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All About Perfect Wedding Cake

This is Lubnaa ....I am a passionate blogger and I love to write about all beautiful things that Life has given to us.


Everyone wants their wedding to be unforgettable and talked about for another year. And of course in a good way. If you decide to invest so much time, energy and considerable funds in one "party", you want the feedback from the guests as positive as possible. The wedding guests will criticize your wedding from start to finish. They will talk about almost everything. But what do they look at and comment on the most? Surely it is the place of the wedding itself, the bride's wedding dress, whether there was enough food and drink, what was the choice of music and of course the wedding cake. The wedding cake dominates the whole wedding. Everyone is looking forward to this gem. What are we going to talk about nowadays, more and more emphasis is placed on this special dessert. It must be in the color of the wedding, matched to the theme of the wedding, according to the latest trends and God forbid you will not have live flowers there. Does that sound like nonsense to you? But it's not. In the last ten years, so many new confectioners and types of cakes have sprung up that one gets lost in it. After all, as in the overall wedding assortment.

Before I talk about what we can actually choose from, it's important to clarify what you actually expect from the cake. Do you care how it looks more than how it tastes? What is your budget for the cake, etc. There are a lot of questions. Most brides or brides have an accurate idea of ​​the cake. If you really come across a skilled confectioner, he will tell you the advantages and disadvantages, he will recommend the size and type of cake. The so-called cake tastings are still popular. Be sure to use them.

Wedding Cake Basics

What kind of wedding cakes are there and how should your wedding cake be? Classic, modern, traditional, unusual - something very special?

-The wedding cake should definitely match the overall picture of the wedding, the color concept, the location and of course the decoration.

-Please also consider the size of the wedding cake - it can vary a lot depending on the number of guests and budget. Therefore, pay attention to the price and inform yourself about it in advance.

-In terms of taste , the cake should primarily contain your favorite flavors , but also not too fancy, so that your guests can also find something to their taste. Therefore, it is essential to discuss and try the flavors with your pastry chef or someone who specializes in wedding cakes. So you know what to look forward to.

-And the decoration - this is of course the alpha and omega - we all know: “the eye eats too”.

-Correct delivery , cooling and storage of the cake is very important .

-Where and how would you like to present your wedding cake so that it comes into its own.

-And then here would be the right moment - cutting the wedding cake - a big and exciting topic. How would you like to celebrate the cutting of the cake? Who's got the hand up?


So let's talk about what is so-called flying in this area today.


Creamy-creamy & fruity-fresh - did you know that the cream cakes can only bear this name if the whipped cream content is at least 60%?

Chocolate & nutty wedding cake filling - (Sachertorte, walnut cake ...)

Alcoholic - champagne cake, punch cake, eggnog cake and much more.

And if you choose different flavors for the individual taste then you should also pay attention to a few points:

-Usually the lower floor is the biggest, so of course you get the most out of it.

-If you want to freeze the cake, then this cake will of course not be cut. But be careful: not every cake is suitable for freezing.

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-The taste that you want to try for yourself should go to the floor that you will cut first.

-And if a floor should contain a few unusual flavors, then a more traditional flavor should be selected for at least one floor.

But as already mentioned, make sure that there is something for every guest.


I deliberately mention fondant and not marzipan. It's a lighter choice. Choose this type of cake only if the confectioner is able to make the right ratio between the fondant and the filling. If the filling is too sweet as well as fondant, the whole impression of the cake will go bad.



So-called naked or half-naked cakes. They are becoming more and more popular. It has a light impression. It is a cake in which you can see either the whole body and the filling, or it is partially covered with cream. They are most often decorated with fresh fruit or live flowers, which harmonize with the overall decoration of the wedding. Of course for flowers, it is already possible to order edible ones.


This variant is unconventional, and yet it looks festive, tidy and eliminates the worry of slicing the cake. The newlyweds will cut a smaller cake on a pedestal, which can be both coated and naked or semi naked. It will be complemented in the same style by small cakes that represent one serving. Playful, cheerful and non-traditional variant.


Special Attention To The Fillings....

When you choose your dream wedding cake, you will surely think about the filling. The filling of the cake is no less important than its decoration. Choose a light filling, not a butter filling (they have been rang for a long time). If you decide, and you will certainly find in the menus that you will add seasonal fruit to the cream, first make sure which fruit it is. It may happen that you will also find canned tangerines in the cake. In short and well, define yourself as much and as precisely as possible to avoid unnecessary inconsistencies that will be difficult to tune in on day "D". Try, taste, ask.
-Marzipan - Marzipan is made from rose oil and almonds and therefore has a symbolic meaning, because marzipan stands for love (roses) and happiness (almonds). Did you know that the slightly bitter taste of almonds also indicates bad times that the newlyweds master together?

-Cream - you can choose your cake with cream or cream as a coating. Disadvantage: both are not very dimensionally stable, especially on hot days. You don't want the decorative elements to sink into the cream

-Icing - a simple variant that is sure to taste good to everyone

-Ruffle Cake - the ruffle cake is made with fondant and buttercream, which makes a wavy decoration look like frills

-Drip Cake (dripping coating) - the glaze applied in such a way that it runs down the cake like a drop

-Fault Line Cake - here the cake looks like it has a tension or fault line in the middle

-Photo cakes - these are very popular at weddings.


My personal tip now to conclude....

As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider on this really cute topic.
Your confectioner or specialist in wedding cakes will give you the information that is important and will respond individually to your wishes and create the most beautiful wedding cake for you.
It is therefore very important that you think about it in good time and that you order the cake at least six months in advance. And as mentioned at the beginning, it is really important that you taste it in advance. You will be delighted.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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Mubarak from INDIA on March 06, 2021:

Nice personal opinion about wedding cake.

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