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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The love on frustration is just like the midst of the fuming ocean wherein unfilled by the downbeat biological prescription by the soul of the loveless care .The exquisite human specie may put the gender crazy from the consequences of action beyond the control of human compassion. Sometimes we wonder how frustrations of love may find the life so miserable particularly to the women you love. It is unthinkable that men do things beyond the bound of ethical norm just to please and love by someone you care. The time line produces more frustration on all gender side as the extinction of love letter is now inevitable for the next generation. Let us revive the compassionate love and find time to share our loving thoughts as the frustration of love go deeper to the young ones. As we can say “the deadly venom of personal life to man is within the soft … sometimes we write in the love letter to fine comfort and expression to love in order to kneel the compassion of egocentrism…

Dear sweetheart ,

Right now I find a vacuum soul that I could hardly describe my emotion. I am deeply frustrated by what is now going on with us. I use my masculine power to get rid in this frustrations of mine. I drink too much that I could no longer move my body as I felt the misery and suffering of my life . I thought of so many things again and again only to find out no answers from the different options I thought to tell you. I could no longer. I am quite desperate now I used the cellphones and my e-mails to reach you out but no avail… I don’t know what is happening now to me as I write this love letter of frustration. One time, I just stayed in the social networking in the computer until I accidentally read an article in the hugPages about the love notes on frustration. I have never had a chance to write a love letter as my parent taught so many thing a about the excitement they have reading the love letter of my dad. I was so amazed how they expressed their love . I found an interesting love letter it seems old . I read the content as I go on I thought that I was being the one in love by the letters being wrote by father. It was so beautiful I felt that I was like dad writing to the one I love. If only we can go back time then I would do the same writing love letter to you.

As I felt now I would now eventually give this love letter to you just to say how much I love you. It would be good if the HubPages may now publish this love letter of frustration for the young ones to read. I am maybe fortunate now to have everything modern technology as I have cellphones, multi-media gadgets and all the luxuries of life for us young ones. However, the touch of my heart to you was no longer as use to be in the past. I hope the Savior will find more time to write about love letters so that young ones appreciate so much about the genuine meaning love. The love we have now is like a casual dress of fashion on material world for our joy is centered by our egoistic style. We love so much ourselves …. We dreamed so much about material wealth for our life in this modern technology may find so expensive from the fashion gadgets…

Let me continue my love letter as I’m watching all the modern gadgets of mine. I like the way we live as teenagers in a carefree world it is only now that I realized how powerful genuine love to our heart is. I still write you more.. I don’t care if somebody reads this love letter. For my love is so genuine as I reach the heavenly stars to promise you to be the best partner and boyfriend in your life.

Your ever loving boyfriend,


Setting you Free :

The destiny of life is usually unexpected to all of us. There are life events that may not come true. We never expected to happen even though we thought that the best direction in our life. It may come as scars of the reality of love life. Those we thought to be the future partner unexpectedly dropped beyond our control life. We hide these events lest we remembered by our own thoughts bestowed by lie.

It happened most of the time by women whose emotions are controlled by the rationality of men. Although, this things happen to men. The logical reasoning contused them to realize the value of love life.

…. I never thought that this happens to us There are many times we quarreled as you may thought I am not sincere to you. You may thought I love somebody else other than you. I tell you now that don’t be jealous if you find somebody you thought to me my other sweetheart. You are the only one that I love in this universe… I always fulfilled what you want me to do… I even stretch may tolerance in order to obey what you want for me. I never told you before that sometimes I am hurt on what you are doing to me…Yes! That is the right thing to do to preserve may love to you.

I love you so much that I have done many things to appease and show you how much I love you. You may be quite frustrated that sometimes I would not do what you want. There is time when misunderstanding provokes us to quarrel on unnecessary things. Remember, that I always love you I give you everything for the sake our love. You are the gift of my life… I thank God because you are there as my love one. You must know that I give you all things in my life for the best thing happen now is the treasures of compassionate soul for the love that I have to you.

There is a very grave consequence particularly to a lady whom you love most… You would like to change her attitude as in the feminine reality love is no longer as it was before but sometimes we must let them know that we would like to change their heart in the relationships of someday to become responsible parents someday.


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Cookie on November 11, 2014:

Painfully obvious English is not their first language.

Christopher Fuster Bueno,Ph.D. (author) from Graduate School, University of Northern Philippines, UNESCO Heritage City of Vigan on May 13, 2013:

Dear Paloma,

This is savior reading your comment about A LOVE LETTER ON FRUSTRATION . The human love is so wonderful that our time line of frustrations has been so powerful that defines our life experiences. There is one thing that you should know about love when frustrations appear in your heart and spirit . It is the most exciting and fascinating experiences in human compassion that we secretly live that affected like contagion in our mind.That is the best gift that god has given us to appreciate the beauty of life through the word LOVE.

Our pains and frustrations are the other side to strive with when we deal our love for we are emotionally attached by the oneness of the spirits and souls we thought to be perfect to somebody we love. We are blinded by the two minds perfectly bonded by love and desire that human nature construed to live in.

There is always a unilateral human compassion of love experience that we cannot move on particularly women that suffered the consequences of love and desire. Remember, men live by a rational love, compassion and desire that women could not sometime grasp beyond the meaning of genuine love.However, there are men who live by genuine love and compassion that are willing to live to procreate in a human society but attached by rational essence of love.

Paloma you must need to move on by the magical love experience by somebody out there in your world. Find time for a social life by men who thought wonderful to appreciate your genuine love.There are millions of men better than someone you experience in your life. Do not simply live by the dungeon of frustrations you encountered by this love story. I know you cannot simply erase this love experiences for it is normal for human species to appreciate by the genuine meaning of love.It must be a perfect love for us,when we have not yet experience for other live. The world is full of love... do not waste your time thinking the walls of the past as you can still find a genuine love story

in your world.

If you can no longer find the human love and compassion to someone then you must live by it There is always a compassionate way to live by this. It is better to experience love than never experience at all. There are women who have the same love experience as you are. You better continue your love story as this is the most exciting spell in the human love and compassion in this world.


Paloma on May 11, 2013:

My loved Jay

It is been two years since the last time I saw you; I still remember the day you said good bye to me at the airport. Do you remember? probably not because you have moved on and I have been left behind. I gave you my life in every kiss and in every hug I gave you . You have no idea how much I loved you then and how much I still love you. I am here in my country trying to keep myself as busy as possible, but it is at night that my tears come down from my cheeks. It is at night when I feel so lonely. It is at night when I most miss you. You have your family now and I have forgiven you for lying to me; I have forgiven you for choosing your family and not me. Probably, If I had been in your situation I would have done the same, and I loved you more for this. If you had just told me that you were not divorce, I would have waked away from you the day I met you. Instead, you had to wait 5 years to tell me everything about your life. I forgive you for doing that, but time does not. I am getting old everyday and everyday I feel lonely. Jay, I dont want to be alone. I think I deserve another chance in this life. I never hurt your wife; the day you told me the truth, I stopped expressing my love to you even I was dying inside. If you still think of me, please ask God to forgive me for falling in love with a married man. and please ask God to give me another chance to find love. You will be with me in my heart. I remember your particular Indian eyes and your long legs. I loved you for what you were, I never wondered if you were handsome or not, you were my king and that was it matter. Thanks for all the happiness you gave me. please forgive me for not being able of forgetting you. I try as hard as possible, but sometimes it is impossible. The day you left my city, I cried night and day. My love Jay, if by any chance you decide to be alone, remember that here you have someone that loves you. if not, I wish you the best and I ask God to take care of you and your family. Jay, does love exist? will I see love in my life again?

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