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Adjusting To Life With Someone Who Is Visually Impaired

Joshua Hurtado has been driving for Uber Eats since August 2018 and has an Associates in Paralegal Studies.


Finding Out

In 2019 I decided to take a leap and put myself out on the dating scene again, but this time while using an online dating website. I signed up for an account on Christain Mingle and began searching. It was not easy finding someone who I thought would be a good fit for me. Fortunately, that special someone messaged me and asked me out on a date.

I looked through her profile and everything seemed pretty good, and agreed to the date. I just kind of assumed that everything would be more or less normal, or as normal as a first date can be. It was around this time however that I discovered one crucial piece of information, she is legally blind.


One of our first dates was at our county fairgrounds. While we were there I became curious about her eyesight and wanted to know what caused her sight issues. So I asked her, while also giving her an out incase she did not want to discuss it. Fortunately, she said that she liked talking about it. Turns out her difficulty seeing is the result of a brain tumor she developed when she was about ten. Her tumor wrapped around her optical nerves and when they removed the tumor her nerves were damaged.

There was a variety of other questions I had as well. For instance, I remember asking her how well she could see. I remember asking her if she could see a concession stand which was probably over 100 feet away from where we were standing at the time. She was not able to see it. I continued with this line of questioning for the next several days. I was genuinely interested. Although I was careful not to over ask.


From day one I was introduced to Wonka, Miranda's guide dog. I never really realized how much guide dogs do for people until I met Miranda. I knew that there were such things as seeing-eye dogs, but I never really paid enough attention to them to see or find out what all they really do. Even after meeting Miranda I just operated off assumption in regards to Wonka. This turned out to be a mistake and if there was something I could have done differently it would have probably done me some good to do some research on my own. Another thing I could have done better was to ask Miranda more questions regarding Wonka.

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One example of my ignorance was while we were out for a walk, I saw Miranda with her dog walking towards the road. Not towards a crosswalk, but just towards the curb nowhere near an intersection. I freaked out as she was about at the curb and kept walking and grabbed her arm. She was a bit irritated. I explained to her that I thought she was about to walk into the road. However, this was not the case as her guide dog is trained to bring her to the curb and then come to a stop. This is so she knows where the curb is and has a better grasp on the width of the sidewalk as well as her location.

When he is not working Wonka is a joy to be around. He is vibrant and playful, he is also very sensitive to Miranda's needs, even when he is not "working". He acts as a pretty good indicator when I get home from work as to how she is feeling on a given day.


Keeping It Organized

Before Miranda and I got married I noticed how irritated she would get when her apartment was a mess. I understood being frustrated with a mess, but she was probably more frustrated than I would have expected. Again this was another area where I just operated off assumption for the most part. After she explained it to me it made total sense. She can barely see, so when stuff was placed on the floor where it does not belong, she would not be able to see it and would end up kicking it or tripping over it.

She told me that something people used to do to her when she was younger was move her stuff as a joke. They thought it was funny to see her look around for them. This was very frustrating for her. Literally just moving something of hers from one side of her desk to the other without saying anything could result in her not being able to locate it.

There are many other things I have learned over my time with Miranda. If you are interested in hearing more let me know in the comments.

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