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An Opinion on Same-Sex Union in the Philippines


Marriage is about LOVE, not gender

People say don’t judge a book by its cover. But then, why do most feel disgusted when seeing two people of the same sex together? What is there to be so repulsed about? They are just people. People like us defying society’s standards. There isn’t much difference between us and them. Human as we are, we all have our different preferences, desires, and ideals. Each and every one of us is different, so we can’t discriminate them for being different either. The LGBT community, just like us, deserves to be with whoever they want to be with. They deserve to at least have a civil union with their partner of the same sex.

Marriage is about the love and support you have for one another. Heterosexuals can marry whoever they want even if they don’t love the person they are to marry. But these people can’t. These people are willing to defy society’s standards just to be with the person they truly love and have a real connection to, yet they are deprived of their right to be together, all because of their sexual-orientation and gender.

The world is changing fast. New ideas spread and traditions drift, it’s only a matter of time until homosexuality, bisexuality, and the like turns into a social norm. The Philippines’ LGBT community’s population is increasing and sooner or later, another same-sex marriage bill will be proposed if this won’t be approved. So, why not support it now if you know that you’ll have to do so later?

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