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Festive Blue and Orange Wedding Ideas: Wedding Color Combos

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Blue and orange weddings


Blue and orange is a nice wedding color combination to consider. The colors blue and orange are great for a wedding color theme. I must say there are some color combinations that I have always loved for weddings specifically and I have written about many of them in this wedding colors hub series.

Blue and orange however had not been a wedding color combination that immediately came to mind when thinking of wedding color themes. I first heard blue and orange mentioned as a wedding color theme before ever seeing pictures of it and I was even a bit skeptical about how well the colors blue and orange would work together.

  • I have to say now that I have seen photos of blue and orange weddings, I absolutely adore the blue and orange color combination for weddings!
  • Blue and orange is an exhilarating and fun wedding color combo and would be so nice for a beach wedding reception but the beach is just an example.
  • Blue and orange would be nice in various wedding reception venues.

If you are skeptical about the blue and orange wedding color combination too, then please look at these gorgeous photos and maybe you'll reconsider.

  • As you can see, several shades of blue can work well with the blue and orange wedding theme.
  • You can go with aqua/ turquoise and really be reminded of the color of the sea in the Caribbean or you can go with cobalt, royal blue or navy blue.
  • These all work very well.

Blue & Orange Weddings

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1. Orange gerbera daisies can be beautiful wedding flowers for a blue & orange wedding color theme

Orange gerbera daisies would be a moderately priced and pretty wedding flower to use for a blue and orange wedding color theme. It looks great with the cobalt blue color above.

This vibrant and festive color scheme is sure to please your wedding guests.

2. Blue and white wedding cake topped with orange flowers


For a blue and orange wedding color theme, I especially love the wedding cake and table setting choices featured in the collage below.


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3. Bridesmaid attire for a blue and orange wedding color theme


The bridesmaid dresses in the photo below are among my favorites for this particular color scheme of blue and orange.

Eleven bridesmaids, wow, that's a lot but only adds to the festivity, celebration and extravagance.

Bridesmaid attire

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Wedding cake

For a blue and orange themed wedding with dresses like these you might want to consider a wedding cake like in the photo below.

Blue & white wedding cake with flowers and elegant metal initial wedding cake topper

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4. Candles for blue & orange wedding color scheme


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Natural candlelight is always one of my favorite and most recommended features at a wedding. It is inexpensive, romantic and truly beautiful. I love the orange candles in the photo collage below.

The glow of candlelight is beautiful always, including for a blue and orange wedding color theme

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5. Elegant but fun table setting idea for a blue and orange wedding color theme

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6. Blue wedding invitations or orange wedding invitations

As you consider this color theme, below are a couple of options for elegant invitations as found at Wedding Paper Divas.

Boldly Elegant wedding invitation in Persimmon by Wedding Paper Divas

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Boldly Elegant wedding invitation in Calypso by Wedding Paper Divas

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Planning a unique wedding with blue and orange wedding colors

We know this blue & orange wedding color combination really stands out. This wedding color theme is fairly unique and very memorable.

Wedding invitation price

The two color versions of the wedding invitation above cost $1.71 each.

7. Wholesale wedding suppliers

  • You might want to consider wholesale wedding suppliers for additional orange and blue themed wedding ideas that can be very economical.
  • For example, various wedding favor boxes might be featured as well as paper lanterns and table runners for blue and orange wedding color themes.
  • On various occasions, I have seen orange paper lanterns that are quite beautiful.

8. Where to buy orange paper lanterns

Orange paper lanterns are really gorgeous. They can add an amazing amount of elegance to the aesthetic of your blue and orange wedding color theme but at such a low price. Round orange paper lanterns that are twelve inches in diameter can cost under $2 each.

  • allows you to shop for paper lanterns by color.
  • Of course, if you decide to buy paper lanterns for your blue and orange wedding, you might want to get blue lanterns but I personally like and recommend the orange ones the most.
  • The way the light illuminates from orange paper lanterns is just beautiful and would be great perhaps for an outdoor wedding reception that extends beyond nightfall.
  • The way that they would glow at night would be really nice.
  • If you prefer, you can also get a combination of both blue and orange paper lanterns and arrange them in an alternating pattern.
  • also sells round paper lanterns in a variety of colors.
  •, and are among a few of the other vendors that provide vibrant and festive Chinese/Japanese round paper lanterns in orange or other colors.

Orange paper lanterns

What shade of the color blue would you choose?

If you were planning a wedding with a blue and orange wedding color scheme, what color would you choose for the bridesmaids' dresses?

In your blue and orange themed wedding, what color would you be most likely to choose for your wedding invitations?

1. What it Takes to Make a Wedding Cake

2. The Making of a Wedding Cake

Blue and orange wedding invitations

Blue and orange wedding invitations - bridal shower

Blue & Orange Weddings - You can consider these categories and more for your wedding ideas

You can consider many categories in your color themed wedding planning. There is the wedding cake, the wedding party attire, the table settings, the wedding flowers, the invitations and more

Wedding cakes

Bridesmaid attire

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