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Homemaking with a Full Time Job

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Homemaking with a Full-Time Job

Homemaking with a Full-Time Job

Take Practical Shortcuts on Domestic Duties When Working Full-time Outside of the Home

If you hold a full-time job you will have noticed the challenge of finding time for homemaking tasks. Decluttering, organizing, straightening, deep cleaning, cooking, errands, paperwork and possibly childcare are all projects that could easily take 40-50+ hours per week. Most women have natural instincts to manage and nurture the home. Though there are cases where a man is motivated and inspired to make the home look tidy, usually women have a much greater gifting or awareness in this area. This can present challenges and time strains on you, your husband and children (if you have them) which are naturally remedied for those who have become a Career Homemaker. You return from the workplace not completely able to relax or work on your side passion as much as you would like. Learn how to eliminate, delegate and make the time you do spend on domestic tasks as pleasant as possible. Leaving you time for relaxation and long term goals. You'll also find many of these tips would apply to the single mom, and is beneficial to the full-time career homemaker should she find her self working out-side of the home in the future.

Homemaking with a Full-Time Job Outside of the Home-Video by Rain San Martin

Adopt a Minimalist Homemaking Approach

Adopting a Minimalist Homemaking philosophy will naturally solve many housekeeping challenges. Instead of perfectionism, you will spend only a reasonable amount of time cleaning. Rather than collect endless toys, clothes, knick-knacks, gadgets and other furnishings you will only keep those items which you truly love. In the Victorian and Edwardian era's (late 1800-1910s) women would scour each kitchen floor square by hand on a daily basis. The Parlor room would be covered with knickknacks and decorative fabrics which collected dust and required an inordinate amount of time for cleaning. Henry Thoreau wrote in Walden Pond of the folly of such ways. Today we fill our homes with excess clutter, making the home look perpetually messy.

Adopting minimalist homemaking techniques will naturally save you time while decluttering your home.

Adopting minimalist homemaking techniques will naturally save you time while decluttering your home.

Delegate and Share the Workload of the Household

If you were formerly a full-time homemaker, letting go of some household duties may be difficult. The people who are taking on housework, such as your husband or children, may leave clutter and not clean as thoroughly as you would. That's OK, as The Flylady says, imperfect housecleaning still blesses the home. If you would still like to spend your spare time finishing up touches in rooms, explain to your loved ones that you don't want to limit how clean the house gets. That anyone can jump in and do additional cleaning and decluttering to make the home nicer for all.

Make a weekly or daily list of completed tasks which you share with your family. Encourage them to do the same. I got the idea of logging completed tasks when looking over my vehicles maintenance invoice at an auto-shop. The idea began as a way to demonstrate to my employer all of the tasks I had accomplished. The reaction was always received well and made them feel that I was offering value. I later used this technique when I became a full-time homemaker. This technique not only helps you to earn respect for the work you do, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Learn the Power of No

Women have reputations for saying "yes" to all sorts of volunteer work or social gatherings. Your busy schedule will not deter others from asking for even more of your priceless time. What you can do is train those around you. Learn how to apply the breaks before you say "yes".

Potlucks at work: Don't feel pressured to cook anything, there is no need to impress your co-workers with your cooking skills. If this occurs on a regular basis you can always pick up some nice quality chips and dip on your next shopping trip and save for later. Don't make special trips to the store, nor spend much time preparing for such an occasion. It's surprising that exhausted women in paid positions place this kind of social pressure on other frenzied women.

Kids Activities: Keep their activities outside of school at a minimum. Allowing for space in-between activities away from mobile devices will naturally aid in unleashing the genius of your child.

PTA: Though kids who have parents that volunteer in the Parent-Teacher Association tend to do well, you need not volunteer to be involved in the over-site of your child's schoolwork. When your homemaking with a full-time job outside of the home, your in survival-mode and will need to eliminate and delegate with discipline!

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Spending Time with Your Kids

If you have children, being away from them throughout the workday may make you feel sad at times. As a Career Homemaker or Stay at Home Mom you are able to observe your children play and interact with them as you clean house, prepare meals and do paperwork. You have the flexibility to walk them to a park, bike ride to an activity or undertake the noble work of home schooling or unschooling. With a full-time job outside of the home you will need to change your game plan.

On work-days, spend at least 10 minutes with each child playing a game, reading a book, talking or going for a walk. On your days off allow for extra time with your kids. Though you may be tired when you see them, aim to have a positive attitude.

When you work a full-time job outside of the home you may be tempted to throw on pajama pants when you come home. Instead opt for comfortable feminine fashions.

When you work a full-time job outside of the home you may be tempted to throw on pajama pants when you come home. Instead opt for comfortable feminine fashions.

Spending Time With Your Husband

Both men and women are equal creations in Gods eyes, yet hold unique and complimentary roles. The Bible teaches that men were designed by God to be providers and protectors. Women were created to be a helpmate to their husbands and care for the household and children. This will help you to feel compassion if your husband does little housework, even though you hold a full-time job. Though some men may have a special drive and ability in the homemaking department, it is rare. This is why women are shortchanged the most when taking on a full-time career. Because of natures biological wiring, women who work full-time, may most often find themselves handling the home as well! In doing so you may become so exhausted that you have little interest in intimacy, your personal appearance or maintaining a peaceful attitude.

When you work a full-time job outside of the home you may be tempted to throw on pajama pants when you come home, instead opt for comfortable feminine fashions. Staying attractive for your husband is a discipline that will not only make your marriage more romantic, you'll feel more confident. Aim to be positive and take up your prayer requests to God each night.

Make the Most of Your Time While on the Job

Don't hold back from doing more than your "job title". Look for opportunities to build new skills and enhance your resume. You don't need to increase work hours to put more effort into your work. Most people work only for their paycheck, if this is your focal point you may be lackadaisical in your delivery. The work ethic in modern society is waning. Put away the distractions of the smartphone and set an example by giving 100%.

Work hard, play hard. Aim to relax on your weekly day of rest. If social gatherings drain you, don't schedule them on this day. “Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest. In plowing time and in harvest you shall rest." (-Exodus 34:21)

Whatever your work situation may be, daily make progress toward a more peaceful and productive lifestyle.

© 2015 Rain San Martin


Rain San Martin (author) from Fort Wayne on August 04, 2015:

Serenity, Logging completed homemaking / domestic tasks will help women earn respect for their hard work in the home. If we don't write it down for public viewing others will never know what work goes into running a household.

Serenity Miller from Brookings, SD on August 03, 2015:

Very good thoughts here. I like the idea of keeping a visible checklist of tasks completed. It is so easy to feel like "nobody notices" the things we do around the house to care for our families, and the truth of the matter is that we often do not give our families any reason to notice. :) The dishes are magically washed, the bills are mysteriously paid, the clothes show up clean and folded... if we tracked our productivity at home as diligently as we do at work, then I agree, our value could be more appreciated, and our family members might become more aware of areas that need attention.

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