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What to say in a Bon Voyage card - Messages for Friends, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Parents, Daughter, Son, Colleagues, Boss

A software developer who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

Our friends and family members often go out on vacations or for work or a mix of both. All the time, we want to wish them and end up saying all the cliché things like, Bon Voyage, Have a great Trip, Enjoy your Trip etc.

Won't it be cool to pen down a special wish expressing all you want to say in a beautiful way? Or won’t it fun to make your loved one feel important by writing an amazing Bon Voyage Message as Facebook Status Update and tagging them? Here are some “Have a great trip messages for friends, parents, son, daughter, for colleagues, for boss etc. So take your pick of Bon Voyage message out of this collection which includes heartfelt / emotional / miss you / come back soon kind of messages, and also light weight humorous Goodbye(s).

You could mix and match the rhyming lines, to suit your needs. Be creative, or if you're feeling lazy, just copy and paste and decorate your Bon Voyage Card.

A special note those who are not native English speakers: Voyage does not rhyme with Bon Voyage.

You could also tag your friends/loved ones to wish them via video eCards like this - posted on your Facebook Timeline

Inspirational Rhyming Bon Voyage Messages For All

1) Memories clicked by eyes
And stored away in heart,
Create life’s beautiful Collage,

I wish your journey makes,
Sublime bestowal to this art,
Have a lovely trip, Bon Voyage…

2) No matter how many difficulties it might comprise,
Travel is definitely worth it since it makes one wise,
I wish you also get your share of pleasant surprise,
And come back with rich experience as your prize.
Bon Voyage!

3) World is a book, without travel life is just a page,
I’m glad you realized this at such an early stage,

You’ll now gain more experience than your age,
Not something that can be earned like a wage,

It can only be achieved if you escape the cage,
Of illusions of comfort, to meet the nature mage,

To see the true palette painting world’s image,
Viewable only with hunger for true knowledge,

Rewarded only to those who have the courage,
Only to someone like you who dare to voyage...
Bon Voyage...

Inspired by the quote: “The World is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.” ~ Saint Augustine


Bon Voyage Messages for Daughter & Son

4) I wish the journey wises up each curl in your head,
Although, I’ll miss putting my little girl in her bed...
Take care, be safe… Bon Voyage my child.

5) I can’t believe my little doll is all grown up and going on a trip all on her own… I’ll miss you sweetie… Be extra careful for my sake. Bon Voyage.

6) My beautiful, wonderful girl is off on her great voyage… I don’t know how am I gonna survive the anxiety of not having you around… I still think I should give it a second thought. Okay, I’m just kidding! You better make sure the extent of your enjoyment is worth it!! Bon Voyage!!

7) Holding you when you were little was a great joy,
Even better was, to see you ecstatic with a toy,
And then you got all grown up, starting to annoy,
With all traveling plans you were ready to deploy,
Silly me, I’m feeling that these travels are a ploy..
To keep us apart, But, hey, I do want you to enjoy,
Have a deliriously great time, don’t you be coy,
Just want to wish Bon Voyage to my sonny boy!

Humorous Bon Voyage Messages for Daughter & Son

8) The more you travel, the more people you meet, the more you’ll realize you’re one in a million. Okay, I know I’ve a doting mom’s biased vision, you’re still the best, bon Voyage to my dear daughter.

9) When you told me about this trip, at first I was worried for you, then I thought of having this amazing time when house can be mess free, life can be chaos free, and so on... The latter feeling won over and I allowed you to go. Okay that was not the best joke of the day :) Have fun son, Bon Voyage.

Bon Voyage Messages for Parents

10) Dear Mom and Dad,
No matter how much we'll miss you,
We're glad you are going on a holiday,
We wish you enjoy your holiday view,
Be it a beautiful hill or a gorgeous bay!

These lines might not be our best attempt at poetry, but we really want you to have a lot of fun, and don't worry about us at all!!

11) Thanks for being the most wonderful parents!! And we wish you have the most wonderful holiday!! Bon Voyage!!

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Bon Voyage Messages for Boyfriend / Girlfriend

12) Heartfelt Rhyming Bon Voyage Message for Boyfriend / Girlfriend

I'm happy you're getting your long due vacation,
But I'm already dreading my hyper lonely condition,
Do enjoy enough to compensate for being apart,
And Don't forget that you are taking along my heart...
Bon Voyage

13) I think the only way I can survive being apart from you, the only way I can bear the thought of you gone, is by thinking how beautiful will be the moment when you’ll be back in my arms!! Have a great trip honey, Bon Voyage!

14) Do you know how difficult it is to say, “Bon Voyage” or “Have a great Trip” or some similar fancy lines, when all my heart is screaming is, “Don't Go!!”
Can't you try not to make me do such difficult things? I got two brilliant ideas, either travel less, or take me along!! But for this time, have an amazing trip. Bon Voyage.

Bon Voyage Messages for Colleagues

15) Everyone in office is jealous of you and your grand holiday, except me off course. I’m too busy being happy for all the chocolates and gifts you'll be bringing back for me! Have an amazing holiday, Bon Voyage!

16) Humorous Rhyming Bon Voyage Message for a Colleague.

Office won't be same without our good natured batter,
I'm also going to miss that endless gossip and chatter,
I know I'm not going anywhere with this aimless flatter,
So I'll cut it short instead of continuing this silly natter,
Wish you a great trip, and wish to see you soon,
If you bring me some gifts, I’ll be over the moon!!
Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage Messages for Boss

17) Sincere Rhyming Bon Voyage Message for Boss

We know it’s temporary, you’ll be back soon,
Not having you around still is like a major loss,
We’ll be deprived of your advice and guidance,
Your return will be awaited, Bon Voyage Boss.

Funny Messages for Boss - only for a boss with good sense of humor

18) I’m not just glad because you’re getting a very well deserved break. I’m also happy because having a holiday will mean you’ll enjoy it and come back refreshed, and be more efficient, and you’ll see how inefficient the rest of the staff is without a holiday, and… well… Do I really need to finish this? After all, I am always proud to have the smartest Boss. Bon Voyage, Boss.

19) Don’t worry, when you’ll be back, you’ll find the office in perfect shape. So just enjoy your holidays and have fun!! Bon Voyage, Boss!

Bon Voyage Messages for Friends

20) How could you plan a trip without me? I’m angry and jealous and hurt - all at the same time. And yet I am wishing you, “Bon Voyage”. What does that mean? It means, that there’s still hope for you, you might escape from the black eye look I’ve planned for you, if and only if you bring me gifts which are worth forgiving you!!

21) I can't believe I'm saying this, I never thought I could. But I am going to miss you buddy. Have a great trip. Enjoy yourself. And yeah, its me saying this, hope to see you soon. Bon Voyage.

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Bon Voyage!!

Have a great Trip!

Have a great Trip!


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