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Always Pick the Person Who Will Break Your Heart

Choosing the person you think will break your heart is also the person who will make you feel the most, and feeling deeply is a gift. Love is intense. Being vulnerable and letting the heart speak for you is true open-mindedness. Daring to love despite any guarantee of a lasting relationship is real love.

Daring to remain in the love fire and being able to both love fully and care for oneself is love.
Loving someone is a spiritual practice; you don’t have to go to a particular building to practice your spiritual connection, dare to love the one you think will break your heart, dare to connect with the person you think will crack you open.
Revealing yourself to another is art in motion.

Nothing lasts, everything changes, life is constant change, so why do we insist on a love that doesn’t hurt us? A love that doesn’t hurt stays on the surface; it’s superficial and artificial. Growth and ego hurt and stings, but love heals. Love transforms, and transitions can be painful, but love is always loving.

Love is not ownership; it’s an appreciation, not a possession of another person.
Not everyone can keep their heart wide open and feel all they could feel if they did. Some people get scared of the avalanche of emotions another person’s love for them reveals and close down. Perhaps they can only cope with a substitute love relationship; maybe the real deal is too much for them.

If you want happiness, pick the one who won’t break your heart, but if you want to connect deeply, choose the person who will break your heart.
When we let go of the need for guarantees, magic happens.
If someone fascinates you, be with them.
If you are inspired to change, to grow, to do stuff you have never done before, be with that person.
If a person can’t break your heart, you will never go to new places.
When your heart is broken, and it feels like the pieces are lost forever, that you can never pick yourself up, thank that person for opening you up to a new you. Instead of cursing them and wishing they were dead, thank the heartbreaker for letting you get to know more about yourself than any other person.

Breaking someone’s heart is a spiritual act, don’t curse them for whatever made up shortcomings you imagine you didn’t see until they ended it with you. Thank them for revealing more of the artwork that is you, for letting you go deeper within and see more of the magic that is you.
Saying you’re better off without the person misses the point of the love that has changed form.
The ability to love another is the ability to love self.
You’re not better off without the person; you’re better off for having loved the person.

You won’t find someone better, but you will find someone with the potential to break your heart again, and you will pick this person because it’s only someone like that who can reveal more of your beauty. You’re each other’s artists helping each other reveal the magic within, and it always only lasts for as long as it lasts. Time is irrelevant. Someone with the potential to break your heart can make you feel deeper than someone who will never break your heart, be it a day or a few months or several years.
Do care, both about the safety of yourself and the person with the ability to break your heart.
If you want to meet a person who won’t break your heart, you want to be on your own. Dare to love and be loved, which means daring to pick the person who will break your heart.

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Always pick a heartbreaker

Always pick a heartbreaker

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