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Bangladesh Sees a Good Relationship Among the People

Md. Mosiur Rahman has achieved BA(Hons) and MA in English from the Islamic University. Now he is a lecturer in English in a college.


In this article, I will show you how men and women of Bangladesh live peacefully, how well their relationship is, where they work together. Besides, I will discuss that there is no gender discrimination among them and what types of activities they perform and what they get at last as plus points and minus points.

Bangladesh has recently been a developing country in the world map. It is in the part of South-Asia where one can see some developments in various sectors. In this country, people from various religions like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism, are living together. They have many good qualities. Among all, love for one another is the greatest one; of course, people had been sharing this love for a long time. For example: if you look at the different sectors of the country, you will realize it properly. They are respectively-


In educational institutions

In Bangladesh, there are various types of educational institutions where different religious boy and girl students are studying attentively and researching according to their own eyes. There are some educational institutions which are being run by the Muslims but there is no restriction here for admission. In our primary school, there were many Hindu, Christian, Buddha and many other students with whom we played, read and competed for many things. We arranged class party where we participated equally and there was no gender or religious discrimination among ourselves. Teachers would often arrange various types of games and sports and we all played in joy. Besides, we all religious students were in oral presentation, group work or any assigned work. In the same way, whenever we were in high school, we arranged various functions like class party, oral presentation, group work where all religious boys and girls students took part. Whenever any news for Dewal Likhon (Piece of Writing) or competition for poetry came to us, we all jumped there together for reputation. Sometimes, an inter-school football competition was held in our school, those who were very good players would take part in them spontaneously. Very often some functions for the Muslim students like Milad (Prayer for welfare) were held but Hindu, Christian, and Buddha and other boys and girls took part there. We all together beautified the whole function. There were also some functions which were fixed for Hindu students like Saroswati Puja (Goddess for knowledge admitted by Hinduism) but other religious students also participated to add its beauty and dignity. In the same way, on the occasion of Gautama Buddha, Buddha students arranged the function but other religious students also joined there. Like other functions, on Christmas, the Christian students functioned and we all religious boy and girl students helped and enjoyed ourselves. Next, at the time of reading in college, we were in the same environment as the primary school and high school. We arranged any functions in a body, there were no jealousy, hatred or harmful activity among ourselves. In every inter-college tournament, we, males and females, all together worked for the welfare of the college. Whenever any national functions like Independence Day, Victory Day or Birthday of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman came to us, we used to work in a body with the help of the teachers. In the case of selecting candidates for performing in the national programs, students were selected from all religions; there was no partiality there. We also set all presented persons like Maolana (from Islam). Thakor( from Hindu), Priest (from Christianity), Buddha priest (from Buddha) in a single place so that all of them can exchange their views, attitudes, words or anything together. We had successfully completed that concept. All presented invitees were given chances to deliver his or her speech freely. Teachers did not eye the students in two ways; religion was not a fact to them. From different students, I have come to know that that good environment is still going on now. Let’s come to the university level, For example: Islamic University. Islamic University is such a university where any religious students like Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddha etc, can study and research. We never asked any friends of ours from which religion they came. We were classmates or good friends who knew how to love one another. Like school and college, we arranged many functions in the university and we all collectively worked. In case of getting a seat in the hall, we saw no harassment for other religious students. On the other hand, there are some educational institutions that are being run by the Christians, but anyone from other religions can come to study. For example: Holy Cross College. Students are cordial enough to meet, study, research and have experience together. There is another university called Notre Dame University run by the Christian administration but any religious students are welcomed and many students have successfully completed the graduation and post- graduation. Now they are serving people from different corners of the world.

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In religious places

There are many religious places where the virtuous pray to the creator from the core of heart. The Muslims pray in the mosque, a prayer hall for the Muslims. The Hindus pray in the Temple, a prayer hall. The Christians pray in the Church, a prayer hall for the Christians and the Buddhists pray in the Pagoda, a prayer hall for the Buddhists. In Bangladesh, there are some mosques and temples which are very close to each other but there is no problem here, when it is time for prayer for the Muslims in the mosque, the Hindus do not run their activities in the Temple. On the other hand, the Muslims do not create any obstacles for the temple. It is as if shining stars were brightening in the heart of the people. Besides, any wazmahfil (Islamic speech) is held near the Hindus, they come to enjoy the function. At the time of taking place Puja ( speech of the Hinduism), the Muslims go to enjoy the functions. In the same way, at the time of Christmas, all religious people join the function to add its joy. In the function of Gotham Buddha, all religious people join irrespective of cast, creed and manner.


In national functions

Many national functions like Pahela Baishakh(1st day of Bangla year), Pahela Falgun(1st day of a month of Bangla year), International Mother Language Day(21 February), Birthday Ceremony of Bangabandhu(17 march for father of the nation), Independence Day (26 March), Victory Day(16 December) etc are held spontaneously in this country. People, men and women of all religions attend at the functions. Let Pahela Baishakh come first. When Pahela Baishakh is about to come, there is a great curiosity among the people how to pass the first day of the bangle year. There is a local saying that if anyone eats poorly on this day, he will get poor food all the year round. On the other hand, if anyone eats rich foods and is well behaved, he will also get all good things all the year round. To celebrate the day, irrespective of cast, creed and manner, all religious people assembled in different places; especially Ramna Batamul(a bigger place in the capital city) and performed well. To observe International Mother Language Day, all religious people come to the fixed places and deliver their important speeches. For the observation of the birthday ceremony of father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, various religious men and women came under one umbrella. There are no dissatisfaction, dilemma, hesitation among themselves. All can deliver their speech according to their own views. Independence Day is also a national day in which many sacrifices lie and on this day people including children from different religion came to Shaheed Minar and expressed their love to the souls of the freedom fighters. They also offer a bunch of flowers to freedom fighters and also swear that they must punish the guilty today or tomorrow. The prayers of the Muslims, the Hindus, the Christians and the Buddhists are same from the beginning to the last in the case of the country and countrymen. Whenever victory day is about to come, people are to celebrate the day fruitfully. It is a free day, holiday and everyone is free from work. In the very early of the morning, people from all religions gather in National Memorial to show respect and honor the freedom fighters. A Muslim is praying for the souls of the freedom fighters and another Hindu or Christian or Buddha is also praying beside him. There is no distinction, no partiality or harmful activity among them.


In home receptions

Whenever anyone goes to the home of other religious persons, he is not neglected at all; rather he is warmly received as well as entertained cordially. They all together sit somewhere, discuss many things, comment on some points if needed, eat various types of foods that they usually take at home, and entertain for long. They share their views and attitudes with one another.

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