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Are Your Friends Toxic?

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Friendship is a heartwarming relationship that makes life more enjoyable. When you're with your friends, you feel calm and happy for no reason other than the fact that a true friend has that effect on us. However, sometimes we make poor decisions and allow negative people into our lives, resulting in a toxic friendship.

Have you ever gotten ready feeling great about your appearance, only to have your friends tell you that you look terrible today? If so, you are in a toxic friendship and should let them go for your own peace of mind.

Here are some red flags that should never be ignored if they are found among your friend

1. Suckers for your Mood

A toxic relationship sucks your chill happy mood and leaves sadness and insecurities behind that were never there before. You will start your day in a good mood, but it will all be for naught when you meet them. They will say something that will drain you for the rest of the day, and soon insecurities will set in, causing you to believe you are looking ugly in everything; you will begin to question your once-loved looks.

2. Making your achievements worthless

No matter how significant your achievement, they will treat it as if anyone can do it. They will make you feel as if you don't have a talent. They will never congratulate you or encourage you in any way. Such toxic friends will make you feel worthless even if they don't say anything, such as looking at you in a way that makes you wonder why you even told them.

3. Group discussion

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You'll feel like an outcast.With them, there will be no friendship goals. They will not include you in plans and will give you lame excuses if you ask. They will always collaborate, but you will never. You will be standing beside them but not with them. such friends doesnot include you in any thing i.e. little thing like ordering food. They know You are not liking it but they dont pay any attention to it.

4. Brush off your problems

Toxic friends will always brush aside your issue. They will strive to persuade you that your problem is never their problem. Even if you are drowning in grief, they will not notice and will go about their lives as usual. Your deafening silence will be meaningless to them. When you tell them, they will make your mood worse and may even accuse you of being entirely to blame. You will always end up in sorrow and disaster with them. They will use your problems against you to mock or humiliate you in front of others.

5. Play Jokes on You

Jokes are a part of friendship, but toxic friends make toxic jokes that will make them laugh but not you. They will make fun of your appearance, style, and mannerisms. They will include anything and everything to make fun of you. Most importantly, they make you miserable throughout it all. When they make jokes about you, you are supposed to laugh and accept it, but if you say even a minor thing, it becomes a huge issue and leads to the conclusion that you are the one at fault.

6. The blame game.

Toxic friends will always point the finger at you. They will blame you for every problem and will never consider your feelings because you don't matter to them in any way. Whatever you will say or not say will become your fault. Beware of such toxic friends.

If any of your friends exhibit any of these characteristics, it is a sign that you should let them go for your own good. You will find the right ones who are true gems and keepers who will remind you that your own self-worth is more important than any relationship. Feel free to share your toxic friend experience in the comments section, and by doing so, let go of them once and for all, and say yes to a journey where you come first, and only those people who truly love you for who you are are allowed. Tell yourself that it is better to be alone than to be in a group where you are not welcome and your ideas are not valued. Believe me, you will make genuine friends on your journey ahead.

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