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Confession From a Prostitue

30 Minutes Late.


My husband changed my life by been 30minutes late.

This event was told to me in private and I have received permission to publish but however for protection of the husband’s identity she asks me to edit out certain areas and names.

"I always give my clients my phone number and many times I don’t remember who my clients are", stated lady Bless, not her real name. "You never get attach or personal, so slam blam, thank you sir and good bye. I try never to go to my clients but instead let them come to me which is safer for me. On this particular day I was feeling low and face with my monthly bills. The phone rang, it was a man on the other side of the phone and with a heavy voice said, “hey lady you be working tonight, can I stop by? ”Not sure I said, let me call you back". Almost 15minutes later my phone rang again, I let it rang for awhile then answer the phone I thought it was the same man calling back. A soft happy sounding voice that lighten me up, said, “hello my love, sorry to call you up so suddenly but would it be possible for you to meet me at my place?’ "When"? I asked. To my surprise the man said now I shook my head and said hell no. Softly and so calmly I felt a get respect as he said, well, I did say if it was possible, but if not you tell me when my love. This man must be crazy I thought to myself, why does he keep refers to me as his love. Am I your love and how can this be when I don’t even know you?. He tried to remind me of our first and only encounter, to be honest I did not want to hear, never like to remember. I stop him from talking and said I will take a shower and call you when I am ready. Ok Cool, he replied. I was not one bit interested in going anywhere but when I remembered my bills I said what the hell, got showered, ready and called him. About an hour later, to my surprise this man got me upset, I told him I was about to leave home, how much do you have for me? I asked. He told me a small amount, she said". She continued to talk with me as she smiled and said, "it kind of small but I could live with that. She said, she got the direction and all that. At this point i got closer to her and listened even more intensively as she continued, "I ask him if he was sure he wanted me to come because I heard cars in the background so he must be on the road. He said yes come, ok then and when I got at the address and called the man to say that I was outside, the man was not home. He said he was close by I must not worry myself I should wait. I waited for almost half an hour before he arrived. By this I was getting real pissed thinking of my time and the cheap sex. Finally a taxi pulled up by the gate he came out with three scandal bags could hardly managed looking like a nerd. He had a sweet humble voice and apologized for having me waited so long.

Petals All Over the Brand New White Sheet

We went in and he turns on the television and started unpacking his bags. This man when shopping he bought wine and wine glasses and I notice that he had no reason to buy any he had wine and wine glasses at home. He offer me a drink and I accepted, quiet a gentleman he was, and so smooth. He brought ice cream and I told him that I have business to attend to so I don’t have all day, time is money and money is time I told him. He took the last scandal bag and went into the bedroom and he was in there a long time I had to call him and ask him what he was doing so long. He said he bought new sheets to put on the bed just for me. He came out with a smile on his face and I so wanted to push it down his throat. He came and sat beside me and began to talk about the show on the telly. I remember saying to myself, is what do this man, so I again reminded him I had to go. He told me he had something for me, he gave me a bag of oranges, two ripe bananas, two DVDs movie. I began to feel like this man changed his mind about wanting to have sex with me. A thousand reasons start coming on my mind, was it that I am not sexy, is my eyes ugly and so on. However I try to hide my shameful feeling so I got up and went into the bedroom. Entering into the room I stood still, I was so surprised. It was one of the loveliest sights I have ever seen and there it hit me in the head. In the middle of the bed was a small wrap gift and another sealed bottle of fruit wine with red petals all over the brand new white sheet and he did it just for me, a whore. The room was well put together, the fan was on and the fresh air freshener he later told me he just bought. My anger and bitter soul melt I felt this peace perfect peace came over me and wanted to run but I stood there with water in my eyes. Somehow in the midst of peace a little shameful feeling about myself lifts its head. Never before did anyone that told me that they loved me did anything like this for me. Never a client, I got the Queens treatment been a Harlot. This man from morning spoke to me with respect and love. I did not deserve this I told him. "You are a queen that lost your way and one day you will find your home", he said. He kisses me on the cheek and said, "you deserve the world but I don't even have a fraction". I wanted to tell him there and then I rather stay with him with not even fraction than step out these doors but I did not. We didn’t have sex that day we made love. I never wanted to leave that day but I did, he gave me the small cash that we agreed on. I wanted to give it back and paid him instead. I never went back on the streets or prostituted myself after that day. I changed my phone number and I only gave him, well apart from my family and few girl friends. I waited each day for him to call me, we made love once per week also most every week after and then after a while I began calling him just to chat. Three months later I told him that since that day I never had sex with no one else. I began doing little things for him like washing, cooking and ironing and so on. He became my King and I was his queen. We got married Last Fall; I have no history beyond that day when he went shopping for me a lost queen, my husband changed my life by been 30 minutes late.

I have to confess to my readers that this story also changed the way I use to think.

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© 2011 Keith Risden

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