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A Surprise By My Crush

Farhana shares her life story to inspire others to take a step towards your love

The time when you least expect love in your life, someone happens to cross your path and you would set your eyes in his eyes and you know it,... he is the one

The time when you least expect love in your life, someone happens to cross your path and you would set your eyes in his eyes and you know it,... he is the one


It occurred two years back. I have never known that i could desire someone this bad. But it happened and I am glad it happened. Things turned out to be real good for me since he arrived.. I got outstanding O-levels results. Although, I would credit him partially for it. I was in depression before I met him. I was barely scoring any academic marks but he was my support system! He helped me fight through this.

In honor of him. I decided to share this beautiful experience to my readers. Hope you enjoy it!

The regular day that turned to be momentous

The crisp breeze sailed past my nearly frostbitten ears, blaring an announcement of the dawn. My quivering lean fingers brushed my dreadlocks noticing how tangled it has become in the frosty morning. My skin had turned rickety, but, nevertheless, i shunned off my sleepy eyelids by shuddering myself back and forth, continuing to trudge towards the academy.

The school had never been my academy of discipline. I loathed it by taking all seven vows but it was because of it, I could meet my lifeline. The teachers seemed irky as much as before but when, the school bell blasts into a cacophony of clangor, the hidden colossal ecstasy in me awaken, making me jolt out of the uncomfortable wooden seats directly to the canteen during recess.

The frosty morning

The frosty morning

He caught me glancing at him

I took a nimble walk through the boisterous, gargantuan crowds of hunger stricken kids, bullies and janitors. I searched though each corner until my perky eyes fixated on his lustrous caramel hair, making the background seem blurry. My inquisitive eyes gauged out to marvel at his prepossessing muscular body. Euphoria rushed through my stone cold blood as his alluring black eyes took a glance at my face painted in limerence which clearly emphasized my feelings for him. To a spontaneous reaction, he flashed back a radiant smile. My heart went haywire and all my mind wheeled back to yesterday when i purchased a watch that he desired.

i found out he was a fan of watches

It was the watch that sucked all his attention as I had caught him clutching the glass window while he stared intimidatingly at it. I could see his eyes glimmering in the radiance of the radon light of the watch. I knew it immediately, that watch meant something to him. He LOVED it!

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I decided to gift him his favourite watch

A little while after he left the shop, I decided to purchase it and impress him. The herculean task of opening the hefty iron door and purchasing the watch took a toll on me. My inane nature of drowning in a pool of trepidation made me fail to notice the "CAUTION:WET FLOOR" sign and i slipped bringing a grin to the shopkeeper! Stupid me! I held together my tenacity and exuberance and got myself to stand. I had pointed to the watch which i had sketched all in my mind. The watch illuminating the silver hues bedazzled my mind. It was chained in silver and glistened my sweat moistened face. I had finally bought the watch, just worthy enough to match his ethereal beauty.

The magical watch

The magical watch

I fell in love with him

i was wheeled back to present when the second round of the fiendish bells rang through all the corridors of the school summoning the student to take the home bound road, but to me it meant the unavailability to be awed at his intricating smile. The day passed really restless. I had never felt like this before..i questioned myself "Am I in love with him?"

The day I revealed it to him

I clutched the watch box in my bare hands all the way to school. When the bells blared the announcement of recess, my heart plummeted as I took the petite steps to the cafeteria where he was sipping coffee with his reddish slender lips

Things took an unexpected turn

When I was only a feet away from him, I watched him turn towards me with a bouquet of fresh tulips and roses clutched in both hands. It ticked my senses when he approached taking an amble and offering the bouquet. I was astonished and gobsmacked when he had murmured the three magical words "I love you!". I mustered up all the courage and hugged him which seemed to last for eternity. I could not fathom that the guy whom i had always infatuated had the same emotions for me. It was indeed a pleasant surprise.

It's been two years since that day and we are still rejoicing ourselves by reminiscing that day. It took only 2 minutes of courage.... and here we are today!

He proposed

He proposed


Iftekhar jawad on November 03, 2020:

Nice blog. I very appreciative your writing of love.

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