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A Dream Proposal


Last Sunday, I was absorbed in reading a novel when the clock tickles “Oh! It’s midnight! I should sleep now” I put the novel aside with a heavy heart and fell asleep while imagining my Romeo to come and get me to a sweet life.

Later, floating in my dreamland, I saw myself on a seashore wearing a white midi dress, sandals in my hand, and the hair levitating in the air. I walked through the damp sand in the sunset.

 Lost in the beauty of nature, I couldn’t resist the tide of water that unbalanced me and got me along. I tried to get up, but the pressure was beyond my force. I was underwater when a man in a white shirt came with a delusional face trying to call me, but the movement of lips was the only clear gesture.

 Bunch of people around me When I opened my eyes. They were all my college fellows. I saw Steve on the right side in a white soaked shirt, his golden-brown hair stuck to the forehead and the most eye-catching thing, his eyes full of worry.

He helped me in sitting. One of my fellows, offered me her scarf to cover myself. Meanwhile, Steve took his shirt off, wrung it, and put that on me. This was a momentous game; I couldn’t resist it. I will not do that even if I had time. I always had feelings for him.

“Are you ok? If not, I can take you to hospital” His concerned voice. “NOPE, I am ok. what happened to me?” I asked. “You almost sank, luckily Steve was the savior. He was misty-eyed when you were faint.” Roger. We both blushed when our eyes met on this comment.

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Instantly, I realized he is just being modest. My smile disappears, I rashly get up and walked away. “So rude. Forget her. let’s go back to the party” heard someone remarking over me. Any credulity from Steve’s concern can break me. I left all back when I heard my name. “Nora, please listen” Steve paused to catch his breath “Why do you always push me? You were acting normal; I saw into your eyes, next moment you were strange as if you don’t know me.”

“Me? Oh, you notice me, I thought I don’t exist for you.” My voice was teary and heavy “It’s you, who is always strange Ignoring me”

“For God’s sake Nora, what makes you think like that? You don’t know How precious you are for me” He carefully approached me, gave me his warm touch. I was scared before, counting every moment, my heart denied pumping when they say I might lose you now.

I always wanted to say something but! “But? I replied in a trance.” But I couldn’t help that earlier. After what happened today, I can’t delay. I am no more afraid of your rejection. Nora let me confess at this moment, I am madly been in love with you, from the time when we were sophomores. He sat on his knee, left me astonished “Nora Williamson will you honor me to you claim you, my girlfriend?”

It was a magical moment, yes, I do. Loudly I said. Yes, I do. Suddenly, I felt a bump. Nora wakes up you are going to be late.

Magic vanishes as I opened my eyes and saw my roommate waking me up. “Shut up you spoiled everything I was dreaming, a romantic dream.” My grievous reply.

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© 2021 Sibgha zahid

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