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List of Rocking Bollywood Wedding Dance Songs for Indian Sangeet Ceremony

Bollywood Wedding Dance Songs Bring any Shaadi Alive

No matter in which part of the world and Indian wedding takes place, it is plain incomplete without BOLLYWOOD music! The nach-gaana is so ingrained in our blood that we just need a little encouragement and we will be on the dance floor. However, weddings are now getting magnanimous, thanks to larger-than-life depictions of shaadi in movies, TV operas, etc. With this comes the opportunity to show-off your season dance moves and manifest your love for soon to be married couple.

There are zillions of Hindi wedding songs and many non-wedding ones that you can actually dance to; but if you want to set the dance floor ablaze then here are rocking and traditional songs in Bollywood for dance.

Indian wedding sangeet

Indian wedding sangeet

London Thumakda

Punjabi Wedding Dance Song - Queen

This movie is every Indian girl's favourite!!! Two songs from the movie that are sure to have everyone doing 'thumkas' are- London Thumakda and Hungama hogaya (though this one is from an old Hindi movie-Anhonee, it's Queen that got it much deserved applause).

London Thumakda is that one song which will not fade away anytime soon; just like Hum Saath Saath hai title track is till the number that entire family dances to. Plus, it's iconic waist grinding steps is easy to imitate and very infectious.

Hungama Hogaya can be performed by the close buddies of the bride or her cousins, as only they can carry it off with immense fun without offending people. This is a big favourite Bollywood dance wedding song for many young Indian living abroad.

Must dance to Indian wedding song

For All Hindu weddings- Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

The movie got a cold shoulder from the audience but the songs have become part of every Indian celebrations due to it's strong connect with the young Indians. Ranbir and Deepika are both drool worthy and their sizzling chemistry makes each of their rocking wedding numbers have a special place at Indian shaadi. So songs to dance to from YJHD are:

Dilli Wali Girlfriend: Just as a caution, before you freeze this song, make sure neither bride or a groom had an 'ex' from Delhi (you don't want to be the reason for any awkwardness during their special day, particularly if your marriage is still impending). With that out of the way, beats of this song and moves that Ranbir dishes out are easy to replicate if you practice for two weeks.

Balam Pichkari: Yes, it's not a wedding song, but if you are planning to make a parody, they this song gives you a good reason to put insert Holi in your story.

Saalis dancings in sync

Saalis dancings in sync

Sadi Gali Bhulke

Tanu weds Manu- Another Kangna's Hit songs

Kanga has made a niche for herself and Tanu weds Manu was one movie that I personally don't mind watching multiple times. The entire movie is about wedding it's either Kangna's or her friend's and is loaded with amazing songs for Indian wedding sangeet with touch of Punjabi lyrics.

Sadi Gali: It's just a very effervescent song to be dancing to if you are at a Punjabi wedding and be sure that entire clan of cousins will join you by the end of it.

Ainvayi Ainvayi

Band Baaja Baaraat

Debut movie of Anushka Sharma and charming Ranveer Singh still rocks the Indian wedding dance floor with Ainvayi Ainvayi!!! Simple steps, lots of attitude makes this a good one for the 'saalis' to dance to. It's a fun number to set the stage for the usual boys vs girls war at any sangeet.

Nagada Sang Dhol

Apt for Gujju Bollywood wedding dance- Ramleela

If you are at a Gujarati wedding, then your playlist is incomplete without some garba! It's a crime to not perform a garba at a Gujju Indian wedding. In recent times Ramleela has thankfully introduced some really good numbers that you can do justice too. In addition, the way both Ranveer and Deepika sway to garba in this movie is a testimony that how graceful garba can make any occasion.

Nagada: The lines 'Lili limbdi re...' are a traditional Gujarati wedding song that were sung in older days and is now beautifully repacked in this Bollywood dance song. Learning the steps here can be tricky but if you do well, you will be envy of everyone at the dance floor and during navratri.

For Marathi Wedding Song: English Vinglish

English Vinglish saw an amazing relaunch of Sridevi, who doesn't seem to have grown a day older than how her Chandani days! She played a beautiful Marathi woman struggling to learn English and make a her mark as an 'entrepreneur' in the USA. Must dance to Indian wedding song is a traditional Maharashtrian shaadi song:

Navrai Majhi: It's a family song for the bride's side of the family, so entire clan can perform small parts on this one.

Other Bollywood wedding songs

In today's world when couples don't enough holidays to get married and plan a long honeymoon, it's no surprise that many families prefer having an engagement ceremony clubbed with sangeet. In such scenarios you must look for Bollywood engagement songs that can easily pass as shaadi songs, too. Leaving you with few of my other favourite hindi wedding dance numbers:

Maa da Ladla (Dostana) A nice one to tease your soon to be

Zoor Ka Jatka (Action Replay)- Last chance to make the person see light about getting married.

Bhootni Ke (Singh is King) and other song to tease the couple about getting married.

Ek Kunwara Phir Gaya Maara (Masti)

Rookmani Rookmani (Rosa) preparing the couple to play naughty. ;)


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