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I was that loner kid who read comics when everyone else was playing, listened to the B-sides and watched old movies ... Now I write about it


Modern day castaway?

You have to stay in a log cabin for a month. You are provided with all of the food and water you need. But there is no internet, cell phone or television. If you endure until the end, there is a cash payout of $100,000. Would you do it?

Are you kidding me? Of course I could do that. Do you know how long I've been dreaming of someone offering me a $100,000?

Yeah, I'd miss the internet a little bit. And I'd miss the television a lot of bit, but I'd take a stack of books to read. In fact, I could take my bin of comic books that I could get reacquainted with. Just Batman and Spider-man alone would keep me busy enough. So yeah, to answer your question, I could definitely do that.


A real life indecent proposal

A rich mogul offers you $700,000, a new car and a 5 bedroom house for a 3 day weekend with your spouse.

Wow ... Didn't they make a movie like this? ROBERT REDFORD right? Um ... As tempting as that sounds, I'd be inclined to turn such an offer down. Mainly because I'm worried that my wife might leave me and the kids for such a guy. Because if he's offering me $700,000, then what is he offering her in my absence? Yeah, I'd have to take a strong pass on that one.


That's just my baby's daddy

Can your baby's daddy still come over and sleep with you?

Well, considering that I could never be in such a situation, I'm guessing that you're asking for permission to do such in your own life. So here we go. Straight. No chaser.

If he's your "baby's daddy" and not your husband, he's either got a main girlfriend or wife somewhere, or he's spreading his seed all over town. And it is quite possible that you are one in a long line of ladies who have birthed his progeny.

The question to you is this: Do you want to just be that receptacle where he goes to dispose of his excess sexual tension? Or do you want to be more? Because believe me, you deserve more.

As long as you let your child's father get away with treating you like this, he'll never be inclined to change his behavior.

You are valuable.

You are precious.

You deserve to have a man who is for you; totally committed to you and you alone. At least, that's this man's opinion.


I ain't saying he's a gold-digger ... But my friends and family feel differently

I make $400,000 a year and fell in love with a man who works, but is basically broke in comparison.

I paid for the wedding.

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I paid for the honeymoon.

After we returned from the islands, he moved into the house that it is already in my name.

Also, I buy his clothes and I purchased him a car as well.

My friends and family say that I'm stupid. But he and I are very happy. What do you think?

Hmmm .... I'm inclined to believe that if you were my daughter, I'd feel the same way. But I guess we fall in love with, who we fall in love with. And often that doesn't look the same as what those around us would do. Because we are all attracted to certain things. One size does not fit all.

Hopefully you looked for red flags during the vetting process. Hopefully he treated with love and respect and still does. Maybe more so than potential candidates that came before him. And hopefully he gives to you in ways that supersede having a massive bank account.

So if you truly love him, and he truly loves you and you're both secure in that love ... What everyone else says doesn't matter.


The dude has mad skills

Is it a good idea to brag to others about how great your partner is in bed?

Um, you probably shouldn't do that. I'm just saying ...

What happens in the bedroom, should stay in the bedroom.

You should not be offering such information. It could provoke envy in someone who doesn't have what you have. And if someone is actually asking you about your partner's bedroom proclivities, then it is possible that the listener is secretly scheming to take what you have when you're not looking ... Again, I'm just saying.


The older woman

She's 30 years old and makes $10,000 a week.

She has no kids, her own car, her own house ... And she's dating your 18 year old son. Do you approve?

I'm thinking that most mother and fathers would debate this scenario very intensely. Whereas the mom might want to call such a woman all type sluts, tramps and hussies, a father might be more inclined to pat the son on the back for scoring such a amazing commodity.

Some might question what a 30 year old would want with a 18 year old. But maybe he is mature beyond his years. Maybe more so than the men her age that she'd dealt with in the past.

Maybe she is eager to mold him into the man that she feels he's destined to be ...

Or maybe, just maybe it's all about the sex ... Hard facts, but truth.

All I can say ... At 18 he is considered an adult in the eyes of many. Yeah, I know, he's still your baby and will always be your baby. But physically he isn't. Physically he is a man. And if he carries himself as such, perhaps that's all she sees. So as long as she's treating him right ... You might have to step back and let this happen.

Maybe she'll break his heart. But maybe, just maybe it will be a love story for the ages.

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