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Breaking away quotes

Certain feelings can be expressed only in writing , but the emotions felt are deeper than the deepest of the oceans.


1. Some people come in your life and make you feel that life is incomplete without them, but they ultimately leave making their lives even more incomplete.

2. Unrequited love is like a daydream. It seems to be beautiful but is never feasible.

3. Love is not like writing on sand that it goes away once it is wiped off. It is like being engraved on stone, if you have to wipe it off you will have to break the stone.

4. Certain forms of love does not require kisses or touch. They are felt even when they are miles and miles away.

5. Love is friendship but not always friendship is love.

6. That stare of mine spoke of several words but you could read only the bad part.

7. If caring isn’t love , if happiness is not love, then should we rename pain as love?

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8. Maybe our journey was small, but whatever it was, it had been memorable.

9. People say, “out of sight out of mind”, but when someone is stuck in mind , he or she is in front of the eyes virtually always.

10. Don’t break away in such a way that I will have to change my route when I see you in the streets ten years from now.

11.No, I haven’t forgotten you, but just that I have left all hopes to get you back.

12. Never knew that someone’s absence can pierce my heart worse than a sharp sword.

13. If you are worried without any reason , it means that you are missing someone.

14. If you can live without me then why not me without you.

15. I don’t know what we are , but will miss what we had been.

- Debangee Mandal

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