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Autumn Wedding Ideas


Ideas For A Fall Themed Wedding

If you’re thinking of setting your wedding date for an autumn month, there are so many ways to make your day special. You can take inspiration from the fall colors and the richness of nature’s harvest. Here are some ideas to get you started as you plan your event.

Incorporate A Theme or Color Scheme

A wedding is easier to plan if you have a theme in mind. Since it’s going to be in fall, you could do a “Falling in Love” theme where everything is done in leaves and hearts. Or you could plan a “Harvest Blessings” event where you display the bounty of the harvest—apples, pumpkins, colorful corn—and ask everyone to bring canned food for the local food bank.

Even if your theme is just two colors—red and gold, teal and brown, or orange and cream—you can create a look that’s pulled together and seamless. Sprinkle touches of your theme throughout the ceremony and reception hall. In this hub, I've included several inspiration boards to give you ideas for all aspects of the wedding from the ceremony to the decorations to the wedding favors.


Add The Romance of Candlelight

Since it gets dark earlier in the fall, why not take advantage of the lack of light. Go for a candlelit ceremony and reception. Incorporate ivory pillar candles of varying heights and thicknesses for a charming effect.

Ask that the restaurant or hall turn the lights to dim so you’ll really get ambiance. If you’re worried about leaving open flames in certain areas, say where children will sit, you can always use flameless artificial candles. These days they look as pretty as the real thing and come without any danger.

For your fall wedding favors, use candles and have votives and centerpieces that feature large candles.

Subtle Autumn Wedding Decorations

Fall Wedding Color Poll

Have A Thanksgiving Combo

If you can, why not have your wedding the day after Thanksgiving. Most people are off that Friday and are happy to avoid jumping into holiday shopping too soon. If you have relatives from out of town or guests you haven’t seen in a while, combine the wedding with Thanksgiving. You can have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner instead of your rehearsal dinner. And the next day, your wedding can have a “Thank You” theme. Thank people for coming with special little gifts. Express your gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life in other little ways throughout the day.


Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Have A Fall Harvest "Fair"

Take advantage of the nice weather that comes with fall by having an outdoor old fashioned country fair. Set up tents for the guests to eat under and decorate with pumpkins and sheaves of wheat.

Hire entertainment like a country band and offer kettle corn, caramel apples, cotton candy and other festive fair treats. You can invite everyone to come in casual dress and offer old fashioned carnival games.

If you’re animal lovers, why not include a petting area for guests? Who doesn’t love a lamb or a pony?


Set Off For A New World

Make use of the long Columbus Day weekend in October by hosting a “Setting off for a New World Together” wedding.

Many adults and just about all school children will have the day off Monday, so you can have a Sunday wedding when prices are often cheaper. That will allow your out of town guests Monday to take a leisurely ride home.

You can have so much fun with the décor. Use vintage maps and vintage ships regalia to emulate the Christopher Columbus experience. Use telescopes and sailor’s rope as details. This is a great theme if the bride and groom are teachers or history buffs.

Fall Wedding Decoration & Theme Ideas

Halloween Night Wedding

You can pull off a Halloween wedding without seeming like Morticia. You can do a very classy event where you ask everyone to come in masquerade masks and fancy dress.

Have pumpkins and candy corn and the colors of fall as your décor. Avoid the fake cobwebs and plastic spiders. Instead, include vintage Halloween art (that’s easy to find online) and make it a retro Halloween.

Have tea lights in bags lining your walkway and set up a Halloween gift candy station where guests can help themselves. This theme is a fun idea for second weddings where children will be involved.

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Don't Forget A Fall Inspired Wedding Cake!



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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on June 18, 2012:

Inspired ideas for those having a Fall wedding and who wish to do it up in grand style. We had a very small October wedding. Memorable because it was so funny. Inspired the hub My case and story for wedding elopement. :) Had I had someone like you to advise me back then, it might have turned out differently. Voted up, useful and interesting.

Nicole S Hanson from Minnesota on October 27, 2011:

Fall would be the perfect time to get married. It is nice and cool, and Mother Nature helps with the color and flower selection. Isn't it great when you don't have to over-think about something that seems so small?

Sarah Carlsley from Minnesota on October 26, 2010:

CUTE ideas, these are all beautiful and I love that orange cake! It incorporates the fall theme wonderfully!

invita from Tampa, FL on October 07, 2010:

I love the inspiration boards you selected for this hub. Very well done.

jkvkdailey4 from Minnesota on October 06, 2010:

Fall is my favorite time for weddings! We were married in September and the weather was perfect for our outdoor ceremony. I love the deep, rich colors of nature, it was easy to decorate with these colors as our base. The time of year also fit in well with our country theme.

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