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Approaching Women and Pick-up Lines


“Always pass on what you have learned.”Yoda

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten… all personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs.” – Tony Robbins

My Story

If you’re anything like me you’ve struggled approaching attractive women because you didn’t know what to say, felt you were out of her league, or had the fear of rejection keep you from approaching while you ogled at her from a distance. Sound familiar?

I’m an average guy from a small town in California, and my background doesn’t lend itself to success. I grew up without a father, and I didn’t have any older brothers, uncles or friends to learn from. Until I got this area of my life handled, I was the docile nice guy who only dreamed of having a hot girlfriend. Well I’m happy to report that is no longer the case. I’ve spent the last 8 years and over $40,000 studying the minds and behaviors of men who are really successful with women, and I’ve learned a wealth of information that really helped. I have a great girlfriend now and maybe I can share a few things with you about what I’ve learned.

14 Mistakes Men Make When
Approaching Women

So here’s the trick to getting a woman’s attention and getting a date.

Have you ever seen an attractive woman that you’d like to approach and ask out on a date? Well here is how to do it. The first thing you have to remember is that women like really nice men. Men who are very complimentary, men who notice things about them and compliment them, and men who offer to do things for them. So the first thing that you need to do is you need to walk over and introduce yourself and give her a compliment, and the second thing you need to do is if you could be so lucky to ask her out on a date sometime.


If you believe any of what I just said then you’re probably having a very very tough time attracting women and getting dates. Because what I just described is the ultimate formula for failure.

So let’s get down to the brass tax of the top mistakes you’re making when approaching women. I’ve accumulated these from great instructors, my own experiences, and from the guys who I coach in the field.

1) Being too attached to the outcome. What I mean is you’re so focused on getting her number, going on a date, sleeping with her, and getting into a relationship that you’re sabotaging yourself. This is counterintuitive, but being attached to your outcome is the biggest hurdle you must get over before you can see success with women. Your desires ooze out to her in desperation, which place you at a lower status.

2) Making your end goal about sex. Which in reality is what it is about, however, that isn’t our objective when first learning. Your goal is to build your social acuity and enjoy the ride. When you were a kid, you didn’t get to the highest level on your first few attempts in the video game, you had to commit to it and come back to it several times before you got it. The same is true here.

3) Not smiling enough and having low energy relative to hers. Not smiling gives the impression you’re a creep and that you take yourself too seriously. Low energy in relation to her energy level is just a snooze fest for her. It is your job to entertain, not hers. Guys just starting out are not as animated as they need to be to project a fun and confident personality. But at the same time are unable to control their nervous ticks or gestures like eyes darting around the room to see who is watching, or to seek approval. It’s low status to her.

4) Perceiving her attraction/attention to you is about your looks. Although style and grooming is important to demonstrate healthy hygiene, and that you understand style, but she doesn’t value physical beauty the same way we as men do. She is simply programmed to value and need different things than we as guys value and need.

5) Fear of being judged and fear of rejection. Women want a man who is fearless. You’re only in fear because no one has shown you how. It’s natural to have a fear of what others think and to avoid rejection. Thousands of years ago if we were judged by our tribe or were rejected by a women it could mean death and not being able to reproduce, and that alone would have you excluded from your tribe. So we have to update our mental operating system with new frameworks. Noticing cues from her body language will drastically prevent being blown out, and it may or may not happen, but it’s best to have an open mind and let go of the fear, because if you don’t your fear manifest itself through your voice and through your body language. You’ll come off as incongruent.

6) The ego perceives there is an imaginary audience watching your every move. As a result there is almost a veil of stage fright when chatting with a women in public, and a lot of weight placed in what other people think about you talking to a gorgeous woman. At first this can be difficult to do, but once executed in public or close social setting can create instant attraction on to you. Not many guys have the balls to do this, and she knows it. So once you do it she’ll be curious to learn more about you.

7) Not demonstrating high social value and chances are your voice is too low. Many times guys will walk into a venue searching for something interesting, yet they should take the mindset that they themselves are the prize and don’t need external validation. In loud venues your voice needs to project, not necessarily yell, but it should have some depth to it. This takes practice.

8) Obsessing over a particular girl and taking things personally. “Taking things personally is the maximum expression of selfishness. It makes the assumption everything is about me" – Don Miguel Ruiz. A concept from the field of psychology calls this the inner locust of control. In other words, you place your frame of reference for how to behave from the cues in your external environment rather than developing your internal frame of reference. This comes with clarifying your values.

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9) Fear of her test. She is biologically wired to verbally jab you, or behave in a way that will throw you off. This is done unconsciously to gauge your confidence and see how easily you give up. If you’re unable to stick and move to her test, she’ll assume you’ll crumble when the rest of the world gives you crap. When she feels that you’re able to handle her attitude and you respond with wit or resistance to her behavior, then will she feel secure and can begin to see you as attractive. Understand that by her mid twenty’s, an extremely gorgeous female is likely to have been hit on hundreds and hundreds of times.

10) Not having your opener cued up and ready to go. This also coincides with not having topics on hand to converse about. If you have to write down some of my ideas on a note and keep it with you to reference. After a while you will not need it, but it helps when first starting out.

11) Letting the fear control you in the moment, or become hypnotized by her physical attractiveness. Your mind plays into that by making up excuses to not approach by creating the following thoughts: she doesn’t want to be bothered; the guy with her must be her boyfriend; I can tell I’m not her type, etc… And guys who are able to get beyond their fear are rarely able to get beyond her hotness. Rather guys gawk at a beautiful female, which only reaffirms their needy behavior, and repels females away from these men.

12) Being poorly groomed. I don’t mean looks. I mean being able to demonstrate that you can trim a beard, keep your fingernails clean and unbitten, trim nose hairs and ear hairs, and keep a clean haircut. Women associate this with having good hygiene, a clean room, good breath, and overall good health. She will fill in gaps in her mind about you just by these small grooming elements that will suggest to her that you remove clutter and know how to maintain order throughout your life. Whether that is true for you or not, don’t let her think otherwise.

13) Failure to put yourself in a location with high ratios of beautiful women, and only relying upon nightclubs. Women naturally have their defenses with full armor in nightclubs. It is best to utilize venues such as public malls, tourist spots, and other high foot traffic areas. Your competition is minimal and your chances of success dramatically increase.

14) Feeling embarrassment and shame in learning how to become better with women, and going at it all by yourself. As a result many guys will isolate themselves when first learning techniques and methodologies. Years ago I use to hide all of my home study materials in fear that my friends and family would laugh at me if they ever found out that I was studying this stuff. I’d always lie anytime I was going to a dating seminar or out into the field with an instructor. Because of it I delayed my success by years! I cannot stress this enough, which is why I also coach one-on-one because I know smart guys just don’t feel comfortable about sharing this stuff. I get it.

I hope that was helpful. So regardless of what you’re thinking, I’m here to tell you that it’s OKAY. I was right were you were. I understand. But I would like to warn you that if you don’t take action very soon you sabotage your success by psychologically trapping yourself in a rabbit hole of learning.

Sure you might get lucky on Match, Okcupid, or Tinder, but even with the best profile that’s a roll of the dice. When you don’t take action you detach yourself to reaching your full potential – your growth. Right now you’re an outsider who wants to learn the insider information, but without making the effort. I can show you a world you wouldn’t previously have access to, but don’t be kept on the outside. Don’t keep brutalizing yourself for not taking action.

Why Approaching Women In Person Is The Highest Leverage You Can Have On Yourself

If you’re still not convinced let me put it to you in another way. Here are three proven reasons why approaching women in person is the greatest investment you can make for yourself:

1) You’ll meet women in person who are 10 times hotter than women online, and when you start getting the phone numbers of 9’s and 10’s your confidence will shoot through the roof.

2) You set a higher standard for yourself while greatly increasing your chances of having a stronger relationship with a woman you approached in person vs. a woman you met online. Why? Women love to boast about how they met their boyfriends. It’s a metric of social standing among women. You are valued higher if you had the balls to approach her than if you met her online (assuming that she is even online). Furthermore, approaching in person sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. It demonstrates that you’re a man who isn’t afraid of going after what he wants. Believe it or not that means a lot to women.

3) You’ll have a higher return on your investment (both in time and money) with meeting women in person than you do online. I’m not referring to maximizing a scripted email in which you blast to a dozen women on Match, which often gets ignored. And even assuming you do get an online response, the conversion rate to get a number usually takes 3-4 email responses over a few days, and in some cases even weeks. I’m talking about tangible results in a single day: increased confidence (through approaching), heightened social acuity (a wingman to show you the ropes in by creating captivating conversation), and elevating your social status (style and behavior).

Here are three key elements that happen if you fail to approach women:

1) Your future self will look back with disdain. Really, your stomach will turn with disgust because you’ll look back and regret not approaching the women you desire. This is usually right before going into a deep bout of depression. How much will your 5,000 hours of Warcraft or Modern Warfare be worth when you're an old man? We know this from clinical psychologist who write about male patients wanting to take more chances when they were younger in going for that job, approaching that gorgeous female, or taking that trip they always wanted.

2) You’ll end up settling because it’s comfortable. You’ll literally be comfortable and accept any girl that fits the bill out of convenience. Your life will stay the same and you’re never going to get what you really want.

3) And since you’re comfortable, your health, career, and social standing stagnate and eventually decay if left unchecked. How do we know this? Over time men will end up resenting themselves and their wife/girlfriend for their own shortcomings. This often manifests itself through a midlife crisis. A popular men’s survey ranked not going after the hot girl as being middle aged guys’ number #1 regret. From an evolutionary standpoint, the simple fact that you fail to go after what you want puts you on track to be removed by biology. This means as a man you are actively going against the purist fiber of your design. In other words, in prehistoric caveman days you’d parish and die. In short, don’t become that guy – don’t spend the rest of your life wondering what might have been if you'd just manned up and gone for it.

There are hundreds of ways to approach women, and hopefully you’ll pick and choose which methods work best for you. Get creative. The methods you create are the ones that will work for you… but just make sure that your process includes: a smile, confidence (which also refers to your mindset and attitude), style, body language, and high social acuity.

I know, you’re probably wondering why can’t the women just approach us men and start a conversation! Well Brad Pitt, we have a Y chromosome and it doesn’t work like that.

I realize we as men put a lot of stock into the visual appearance of a female. You’ll base her personality, her values, attitude, interest, and virtually everything else simply by how attractive she is to you. As I mentioned before, this is often the first mistake we make before we even approach a woman.

And what many men don’t realize is that the approach is just the setup to the conversation.

For a moment let’s assume that our human courting behaviors were similar to the American Jumping Spiders. Males must impress the female, and if they fail to do so the female will kill him. The male does a dance and sings during courtship to mesmerize her. Interesting thought about evolution of mating within other species. What if we as guys had to do that? We would be sure to get it right the first time. Or what about the courting behavior of buffalos? Buffalos have to fight the alpha buffalo to earn the right to mate. So young males must fight the alpha male to demonstrate the position to be mating material. Luckily for us we’ve don’t have it that bad off. All we have to do is approach, but far too often we not even prepared to.

New Field Tested Pick-Up Lines, Conversation Topics, And Fun Responses

Now let’s assume for a second that you’re standing in front of her, what do you talk about? At that point the first words out of your mouth are the social lubricant to further penetrate a conversation. They key is to get her talking and that can be done with a question, a joke, or a statement, but whatever you choose to say don’t let it be something that doesn’t prompt a response from her.

Here are a list of questions, statements, and pick-up lines that you can approach with and incorporate into the conversation.

Walk up with, “Hey, I need your help. My buddies and I are in a debate about who lies more often, men or women – can you help us out.”

I use this one often: “Hey! Stop right there! You’re in trouble. I was over there trying to mind my business but your beauty is far too distracting and now I have to come see what you’re all about… so what’s your story?”

My favorite place to chat with women is the grocery store, and this one works for me every time: casually approach on the side and say, “Can I help you find anything?” She’ll respond usually with, “No, but thank you.” Then say, “Good because I don’t work here, I just wanted to come flirt with you and see if you’re a foodie like me.”

Cheesy, but funny in bar settings: “I’m no Uber driver, but I’ll still pick you up.”

If a woman at a bar is with friends say, “Hey! I’m glad you guys came out to celebrate! But I have to admit it is a little stalkerish… but how did you know it was my birthday?” Then follow up with, “Ah, you must follow me on Twitter.

Point out the obvious if she is with other girlfriends: “Is tonight girls night out?”

If she happens to yawn then quickly say, “If I’m boring you just say so.”

If she’s sitting alone at a bar, which is rare if she’s attractive, ask her, “Does your AA sponsor know you’re here?”

This is a great approach method or a simple way to energize the conversation: carry around with you the following 16 cards from the game Cards Against Humanity. These cards might not necessarily be the funniest cards to you, but these are the cards that are the most entertaining for women.


Hand her and her friend a set of 6 white cards each. And then play a black card, read it to the women, then instruct them to hand in cards for the card you just read.


Obviously you can switch up the cards and the number of cards to handout, but try not to complicate it too much. Your goal is simply to use the cards as a conversation starter. One that often works well is walking up and saying, “I had to come by and give you my business card (Hand her: ‘Being a motherfucking sorcerer’ card). What kind of magic do you practice?

If she’s been drinking ask her, “How many feet are in an inch?” or “What two colors make up the color blue?” Hint, blue is a primary color.

When the conversation begins to stall introduce random facts that are hard to believe, but interesting to know are great to use… for example say, “Did you know that Elvis used to dye his hair. His natural hair color was blond, and sometimes he would use shoe polish. He was an identical twin, and at one point he had a pet chimpanzee.”

Other facts you can mention: “Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter Gene Hernandez… Vin Diesel is a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan… and before he was breaking up fights on television Jerry Springer used to be the Mayor of Cincinnati… Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock were once an item, and finally Rihanna was an army cadet that trained with the Barbadian (Barbados) Military.

Ask her about her day and what led her to the current location you’re talking to her at.

If you’re at a dance club, look at her and say, “Can you dance?” If she says yes, then you say, “Okay prove it.” If she says, “I don’t want to dance.” Respond with, “I didn’t ask you to dance, I asked if you could.” But you better know how to dance.

Genuinely compliment an article of her clothing or jewelry, but then joking say, “Not bad, but clearly that would look better on me. It would bring out my eyes” If she is wearing leather boots up to hear knees ask her if they are English or Western, you’ll be referring to the riding style of boot that horse riders wear. But be prepared to talk about horses if you do.

Interject early into the conversation: “By the way, don’t try to use any of your corny pickup lines on me, they don’t work.”

If you notice that she is checking you out from afar say, “Shall we talk, or are you going to continue undressing me with your eyes from a distance?”

If you’re with your buddy and she ask you how you know each other be playful and say something like, “Craigslist” You can also say the same to her and her friend: “So do you guys know each other from Craigslist?”

When you’re in a conversation with her, look for the biggest dork in the venue and say, “Hey, that guy over there is checking you out, I think you should go for it.” If she playfully hits you in the arm or shoulder then say, “Hey! No touching the merchandise.”

If you find yourself nervous to approach but are able to force yourself to approach, being vulnerable can actually create a sense of authenticity that is refreshing and sincere. You might say something along the lines of, “Hi, I noticed you when you walked in and I’m really nervous right now, but I find you incredibly beautiful and I told myself I’d be a fool if I didn’t come at least say hi. So I forced myself to come approach you and say hello.” Then say, “My name is [your name], what’s yours?”

Many times guys who are just learning run out of things to say early in the conversation. This is where canned material comes into play. You’ll want to ask her about where she’s from, what does she do for a living, if she’s with a friend ask how her how they know each other. Ask her what she likes to do for fun, then if she doesn’t mention karaoke ask her why she didn’t mention it and accuse her of being a communist.

When she asks you about what you do for work – do not tell her right away. You’ll bore her to death if you do. Don’t be like every other guy. Rather say, “I’m an ass model. I’d let you touch it, but you seem like a girl who would bruise it” She’ll laugh and accuse you of being a liar. Play along. Then say, “Don’t judge me, I model my ass for men’s boxers and briefs.” She’ll love it.

The point is to think of something fun to say first, then after she’s played along for a moment then you can choose to tell her what you really do for a living. Another one I like to use is, “I’m a lyrical gangsta. I drop F-bombs in client meetings, and freestyle on street corners… you may have seen me gyrating. I moonlight as a breakdancer during rush hour in the subway tunnels.”


Ask her what her top 3 go-to karaoke songs are. She’ll ask if you also like karaoke, and give your honest answer, but if you don’t like it say that you sound like a crying camel but enjoy performing. You have to say this jokingly of course.

Ask her if she has any pets and if she does then ask to see a photo. Guys who like animals demonstrate that they’re not psychopaths. Also, be prepared to cue up photos of your pets. I like to carry funny photos on my phone of pets’ faces that are photoshoped onto other animal’s bodies.

Ask her if she plays any musical instruments, and if she doesn’t ask her if she can at least play the radio. Be prepared to answer back on any musical abilities that you have. If you don’t play then tell her you can play the washboard, and possibly the spoons if you’ve had enough to drink.

A fun game to play in a bar when the conversation stalls is called “Shag, Marry, Kill” You point out 3 guys in the bar for her to pick out of the 3 which one she would shag, marry, or kill and she’ll reciprocate to you 3 women where you pick which one you would shag, marry, or kill. It’s fun to play because you can always riff on who she would shag and who she would marry. You can be like, “Wow, I perceived you to have higher standards.” Say it with smirk to let her know you’re joking.

A fun closer is: “You know what, you seem fun. I’m going to do you a favor and let you give me your number.”

Another is: “Hey look, I need to get out of here but I’m going to need your number before I go (as you hand her your phone).


When you’re texting her after a few days send her a funny animal photo saying, “Hey! There’s a photo of you on TMZ as you were trying to grab an Uber.” And if she doesn’t laugh or gets offended then she isn’t the girl for you. If she gives you attitude say, “So besides being another pretty face in the crowd, what other qualities do you possess that would make me want to know you better?”

Those examples work for the guys I coach and they can work for you, but you have to make them your own. But simply asking questions doesn’t do it. We must ask questions to find something in common as we build rapport with her. Once we find what that is (it could be growing up in the same city as her, discovering you share the same passion for rescuing animals, or that you have the same disgust for a particular entertainer like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus). You’re looking to create a feeling of commonality.

There are many more examples than this, and I’ll be happy to share at a later date. The point is to have a couple in your back pocket to pull up and use should you get stuck. The idea is to be playful and show that you’re a jovial guy with your act together, and that you’re not hung up on how attractive she is. This illustrates that you’re not constantly thinking about sex every 5 seconds, even if most of us are. That’s fine – we’re men and that’s how we come wired from the factory. But building rapport and being able to control our urges and emotions is what makes you an attractive quality guy. Confidence with self-control and the ability to flex your linguistic prowess will make you irresistible to a majority of the women out there.

Now that you have some canned material to approach with and hold a conversation you’re going to go out and approach a few attractive women tomorrow, right? Good! But before you do let me share with you a couple of items you’ll want to understand before hand.

Don’t mistake your substance with your style. Style is often the most overlooked area for men when learning body language.

The Hidden Language For Many Men - Body Language

“Fact is that body language is more honest than words” – Body Language Experts, Barbara and Allen Pease.


The majority of our communication isn’t from the combination of words we string together, but rather how our words complement our tone of voice and our body language.

The hard reality is that we as men are not programed to pick up a woman’s first signal of interest, so women often have to repeat it several times before we can catch it. If we are especially dense, then she might have to look at you 5 or 6 times just so you’ll notice her.

Interestingly enough, women initiate up to 80% of indicators of interest, however, her signals are usually so subtle that many men never catch them, so most men think they are the ones taking the lead.


Men in bars often convey to women that they are not interested in conversation by keeping their hands in their pockets. Or, when guys have a drink they cover their mid-section with their drink arm as to shield themselves, which comes off as insecure. Women are acutely aware that body language is an outward reflection of a man’s emotional condition.


Many men do not know what to do with their hands, or how they should stand. Dominate body posture is communicated by taking up space, taking a little wider stance, putting your hands on your hips with your elbows pointed out, or extending your arms at the bar if you have room.

Watch Amy Cuddy's TED talk below to get a better understanding of how powerful body language can be.

So then what are some of those subtle clues that you can look for before approaching?

1) The obvious: eye contact with a smile.

2) Often called “preening” she will posture her body upright to accentuate her chest and position her best features in your direction.

3) A sideways glance over a raised shoulder.

4) She plays with her hair, fiddles with an article of clothing, or plays with her earrings or another piece of jewelry.

5) She will open her body up towards you, or simple sit with her frame in your direction.

6) She will put her purse, jacket, drink or some possession of hers close to you.

7) The pupils in her eye may be slightly enlarged.

8) If she bites her lip she might be nervous because of her attraction to you.

One of the ways to quickly build rapport is through a concept called “mirroring” behavior. For example, research tells us that when a man is mirroring a woman’s facial expressions during conversation will she then interpret him to be attractive, smart, interesting, and a good listener.


Which picture do you find more attractive?

“The eyes are a key signal in courting, and the purpose of eye makeup is to emphasize eye display. If a woman is attracted to a man, she will dilate her pupils at him and he is likely to decode the signal correctly without knowing it. This is why romantic encounters are most successful in dimly lit areas because everyone’s pupils dilate and create the impression that couples are interested in each other.” - The Definitive Book of Body Language – Allan and Barbara Pease

Find A Coach Or Wingman Who Believes In You

Regardless if you choose me to be your instructor just promise me you will not go at this alone. You seriously risk delaying your success if you stay in learning mode.

To approach women on your own you must change 3 key elements:

1) Your beliefs about yourself and about attractive women.

2) Your mindset.

3) Getting outside of your comfort zone.

That’s it. No more, no less… but you have to take the first step.

If you want to approach women you’re going to have to make this a priority. That’s going to have to become more important than what you’re already doing. So that for action to occur, the intermediate step for you is going to be a change in priorities. And if this isn’t a priority for you then you’re not serious about finding a great woman.

This means stop being the victim and start being at cause – start being in charge! You must take responsibility for deserving what you want. I can’t say that any clearer.


Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James are all naturally gifted athletes, but even star players need coaches to bring them to greatness by bringing out their full potential.

My job is to identify your goal, set a clear target with a timeline, and hold you accountable for getting there. I don’t believe in throwing guys into the deep end just to see if they can swim – that’s not my philosophy. We’ll work together to test and refine methods like style, reading her body language, building rapport, and openers to get you ready. Then once we get the green light we’re out in the field – showtime!


Look, I realize that developing this area can be a challenge for some, I know I’ve been through it. But for many men I coach it’s fun and 9 times out of 10 we have a blast! So as long as you have a positive attitude for learning (which might mean falling off the saddle a couple of times), I create a fun environment that makes learning and having fun inevitable.

What are the benefits to having me in your corner?

1) I see the mistakes you’re making that you’re oblivious to.

2) Like an older brother I’m there to support you the entire time, so you never really fail when I’m around.

3) Your success is my success – so I push you to reaching your goal.

4) I teach to your learning style so that the material sticks.

5) You get access to other guys who are on a similar path.

6) I occupy the other girls/guys who might be a distraction while in set.

Regardless of your looks, how out of shape you are, and your level of confidence – if you’re willing to make a long-term commitment in achieving results then I’m interested in working with you to help get you to the next level.

Above all else, don’t continue to isolate yourself in this area of your life. You need to feel supported in approaching, strengthening your social acuity, and understanding women – that is so much more powerful than trying to learn and gather all that you can on your own. Being disconnected is as much a deficiency as being deficient in vitamin c. “If you don’t have support, science teaches us that you will flounder and not succeed as well as you could have. I promise you that” – Dr. Ned Hallowell.

Data from a famous study out of Harvard (Bowling Alone) on the facets of social capital suggest the following: those who continue to force themselves to study and learn alone also continue to live alone, work alone, die younger, are less happy, are less healthy, and achieve on a much lower level. Yet, the data further goes on to suggest that when those who do choose to participate in studying with one or two people see secondary benefits in being happier and healthier.

Let’s say you don’t contact me and decide to continue going at this alone… where will that leave you in 6 months, 12 months, 2 years? Will you just accept what comes along with your current strategy, or will you learn the skills I teach you to become a Cheetah and go after the women you really want rather than settling for less. You can kick yourself about all the mistakes you’re making or you can save months and even years of pain and rejection to master your approach, rapport, and get more numbers. I can’t make the decision for you. It is 100% up to you. I can help ease your pain, but you’ve got to take the first step. If you get stuck or have questions I’ve included my email here: You don’t have to go through this alone.

Chris Cristiano

My sincere objective is for you to meet the woman of your dreams. Growing up I never had anyone in my corner show me, so it is my desire to help you.

Below I leave you with my favorite video and quote:

“You must always be willing to walk away in life: from talking to a woman, from a one-night stand, from a relationship, even from a job. You are the prize to be pursued. You are a person of value. You are the opportunity of a lifetime for them, and if they aren’t prepared to value that opportunity, then they don’t deserve to have it.” – Tony Clink

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