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A Love Letter for the Character Transformation of Soul : Love Notes and Romance for Compassionate Love 3

Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

When you are deeply in-love to someone the feeling is different as your emotion affected by the convergence of your mind-set into a more interesting life full of human compassion. This is the reason why changes occur at the transformation of positive aspiration of life. When your love letter begins to blossom there are now signs of knowing who you are from your deep thought of your loveable imagination as you translate the aesthetic values from positive energy of feminine dimension. Sometimes women could not understand what you are writing but beneath their human heart it extracted love that may lead them to follow exciting lovable affairs. The best way to grab hold of their heart is let them know how much you love her.

What I find interesting about the signs of love, romance, and compassion is the unusual lovable description about the word” I Love You” may produce lovely therapeutic terms as anemic, psychotic, lunatic, ecstatic, erratic, emphatic, dramatic, melancholic, enigmatic, euphoric, and poetic. These are unusual change of behavior from long experience of happiness and abrupt change of melancholic attitude and sometimes your family would not know what is happening to you…But the reality is action speaks louder than words so you pretend to be an angel of your adoring love ones. Sometimes with a saintly attitude, superficial in action, and well-mannered when you are out there with love one. That is the reason why we do not know the whole truth about our love affairs. In the end, you are deeply in love by her stubbornness .Why? You cared him so much… you mean so much about the word “ I love you”, “I love you” and I love you” three times a day…..21 times a week …. 90 days a month… and 1080 times a year. Oh! what a beautiful love for someone you care … Let us continue the love letter that may now change the love for a positive energy…

Dear Athena ,

It’s really a beautiful day as I sustained my love to you I found a new character of a genuine spirits… You really made me different now as I am fulfilling my promise to change my character to fit your beauty. I am now becoming responsible person as they were quite amazed for the genuine character that I had now even my family. When you are in love many miracles really happen as the woman you admired must received the best of you… They say to me that the woman’s heart is more close to those good people. I have different aura for the gifted spirit of love may find it good to me.

I hope that I may find time in some way smile and tell you how much I love you… I have to find time to work with my friends about research work we have now. I use my love as change agent to inspire me most of dreams and ambitions of my future which I believe you are a part now… I notice that my life is so colorful now as I witness the meaning of love paradise. I hope you have the same feelings like me. Do you know that they say “love is a commitment for life”. Before I never understood that my friends would have fun to have social life full of fondness on superficial manner as I look women as material objects … Life now is totally different as the liberation of time has passed to all of us without knowing the sanctity of human love.

Now when you love somebody the reciprocity of compassionate love must come in particularly us men where reasoning provides so much the deception for the genuine love. Now I thought that the responsibility and commitment must now come into me as I have more burdens to make for our future. I dedicated my life for only you as I thought it is the best ways to care till death do us part. When I wrote this love letter I need to change my life now for only you that I love most…Oh what enchanting world that my love encircled only you. I keep on smiling as if I am crazy as I mirror your beautiful face.. I will continue to work hard as I dedicate the love for you. Again I LOVE YOU AND GOODBYE!

Lovingly yours,


Savior would like to emphasize that love letter provides the genuine psychological change of character for young men . Sometimes, it extends to the moral change when somebody is really deeply in love. Let us share our extensive experience and insights about love for them to appreciate better the natural beauty of love life experiences for the next generation…


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