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Best Lesbian Gift Ideas

Rainbow Tiger !

Rainbow Tiger !

The Gift Ideas She is Going to Love

No pretense here, you came here to find the best gifts for a lesbian woman. Finding the right gift for the lesbian in your life can present a gift problem for sure. Consolidated within this article is an easy to navigate hand picked group of the BEST LESBIAN GIFT IDEAS, and they are priced to sell. Unique lesbian jewelry, watches, books, DVDs, and T-shirt gifts for her. Be the star at the top of her tree this year, you know you want to! Shop here and show her you know just what she likes!


Why Be Ordinary?

Lesbian Pendant Jewelry

Stirling silver is said to have calming and protective vibrations. Manipulated into these beautifully strong yet calm designs the sterling silver provides the artist a medium to mold into the female figure. The silver pendant shows the striking image of two women in serene contact with one another, that of which only two women can understand. The ear cuff of a fit nude woman offers a tempting thought surrounding the beauty of the female form. Clips snugly to your ear, this silver design captivates all who pass her by. But, she is yours, hold fast to your ear as if whispering gently to only you.

Durable yet delicate, the pewter pedants come to life with the colorful enamel rainbow design. A flirty butterfly or a rhythmic music note, each carry the whimsy of the women. These come with a ready wear black rope necklace, but feel free to add them to a favorite chain or necklace you already love. These designs are made of 100% pewter inside and out, and are completely nickle free— no skin reactions from nickle here!



18k White and Yellow Gold Diamond Female Insignia Diamond Combination Ring Set



Ahhh, love. The never ending circle of passion, the endless treasures of the heart, "we two who have devoted ourselves to one life together," "my chosen one," and of course "she who is my queen." When you know she is the one, you will understand these remarks. Finding just the right gift for just the right woman can be as hard to locate as is the woman herself. Gold, silver, titanium, and silver, each last a lifetime. When you know for sure that you have discovered that ever so illusive one true love, only these high quality metals will due.

Woman to woman, you will look deeply into her eyes as you present a sparkling beautiful bobble picked out just for her. Her eyes will glimmer with delight as you tell her you Love her while gently slipping just the right ring on your lesbian lovers finger. Joined forever as one. Be sure to only give the best when giving rings as special as the selections presented here. From the Uniquely created modern designs to the more traditional, these lesbian logo rings will have her saying she loves you too, in no time at all.


18k Yellow Gold Trillion Diamond Combination Ring

A brilliant trillion cut pink Diamond is set in this burnished 18K Gold ring. The shape and color of the stone gives this ring the special meaning relating directly to Lesbian love. The trillion cut diamond is a fascinating blend of diamond cutting skills, color rating of I, an S12 clarity, with a total carat weight of 0.2 (just under ¼ carat of high quality diamond art.)

Equal Rights  Marriage Support Ring

Equal Rights Marriage Support Ring

Official EQUALITY Marriage Boycott Ring

When you buy this ring, it's not only a fashion statement, but a strong statement for what you believe in! This is a unique and beautiful ring with an Important Meaning! This ring can be discrete or outspoken, depending on the situation and person wearing it. A $5 donation goes directly to the Equal Rights Marriage for Gays movement. The cleaver design reads "EQUALITY" as it is engraved all of the way around the circumference of this ring. Wear this ring with purpose and pride!

This "It's a Pride Thing" T-shirt is the perfect accompaniment for the Equality ring! It is preshrunk, durable, and a 5.6-oz high-quality, 100% cotton delight! The beauty if this t-shirt is that you get to state your cause, look great, be comfortable, all for a very reasonable price!



FUN Lesbian Jewelry


When Your Shopping For a More Casual Lesbian gift...


Powerful Real Life Lesbian Story

  • Grief Woman to Woman
    A powerfully written real life love story of two lesbians and their tragic loss. A lesbian couple copes with cancer, and then grief.
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A More Casual Gift For Lesbians

What wardrobe is complete without a few classic t-shirts? And absolutely NO lesbian wardrobe can be complete without a lesbian tag line t-shirt! These cute t-shirts have fun slogans that refer strictly to our lesbian clan. Sappho herself would happily don these t-shirts. My favorite is the rainbow penguin t-shirt. It is flirty, cute, and colorful; besides come-on, it has cute penguins on it! Each selection will be a conversation starter, leaving no question where you stand socially. As a gift for a lesbian friend or family member, or if you just want one for yourself, you will have a blast wearing these fun lesbian tagged t-shirts!

What You Think Really Does Matter!



Find fun and meaningful designs created by lesbian artists' that are AVAILABLE FOR SALE, VISIT K9KEYSTROKES' DESIGNS.

Some symbols say it all!

Some symbols say it all! Find this design on t shirts and more by following the link "k9keystrokes" below.

Some symbols say it all! Find this design on t shirts and more by following the link "k9keystrokes" below.


MISSY on February 18, 2013:


Annie Ymouse on February 24, 2012:

I love the gift ideas

Lavenderpulp on December 12, 2011:

As far as good DVD gifts, I've been hooked to watching the 1930s movie Morrocco in which Marlene Dietrich dresses in drag. She's beautiful and I just keep playing the scenes of her in the cabaret when she is singing and then goes and kisses a woman in the audience. Quite cool for 1930! For those of you who don't know she did have woman lovers in real life.

hubberholic on September 14, 2011:

Thanks for the ideas, it's hard to find these at the shops so online shopping is still the way to go

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on December 14, 2010:

daydreamer13~ So glad you like the selections!

myster!ous~You're welcome and thanks for stopping by.

daydreamer13 on December 03, 2010:

great ideas!

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on November 23, 2010:

SweetiePie~Thanks for the read and for commenting. Shopping online is very easy and you won't have to deal with all of the holiday crowds!

SweetiePie from Southern California, USA on November 22, 2010:

I think many women would like your gift ideas. Shopping online is so great, and I must say I find great deals this way.

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