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Signs a Guy Does Not Like You

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How To Tell If A Guy Doesn't Like You

The world of love, dating and relationships seems complicated for most people. Knowing or telling whether a guy or girl likes or is interested in you is not determined by the words 'I love you' alone. Many other factors are involved as well. Are you looking for a simple guide to tell if a guy doesn't like you?

Learn to look for noticeable body signs that point towards the kind of feeling (be it love or something else) someone is displaying. Guys show physical signs every time they're around you. Read the clues to decide whether he is into you or not.

Reading and interpreting the signs can tell you if a guy doesn't like you, and will always remain no more than just a friend.

Clear Signs He's Not Interested in You

I already talked about signs guys show when they are interested in a girl for either friendship or marriage and the signs a man likes you. But for now let us focus on an entirely different but related topic that may be of great importance to girls or women who need advice on dating, hookup and relationships.

Here's some of the common signs shown by men that indicate disinterest in you. Knowing whether a guy likes you or not in advance is important. Why? Because it gives you time to prepare well and focus on dating other guys who may have positive feelings for you.

I'm guessing you don’t want to be told 'Sorry, I don’t like you' when all along you were of the mistaken belief that he was interested in you.

1) Keeping Distance Between You

Keeping distance between you and him is a sure sign that tells you a guy isn’t interested in you or whatever you do. This is most obvious for people who know one another but their relationship is limited to the public domain. He could be your workmate, or a classmate.

When you cross paths, he will obviously say hi to you but nothing more than that. He will keep on doing things that are important to him and he will only come to your side when he has a general issue (maybe work related) to discuss with you.

Perhaps he is simply reserved and polite in the workplace, you tell yourself. But if he doesn't make an effort to see you outside work and get together in a social environment, forget him and move on.

Getting close enough for your bodies to physically make contact can only be possible when two people have feelings for one another. A guy who is interested in you as a potential partner will find it tempting to be very close to you and will find ways to come in contact with your body. However, this isn’t the case when he doesn’t like you.

Simply put, if he stays far away from you it's because he has no feeling for you at all.

2) Avoiding Eye Contact

You meet this guy who interests you and you wonder if he is also interested in you. By simply observing his eye contact with you, you're in a good position to judge whether he likes you or not.

Eye contact is an important component of our conversations and how it takes place can be interpreted to mean something.

  • In normal conversations with people our eyes meet once or twice and blink away to another direction or object.
  • If he likes you, he holds eye contact for an extended time because of his interest in you. He's interested in what you're saying. It feels like he's waiting for 'more'.
  • When a guy isn’t interested in you he will find ways to limit eye contact, and from that you can tell he is simply not into you.
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If a man holds your gaze without looking away, that's a good sign. But if he always avoids eye contact, forget him.

3) Concealing His Hands

Does the guy you are interested in conceal or hide his hands when you are with him? Men hide hands for lots of reasons, but it can also be interpreted to mean his disinterest in you.

If you've ruled out other reasons why he might be concealing or hiding his hands in his pockets when talking to him, it might mean he isn’t comfortable around you. A good conversation is always aided by making expressions with your hands but in the case of a man who isn’t interested in you, he will rarely show his hands.

4) Turning His Back

It would be silly to be offended every time a man turns away from you. Obviously there are times when his attention must be given to something of importance.

But if a man turns his back on you as you are speaking or showing him something, you have to wonder. Why is he not interested enough to pay proper attention? Perhaps he's interested in anything you say. If so, that's a definite problem.

Turning your back is a bad sign in any relationship.

Turning your back is a bad sign in any relationship.

5) Crossing His Arms

Does he cross his arms whether he is sitting or standing and you are around him?

If yes, it could be a strong indication that he isn’t interested in you. It could mean an unconscious sign that tells you that his heart is closed and isn’t ready for any more relationships.

Arms crossing are significant. If he is fond of crossing his arms when you are around him it could be a strong indication that he is in love with another girl and not you. You want your guy's arms (and his heart) to be open and welcoming!

Time To Move On

If these five points apply to the guy you're interested in, forget him and move on. Life's too short to waste time on a man who clearly isn't attracted to you.

Be honest with yourself. Yes, it is bad news if he's not the one for you. But the good news is the world is filled with nice, loving men. Your perfect match is out there somewhere! Accept the signs a guy doesn't like you, and find someone new who can make you feel loved.

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