loves me, it's no doubt about it, the only problem is this pain we both feel and this frustrating feeling of not being able to be 2gether right now and how we have to wait for it, but we will. And everyday is as exciting as it was at the beginning, sometimes even more. and b4 when I was with someone for real I would get bored in just a month (maximum was 3) but I've been talking to him for more than 3 months and I still can't believe it. And it's not like I'm gonna get bored when I meet him for real, but no one has ever interested me that much so that I would still find them interesting and important after a longer time (and I've had some past experiences on internet with other guys but in just 2 weeks or a month I was bored and found someone else for real, but he canceled every other real guy here, I think only about him...)

LoverS on May 05, 2011:

Hey. I'm new bie here. I find it interesting, that I'm not the only one who experienced this. Reading all your story and thoughts, makes me realize that Falling in love with a person whom you never met is possible. At first, I was so confused about my feeling. How could I can falling for someone who is faraway from me, and I never see him before. I'm a realistic kind of girl. And honestly I didn't believe in love at the first sight. But after I met him online, it has totally changed my mind. He is so adorable, thoughtful, mature, and the best thing is , He is close to God. Really one of a kind. His personality makes me love him more and more each day. Sometimes I wonder why God has put this feeling in my heart, and it seems like He pointed me towards this boy. Everyday I knew him better, and that's just the moment that I realize he's the one that I've been looking for. We are closed to each other for 6 months. But I still can't figure it out what is happening between us. He once told me that he had feeling for me, but it is still an uncertainty. After I posted a photo of me and my friend, he acted like he was jealous and mad at me. He said I was betraying him, in fact that we're even not in a relationship. So do he expect me to consider him as my bf if he has never tell me that he loves me or miss me? That's not gonna happen. He kept his mysterious side , sometimes he cared, sometimes he didn't give a damn. I didn't know him that well, but what I really know is, I'm in love with him. That's it.

LoverS on May 05, 2011:

Hey. I'm new bie here. I find it interesting, that I'm not the only one who experienced this. Reading all your story and thoughts, makes me realize that Falling in love with a person whom you never met is possible. At first, I was so confused about my feeling. How could I can falling for someone who is faraway from me, and I never see him before. I'm a realistic kind of girl. And honestly I didn't believe in love at the first sight. But after I met him online, it has totally changed my mind. He is so adorable, thoughtful, mature, and the best thing is , He is close to God. Really one of a kind. His personality makes me love him more and more each day. Sometimes I wonder why God has put this feeling in my heart, and it seems like He pointed me towards this boy. Everyday I knew him better, and that's just the moment that I realize he's the one that I've been looking for. We are closed to each other for 6 months. But I still can't figure it out what is happening between us. He once told me that he had feeling for me, but it is still an uncertainty. After I posted a photo of me and my friend, he acted like he was jealous and mad at me. He said I was betraying him, in fact that we're even not in a relationship. So do he expect me to consider him as my bf if he has never tell me that he loves me or miss me? That's not gonna happen. He kept his mysterious side , sometimes he cared, sometimes he didn't give a damn. I didn't know him that well, but what I really know is, I'm in love with him. That's it.

as3215 on May 03, 2011:

I think you can fall in love with someone you have not met. Love is more of a deep connection than anything. I fell in love with someone from America, im in England. We video chat every single day and we plan on meeting, he knows every little detail about me and i do with him. Its easy to fall in love with someone on the internet, and i think its a good thing too. I mean, i hate the distance but i haven't slept with this guy yet so it doesn't cloud my judgement. Also i had time to get to know him, his dreams, his lifestyle, his whole personality without getting in too deep. It took me a long time to realise my feelings for him, i didn't confess till he told me since i didn't want to cloud his judgement. i didn't meet him on a dating website, i met him through a movie site. He wrote an interesting comment on a documentary and i emailed him to speak about it more.

I think, as easy as it is to fall in love with someone over the internet in the long run its difficult. If you set a date to meet and know where you stand with the person and be real open with them it'll work. We have been speaking for a year and a bit now, i only discovered he had feelings for me 8 months ago. As i said, i know every little detail about him. He has spoke to my mother and i have with his mother, its really good to have the whole 'meet the parents thing' it made me trust him a lot! but it happened by chance. when you fall in love with someone over the internet they can share their deepest secrets with you without shying away or twisting the truth because theres a barrier. theres distance between you, i have never known so much about any past boyfriend or even friend than i do with him.

You fall in love with a persons personality right? you don't fall in love with them because of their touch or their smell. You fall in love with a person because of who they are. its just like falling in love with someone you have met apart from you can touch them. But if that person shows you that they are willing to wait for you for however long without any intimate contact with anyone else then that must prove something. A lot more people are falling in love online, i would have laughed if a year ago you told me i would be in love with someone who lives 12 hours away by plane. But look at me now, besotted by a man i have never met. And it will stay that way, i plan on moving there and going to school. Not moving in with him but having a proper relationship. If you want it to work you will both make it.

Jess on April 30, 2011:

I disagree. I think its very possible to fall in love with someone you've never met. But the downside to it is wether or not that person is gonna fall for you too. If you can learn about the person, study them persay you know get an idea of who they are and their personality, then yes movie star or normal person alike you could fall in love with them yes. I admit most cases yes are usually just cases of being starstruck or the ideality of it but do not discredit those few who experience real love for those people. Love is the most powerful force known to man, it is unstoppable and uncontrolable. When you are really in love with someone wether they love you in return or not you cant just stop loving them because you don't want to anymore. You cant control who or when you love anymore then your chance at catching the wind in your hand and putting it in your pocket. My advice is look for love yes but don't search for it. Let it find you because you cant make yourself fall in love with someone. If you don't feel some sort of emotion or feeling in the beginning at least a little bit then your probably not going to, and i find this to be true from personal experience and its happened with absolutely every guy ive tried dating that i didn't have some sort of feeling for at the start. So ladies and gents alike. My answer to this question is yes. It can happen, but you have to be able to distinguish the difference between love, lust, and attraction which are all similar but different things.

Carey on April 30, 2011:

Wow,these comments are interesting. I'm usually not for online dating, until I was taking an online class & a well-educated young man (10 yrs my jr..he's 20's & I'm 30's) popped in requesting to be a friend on my page. I was hesitant but added him. Eventually, he wanted to chat..still hesitant (b/c of his different nationality),I said, "why not?" He was not only able to help me w/my work, but after the first chat, he showed himself live on webcam! I was quite pleasantly surprised,as he is a gorgeous guy, but I refused to show myself on webcam until at least a month later. He was pleasantly surprised also. We're only friends w/different cultures & religions, but after a short time, he admitted his sweet sentiments towards me and listed a variety of reasons. As a precaution,I politely turned him down as far as accepting his sentiments in such a short pd of time, but I was still interested in getting to know more about him. I see that he has a beautiful spirit & waits hrs. for me to get online. Although his time is hours ahead of me, he'd sacrifice his time & talk til morning, although it's early evening for me. His passion for life and love is drawing me to him, & he never mentioned wanting to visit my country, until I asked his opinion of college in my country. At first he said no, too far. Now, after researching the education here, he wants to visit my country (in a neutral setting, of course)& possibly finish his studies here in a couple of yrs. as well as meet me & I'm really attracted to him. I already see his bad habits (& he sees mine)& like him anyway, b/c he doesn't mind showing his bad habits in front of me! Although I don't like his bad habits,I like his transparency! Or, maybe he doesn't realize that they're bad habits! Oh,I didn't mention he doesn't speak English, but I speak his language. Although I'm not expecting a relationship yet, I would at least like to meet him soon, b/c I feel that we'd be missing out on a great opportunity of what could be if we didn't.

theory on April 22, 2011:

I read all your guys post and its interesting to read everyone's thoughts... it makes me hopeful. I've met this wonderful girl online and we text every day now for about a year, but i think i've fallen for her even though we haven't met in person. I think i'm nuts and its driving me crazy cause i don't even know how she feels about me. I have had crushes and it always ends up hurting me in the end so i give up alot. I need advice, should i suggest we meet or do i wait, i don't want to mess this up.

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