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Beware: Know-it-All’s Ahead

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

This know-it-all keeps talking and talking. And talking.

This know-it-all keeps talking and talking. And talking.

In accordance with my latest idea to publish shorter hubs, hope you enjoy this one. I did. I love to spotlight people who somehow irritate me as well as others, for just opening their mouth. You think that I am kidding? No. You probably know the persons whom I am talking about. Enter the know-it-all. I am instantly irritated by the trouble in typing those three words. Know-it-all’s have all bases covered.

How do you spot a know-it-all? Please allow me. If you see someone, not necessarily a man or woman, who invites themselves to spend lots of time inspecting another person’s wardrobe, job choice, and other areas that are absolutely none of their business. Fact is, none of their business is their business. They thrive on it. Without someone with a soft heart, know-it-all’s would have miserable lives.

Over the course of my 68 years, I have had the displeasure of meeting a few know-it-all’s and I feel the same back then as I do now. I cannot stand the deliberate know-it-all. There is a big difference in a passive know-it-all and a deliberate know-it-all. I thought that you might want to know the difference because the not knowing causes the mind to be blurred and facts get confused. Not a good place to be. This situation would be a great tool for our friends in the C.I.A.

Know-it-all's are of no gender alone. There are female and males too.

Know-it-all's are of no gender alone. There are female and males too.

Since I mentioned the girls and boys in the C.I.A. These folks are experts at knowing-it-all’s and getting paid big bucks for the trouble. I wonder why I didn’t apply for this organization years ago. Probably some know-it-all stepped in where they were not invited and advised me that I wasn’t qualified or some other senseless reason. Know-it-all’s know exactly when to show-up at any given time and just how to extract personal business just for the thrill of finding-out someone else’s knowledge.

You’d think that most know-it-all’s live a quiet and peaceful life. Some maybe. Not all. A true know-it-all is openly aggressive and work without respect to others. An openly-aggressive know-it-all’s feelings are made of steel. Their feelings, if any, cannot be hurt. These know-it-all’s just keep on prying and needling until the poor victim is put to the ground with exhaustion. Know-it-all’s, and the good ones, if any, would make great lawyers. Even the seasoned lawyer’s, Perry Mason and F. Lee Bailey would be intimidated if these know-it-all’s had to contend with them.

You can believe, without any trouble, that current President Joe Biden is NOT a know-it-all. People around him, even those who do not like him, will agree with this statement. I do not know Biden personally, but judging by looks alone, he does not fit the image of a prestigious know-it-all. But I can tell you what know-it-all gets my respect: G. Gordon Liddy. Who doesn’t know this warrior of Patriotism? One should never get involved with any form of discussion with Liddy else they will be taken to the ground face-first. And all of these statements are compliments. I envy his I.Q.

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I would talk about the late Richard Nixon, but why should I? I had to cover all of my bases in mentioning regular know-it-all’s as well as famous, powerful know-it-all’s. I do not want to be accused of playing favorites. Should I lump Vladimir Putin with Joe Biden? No. I am not going down that road. But I would like to meet Hank Williams, Jr., an American citizen and talented musician, songwriter and performer and although he can easily play five or more instruments, cannot be labeled as a know-it-all although he has the right.

I’m now ready to shut this store down for awhile. At my age, I get tired easily. I would comment on the difference between a busy body and a know-it-all, but I cannot discern the difference. Both groups get on average folks’ nerves and without trying that hard. Personally speaking, I once knew this guy, a reasonably-good-hearted guy, found it easy and fulfilling (for him) to invite himself to visit our home no matter what we were doing. Not only did he do this to my family, but others. To my knowledge, he never offered an apology.

What you are going to read at this time is this example: My family and I were members of this guy’s church, and although he wasn’t a pastor, he did preach once in a while. But one Saturday night, my family was busy just spending time together, when all at once, he showed-up and brought his wife and two kids. After he stayed until Sunday morning, he asked my wife if she was gong to prepare breakfast for him and his folks, she, being an humble woman, did exactly that. Then he (mostly) ate most of it and had the nerve to say in front of my wife, hey, let’s go to grandma’s where we can get a GOOD breakfast. What nerve.

I shouldn’t be irritated whatsoever. I realized that there are many who have fell victim to the know-it-all’s in our land. It still makes me sad. It might be a mystery or marvel of the cosmic nature. Extraterrestrial? This I put stock in this celestial theory. Beings that are far advanced than mortal man. Why? Mortal man, even the late Stephen Hawking, and those of his high intellect, knew their limits. Not know-it-all’s. They know no limits or boundaries. They move in and out of our lives causing astonishment, questions, and disbelief.

I know. I met the one (above) that I have told you about.

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