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Are You Ghosted by a Friend? Let's Move On


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Ghosting becomes real when it comes to friendship.
Ghosting means to cut off communication with any person you used to talk with, chat with, or was dating with.


Ghosting is an unfortunate situation when a person ends up all communication with their friends without any warning or phone call. Being ghosted by a friend signifies a lot.
Friends are believed to be with you always, a friendship bond is unique. Without any promise or any official confirmation, a friend is the only person who lives with you.

It's not just hurts, it makes you feel like dead, this pain needs no explanation.

To be honest, it's tough to figure out why people start behaving rudely. A person who was engaged in every type of chat with you is now refusing you completely. This is the hardest part of ghosting.

My Personal Experience With Ghosting

When your days are busy with work, it's automatic to disconnect from the real world. Every relationship shifts to mobile phones and the internet but never terminates. My best friend, my closest one, for an unknown reason, deleted her social media accounts and if recreated then never inserted me in her list again. I tried to meet her but she never replied.

For me that experience was new. Someone whom I was supposing to be my close friend did this to me, it was unacceptable for me. I tried to know why she didn't tell me.

When you knew it was a good relationship and wasn't spaned to end like this, ghosting.

I will relate my sentiments to explain how it feels like and how to move on. Being sad, angry, crying, laughing is part of a relationship and one should know how to regulate these emotions instead of ending the relationship without giving an excuse.

Moving on is not easy, it reflects every moment on every step you take to get out of it. Moving on is an option to start your life again, it's not for your friend but it is for you. So do it for you.

Steps To Move On


Respect your feelings

A relationship starts with lots of love, patience, and promises. A relationship includes joy, anger, confusion, laughter, and tears, it's hand in hand. It doesn't feel good to be ignored by a person you were sharing these type of feelings. There's nothing wrong that you were respecting your friend’s feelings but, to respect your feelings is equally important.

You are a human too, and it's normal to feel pain when rejected. It is a situation when nobody knows what to do and what to not. Here you have to heal yourself psychologically. Be brave and sympathize yourself.

Share your experience

Ghosted by someone close is hard to accept. Even it's hard to explain those feelings in phrases. It's tough to open up to another person about what you are feeling but when you share your experience the process becomes less painful. Sharing your experience heals you mentally and it become easy to come back in life gain.

Believe in you

When we feel bad, it is difficult to resist unhealthy habits. I have seen many people losing hopes and started drinking, engaged in drug parties to relax their minds, which is not good. Believe in yourself, believe everything will be fine. It is important for you to sleep well, eat well, managing emotions.

Engage yourself in yoga, workout to reduce mental stress.

Let it go

It's is hard to argue with yourself again and again. Letting it go is not easier but to suppress all the negatives that you have got from that ghosted relationship, letting it go is the only solution. Free up your mental space and insert positive energy in it. Reserve your space for true friends and healthy relationship.

Learn how to become emotionally detached.


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