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A Love Letter on Personal Transformation and Maturity : Love Notes and Romance for Human Compassion 7

Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

This is the time to share about the genuine meaning of love as the Christian faith taught to us. It is the continuing love story of Athena and Valentino ,the symbolic character of genuine love that live to our heart and soul. Many of the Savior Hubpages readers would like to know the never-ending story based on our real life experiences about love. The Love Notes and Romance for Human Compassion gives us important lesson particularly the young generation who never appreciated the meaning of love and writing a love letter that has now come into extinction in our personal life. I want to revive this love letter for the young ones to learn and appreciate the love taught by us by the Christian faith through the biblical message of the love in the purity of love as we live in perfect partnership for heavenly life:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices within the truth. It always protects, always truths, always hopes, always persevere ( Corinthians 13:4-7)

This is a perfect love that our beloved Father taught us once we decided to have boyfriend and girlfriend as we are preparing the future partner of life. The search of a genuine partner is so hard to find now as men are now engrossed traditional and superficial masculine projection to find love for compassionate collection not for future partner. This is the never ending story of love of Athena and Valentino on love and faithfulness “ let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on your tablet on your heart “( Proverbs 3:3). Let our young generation feel our true compassionate love that it will no longer extinct once it is written in the tablet of love and faithfulness. Let us give them a model love letter for them to appreciate and text them to their love ones and spread the good news of the true meaning of human compassion.

This time Valentino has now a successful career looking forward to meet the personal challenges in life particularly looking for a future partner. But , the reminiscences of love sparks from his heart as he is unconsciously reminded by the happy days in his courtship with Athena. It seems that Athena is now maturing about her personal life to be conservative and well refined woman. Her heart beats by the compassionate love of Valentino. She never had any boyfriend again. Actually, many suitors were coming after her but she never find a perfect match just like her love to her former boyfriend Valentino. She is now working to the corporate world as top executive as she is a higher caliber Executive Accountant. What is then her feeling once the blossom love appears again to someone whom she considers her perfect partner. To her surprise, a love letter came in her office. A little bit corny story but exciting love for classic way to show love. Find out their love affairs as they continue the saga of personal transformation and maturity and they are preparing a new life dimension for human compassion. Let this generation read their love affairs for them to inspire the true meaning of love through this love letter.

My ever loving Athena,

For many years I left my heart in the dungeon of frustration in midst of my personal crisis of my life for the true value in the name of love. I still remember those many moments of excitement and joy when I courted and love you. I look my life differently now, may be because I am in the stage of professional maturity and preparing to have a future partner to love me. Do you know that you are the inspiration of my soul and career as I strive hard to work in the corporate world. You were always my inspiration in my life as I am excited to hear from your social life including your facebook. I learned a lot about you and it seems you are now changing your attitude and doing fine in your professional career. I tried to look a new path of love life so that I can moved on for my tragic destiny came over by my compassionate relationship to you before. However, I wonder why the cupid of love cannot erase the past of my personal experience on how I cared you so much. I felt so disturb that when you love someone you set it free but when it is free your feel that you life is missing. You may have all the wealth and wisdom but when you speak love it goes beyond the human reasoning. It is mystic and powerfully compassionate that even what angles of your experiences and life you may not stop thinking.

The love experience is the most beautiful thing that we have in our life. It is always there in our heart and soul no matter what you do except you find somebody else more compassionate to accept who you are. For many years it would not ceased to exist as you find your own pathway to personal glory. I realized that love is so mystic and psychopathic that you learn to smile and laugh from the old happy memories you have experience before. As the trumpet of compassionate sound mingles from your thought even you prefer not to think it.

You are always there with me in my thought as I could not erase where ever I go. It transcends me by the similar experiences, when we were together enjoying the world as if it we are in heaven. I am now successful to my professional career but it seems something is missing in personal life. There is an emptiness of my heart and soul as if I am looking somebody to give me the true meaning of love. Now I understand the meaning of love as you must be patient and kind for you must persevere to sustain the genuine love to someone.

Now I can say my true love to you ….I LOVE YOU…. I believe I can follow my dad when she expressed his to love to my mom …. For dozen times, I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. I LOVE YOU…. You are the love roses of my heart and soul as I know you are still single and may I please give me second chance to court you again.

Your everlasting love will always be here in heart again I say “ I LOVE YOU”

My sincere love,


This love letter was forwarded to his everlasting love Athena in her e-mail address with the subject : I LOVE YOU… ATHENA. It is no longer written in a refined colored coated paper with flowers and perfumed smell as you read the love letter as we usually do it before. We should now follow the new technological trend of our time for them to appreciate more the young generation to send a love letter in their e-mail to show how much they love their girlfriend in compassionate way.


These are the love letters that you need to express your compassionate love to tie the knots of perpetual love and happiness for your future wife and husband. This love story provides a very conservative outlook of a man about his future partner in life. It begins with the courtship, getting to know each other, learning to understand her personality, the compatibility and most of all saga of the never ending story of our love letter to the next generation.

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